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Get the Cookie



  • @Ron_Fairham

    10 or lower and I fail to resist the politeness of @Ron_Fairham ;
  • Rudely walks over and grabs the cookie.
  • I call my Porc Cartel to get the cookie for me
  • I replace the cookie with a bagel and run off with the cookie.  
  • I pull a gracias and, through being loveable and using a sssoothespirits
    convince the current owner to give me the cookie. My cookie.

  • I bake my own cookie :smileporc: 
  • @Coconut ;If your making cookies can have one?
  • @Ron_Fairham We need to do a roll off for it. If you roll equal or higher than me you can have one!
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    @Coconut ;
    I'm a get one of those cookies
    edit:  :) I GOT IT
    edit 2: damn I f***ed it all up I cant see my you cant see the roll  :(
    lets try again
    never mind its working its working... 
  • I offer to buy the cookie.
  • @thepaperpilot ;

    Pardon me but it has come to my attention that you are the one to currently have possession of an edible biscuit item known as a "cookie" which may or may not contain nuts, chocolate or many other ingredients, such information I have gathered has led upto me attempting to do an action which you would be unaware of, as such rewarding me said edible biscuit item, typically consumed as a snack or desert, however rather than consume this biscuit snack, known as a "cookie" I shall instead inform the others although not on purpose and rather accidental that I am the current possessor of this biscuit. However my powers are unevenly match requiring said individual who wished to unwillingly take this edible snack off my possession into their own and carry on the vicious cycle of constantly taking and trying to eat this snack, despite it being last of it's kind and it being potentially easily remade, however such attempts have been lacking, however a select few have advanced and decided to take it upon themselves to make more of theses biscuit snacks and not attempt their fate with it.

    Also you must write more than I did to obtain the snack.
  • Yes? (Its longer in Alikazam) :smilebold: 
  • I challenge the owner of the cookie to a game of chilly willies, highest roll gets the cookie

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    @Knifu_Waifu A word typically said by those who approve of a opinion or gives permission to what they may of been asked, however rather than being used for such thing instead this is used as a language that'd be even longer than what you've said in the language knownw as "Alikazam".(You've gotta try harder than that to beat me, fool.)
  • (sorry for being late I sort of forgot this existed opps) Yes?
  • The Curse is real
  • @TheLuigiBrother I see someone is showing their age in this community. There's quite a few of us that haven't disappeared into the ether entirely.

    I hit you in the face with a mackerel.

    My cookie.
  • I punch you in the face.

    My cookie.
  • I hit you in the face with a mackerel.

    My cookie.
  • I bake a new cookie

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    i will now embark on a daring and highly brilliant plan to get the desert snack type biscuit thing known as a cookie. This highly brilliant and most daring plan will be tippity toppity secret. so secret in fact i must obfuscate it almost entirely within the text of this exceptionally brilliant note i am writing as of this very moment. The contents of this note will so shock and awe you that it will leave you speechless and unable to defend said cookie from my cunning. Verily and forsooth thou must pay most astute attention to this arcane text which is so highly encrypted. for it shall bring me, errr i mean you yes of course i meant you the reader. erm now where was i. oh yeah for it shall bring you the reader much joy and many more cookies of happyness and the non sorrow stuff. The contents of this note you are reading at this very moment are of such power that worlds could be ripped apart by the very mention of it;s content. this is why i have taken such great pains to carefully and precisely write down every single letter in every single syllable of every single word of this arcane text of awesome power. No this text is not a mere diversion which will allow me to gain the cookie through my awesome powers of diversion and taking cookies, but it is in fact a scroll of great power. which once decoded shall reveal that almost all of it was in fact meaningless and while you were reading it i took the cookie.

    the cookie is now MINE i challenge anyone to write a longer emptier piece of material then that.
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    The cookie was a bagel the whole time and I still have the cookie.

    Edit: Looks like I have a bagel and you guys have the cookie. :frownbold: 
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    I Try to use Mind Fist to grab the cookie 
  • @Firedemon
    I punch you in the face.

    My cookie.
  • I hit you in the face with a mackerel.

    My cookie.
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    I use Sorcerer / Blink to blink next to @Gatling_Tech and grab the cookie and blink away 

    [edit: I changed it to a normal link, but how do you link cards with the forum link?]
  • Okay, we should probably stop this before it gets out of hand.

    I punch you in the face.

    My cookie.
  • Nah.

    I hit you in the face with a mackerel.

    My cookie.
  • You have insulted my family.

    I slap you in the face with a glove, and steal the cookie.

    My cookie
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