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Are the Nuren campaign and the Dank Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the same universe?

Obviously, neither is canon, but that doesn't mean they can't both be in the same world. I was asking because I am actually slightly interested in Kormac and Johndar's story.


  • As they are non canon, id assume they dont happen in the same universe, but you never know.
  • Well, my personal "theory" is that all of the non-canon campaigns are written as books in the actual world. Basically what happened to Gobos of Pat and what could have happened to Sunswords.

    Take Nuren as an example. It is kinda weird for Bopen, the Pirate Ageless King/God to live in an underground cave with a map to a dragon cave. Bopen is apparently a popular story, as the Queen of Dundinborough told the story to her son, so Bopen as a character is known. Sort of like having the Queen of England in a book in OUR world. Sure?

    Didn't we pass some laws in Deadlantis... where the Ageless hide Golestandt..?! 
    Pretty funny, don't know if it's relevant. Interesting to note though.
  • @Ninjathis Thats actually funny about that, cause with the Golestandt being hidden it could be heavily retconned into a workable story

    One thing to note is that when Rob loads a save file in it, you can see one called "Vlaurunga's Den", so I think Dragon Aspects weren't fully thought out when Nuren was written (I doubt much of urealms lore was thought out now that I think about it lol) but its a good thing for any fans wanting to try and make Nuren possibly canon that they didnt make it there as it would become 100% nonredeemable.
  • Was it ever actually confirmed that Nuren was a Rick Snot campaign or a book? 
  • @CookiesAndMil_ would it though? as goofy of a story as it is having Bopen randomly in a cave. Bopen having a treasure map too Vlaurunga's den would not be too crazy as its at least a powerful character who easily amasses valuable objects

    Except the part where a bunch of random adventurers kill Bopen that might cause a few issues...
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