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Pirate Ship + Harbor + Village at a shore

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Hi there, 

I noticed that despite the numerous Pirate Campaigns the release of an official Map with a ship is still due, but since I am hosting a Campaign at Wednesday that is all about pirates I couldn't wait and did my own. I did a total of three maps so far.

1. The Ship

I made the Ship bigger than the ones in the official map but I wanted to use all the space I could. This allowed me to flesh out the inside of it a bit more.


2. Harbor

The Harbor can be used as a friendly port to pick up crew or do quests, or as a base of a foe that you are attacking.


3. Village at a shore

Meant to be a secluded village you can attack if you are a band of pirates. It generic and meant to be a more or less easy feat. 


Credit goes as always to @Meganzoor for most assets (and those I had to do myself were modeled after hers). Also thanks to @Spacewalker and @Jorre for their amazing Map Assets (Collections), they saved me a LOT of time.


I hope that posting these is okay Rob, because while I made them myself. They are still modeled after your/Megan's originals. So if you want me to take them down just say the word (or delete this topic ;) )

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

Edit: Formatting


  • I've been looking for some ship maps. Thank you, and good job.
  • Thank you so much! I can now do some pirate campaigns!
  • Hey I tried loading these and tabletop and it wouldn't work. I'm not really sure why but I think that it might be because it's either not a .jpg or .png
  • Looking cool
  • edited September 2017
    I saved them in png. 
    They worked for me, but I haven't tried to download them and then add them to TTS. I'll try that tomorrow and get back to you. It's almost 4am for me and I'm already in bed.  
  • @Acas Alright thanks for the speedy response! Hope you have a good sleep my man! :)
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    Me likey.
  • edited September 2017
    The pirate ship looks amazing. The only thing I don't get is how you get to the captain camber. With the stairs or with door (you know it is a closet asset :) )?
  • @Spacewalker

    Well I guess the Captain has to come out of the closet then ;)

    But yes I used the closet as a Substitute double door, but you can always use it as an in wall closet and make up a way down there for RP reasons
  • @CasualCow

    I checked again with a downloaded version of the map. It works fine for me. Did you make sure you loaded it in as a Custom Rectangle table? And did you download it by opening the link and right clicking (save as image)?

    If it still doesn't work then could you send me the error message TTS gives you
  • edited September 2017
    @Acas What I did was grab the imgur link and put that into custom rectangle table. I'll do the other thing you suggested.
    Edit: Okay so I opened the imgur link, Rclick saved it, tried loading the map in TTS with the imgur link and it still wouldn't work, here is the message it gave me. "Failed to load Image (.jpg or .png):"
  • This is amazing!
  • @CasualCow

    Try downloading the Image and add it from your harddrive instead of an online link. That should work 
  • @Acas :evilsmile: woah. so the stairs aren't the entrance to the captain cambers?
    Besides from with European country are you from?
  • @Spacewalker

    The stairs can lead wherever you want them to lead  :p  In my mind they lead to left and right of the door, the reason you can't seen them is because of perspective. But as I said it's ultimately up to you how to use them.

    I am from g'old Germany, why?  >:)
  • @Acas if it is perspective, why didn't you throw away the stair on the top floor.   >_< . But you are right it is up to the gm to decide!

    Just curious, I saw you lived in the same time zone  :)
  • This is great! :dank: 
  • edited September 2017
    Now this works! I'll 100% use these in a campaign
    Edit: Last two maps don't work for me, i'm not going to use these sadly because i'm afraid of them glitching in my campaigns  :(

    Edit: I got it to work! WHOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Eyyy so i loved the harbor map so i made the textures a lil nicer(?). Credit goes to @Meganzoor and @Toomblercazz ;for assets and @Acas for the original map of course :peace: 

    With boat and without
    This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
  • @Acas I love all of these, however I feel the ship at sea has little use as the area around it is very small so having battles with something in the water could be difficult.
  • The only problem I can see is that the ship is absolutely massive, if you compare it to the ships that have been used in official maps it's nearly twice the size. Otherwise this is really good, I plan on using it as an outline for my own pirate-themed map!
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