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Need help with my new class: The Whippersnapper

I'm working on a new class called Whippersnapper a young warrior who uses whips, the idea of this class is to have a lot of melee spells that are given a range with the access to the whip. 

A couple things to note before you read on:
1) For some reason the Card Creator isn't letting me add elements? So just assume as a default they are all fire.
2) Call of the Abyss I'm either thinking of reducing the cost or removing it entirely
3) Beginners Luck I'm increasing to 300 gold.
4) I need more cards, 1 or 2 I think, so suggestions would be appreciated
5) I know I'm missing things I needed to say before making this but oh well

Anyway here they are


  • If the card creator isn't letting you add elements try clearing your cache or using it in incognito mode
  • @Coconut Oh you're right that did the trick! Slightly annoying but at least I don't need to add them in, in post using photoshop, thanks! ~_~
  • No problem :D
  • I think that Gumoih's Nine Tales needs to be buffed. Three basics attacks using the flame whip is only 15 damage, that same as many non-limited attacks in the class. I think that it should be raised to nine basic attacks, which might be to much especially  if they have double damage. Another option is add a way to deal double damage to the class and keep the three basic attacks. This raises the skills damage to 30, which is still might be too low. Overall defiantly like the class, the skills look fun to use and it has a nice role play element to it. Great Work   :)
  • @pitpatgoblin Thanks! The Nine Tails ability had me thinking a lot, I think finding a way to add double damage may work best so I'll have to give it a think, thanks for your help ~_~
  • You should just buff your limited abilities.  Make it so nine tails just does a flat amount of damage, rather than including double damage in the class itself.  And nerf young luck, jesus h christ.  25% chance to crit.... could you imagine with kobolds?
  • @prophetofmemes Actuallt Kobolds would nerf that if you think about it, roll 2 die and pick the higher would give uou less chance to get those crits. Plus if you thought it was overpowered a GM could make low Rolls just be 2s and 3s. Also keep in mind for 300 gold youre investing half your class into it.

    As for the limiteds doing flat damage that may be a good idea. Really depends on what way Id rework the class.
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