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Season 2 Campaign Threads

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These forums did not exist in season 2, so this single thread will be used for anyone who wants to discuss the campaigns from Season 2 of URealms Live

If you are interested in what people thought of the campaigns at the time, here are some Reddit Threads from our community during that era to read through.


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  • I forgot the sheer amount of donations that came in during Buckeroos.
    That campaign's final battle had to be one of the most hype of the show and I prefer the Law winning,that way every character still lives!(Even if we may never see the murder bros again as they're in jail now but eh)
  • that way every character still lives!
    The reason I wanted the Bros to win, was to avoid that. I prefer it if characters die, because that is way more impact-full.
  • because that is way more impact-full.

    Definitely agree with you there, still a great campaign regardless, i wanna say thanks to Rob being very Loopy at the end of that campaign and being so overdramatic during that final encounter was really fun to watch. 

    Still hands down Den of Devils has to be my favorite campaign. Love every single one of those characters, and the tension was so high throughout the campaign.
  • @SWPE I love character death. hopefully we'll see more in s3.
  • @Domokl ;
    The thing is it opens up another opportunity to have a jailbreak campaign, probably from a newer and more improved prison since the last one collasped/ flew away.
  • @od_  Can you imagine if IRL prisons flew away? fucking alcatraz just flies away in the middle of the night?
  • Alcatraz is an island. It doesn't have wings, so it would just float away.
  • The end of season 2 was amazing. It was such a roller coaster of emotions. I was excited to see the elves lose some control over the realm, as season 1 gave the feeling that they were powerful lords.

    For a second, I thought Rob pulled a "Disney," and made 'the Light' just magically win. But that twist at the very end was perfect! 
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    Unexpected Discovery is a personal favorite of mine, and looking back on it that name was fitting in and out of universe.

    For one, this is the first time we're exposed to Welplings, and a Faction that worships a Dragon Aspect (in this case, Vlaurunga - The Sigil of Flame. Also, we're given more Beenu lore, and we find out about a cause to the birth of magic. 

    Out of universe, this campaign came out of the left field. We knew what Campaign 7 was gonna be about, that there was gonna be a high bear campaign before that was taken out, and that one of campaigns 8-10 would be an ageless campaign because of Bonedancer, Cabalist, and Theurgist being mostly absent as class choices throughout Season 2. Rob didn't foreshadow or hint at us vising yet another Beenu Great Hall at all, and oh man it was great.
  • I never realize this til now, but all of the session 2 campaigns are good or better. Mind you, the middle of the session was less exiting when compare with the beginning and end, but same thin happen last year. and we have to have the not as exiting lore campaigns eventually, or else the ending of the session wont feel so epic. And there was still great moments in each of these campaigns (the many 20s at once in Cobblers, the doom character falling into lava are just some to name off). My favorite campaign is The Skeleton King from this session, because the final battle was so exiting. Also,the fact that I slowly started to dislike the elves in the session as more was reveal probably bump it up to the top.
  • Woodcarvers is amazing. I remember texting my then-girlfriend, who isn't into urealms, "babe I know u think URL is dumb, but I'm fucking crying rn"
  • Woodcarvers has to be one of my most favorite campaigns. It has such a good blend of comedy and drama, the characters were interesting and entertaining, and some of the random shit that happened was handled so well and was hilarious. It was such a good start to the amazing season 2.
  • @Pacdude167 I'm really hoping for more campaigns like woodcarvers. it was the Sunswords of s2, but better. Rokesh, I gotta go watch it again before s3...
  • I honestly hope we still get to see a meta campaign with the murder bros. I think that its a missed opportunity if we don't get to see the silver infected kobolds in a campaign where they communicate with the audience and understand their existence. I also hope we will at least get to see malestrom further as well, such strong characters and a story line that a show like this is the only place a story line could be explored in this way. Hopefully we will see it in the future
  • Murder Bros man... The entire things great but those first 3 episodes... They have me in tears never forget good ol' Snitch McGitch (He snitches than gitches, thats his thing)
  • @Timedagger100 I completely agree dude, the hallucinations throughout the show were pretty great as well
  • @Toruk ; Nisovan... just... Nisovan...
  • Bumping this for others to see
  • @Volastern The combo was crazy, I forget how many people he killed with that one High noon in the show down in the town
  • But then again, we were so close to converting Justin (I can't recall the sherif's name off the top of my head) to the Murder Bros in Buckeroos. Like, we were right there
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    (Why is it still showing me as level one, when it says I am a level 2 in my profile?)

    Anyways, glad to join but I was wondering (since I cannot navigate soundcloud for crap it seems) if Rob Ever posted the "Epic music" (Whelpling battle music from Unexpected Discovery) to his soundcloud account? I didn't seem to find it but I don't know the name of it and sampled most(?) of the tracks on his soundcloud site.

    If it is not there can I spend gold or something to unlock it or something as I absolutely love that track.
  • @This_Was_Sparta If your talking about the music from when they break through the wall, the den of devils teaser on his youtube has that with no one talking over it.
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    Wasn't there also a thread that had the music somewhere?

  • Wait I remember now, it might be in the about music. Don't know the exact name of the one you are lookinf for but you can maybe find it there?
  • Woodcarvers is one of the best campaign.
  • @Toruk ; If you go to the About section there is a music section that links to the Soundcloud.
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