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Season 1 Campaign Threads

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These forums did not exist in season 1 so this single thread will be used for anyone who wants to discuss the campaigns from Season 1 of URealms Live. This includes the 4 Sidequest campaigns that were merged into Season 1 post-season.

If you are interested in what people thought of the campaigns at the time, here are some Reddit Threads from our community during that era to read through.


  • I've been watching URL since the Nuren Campaign was released, and I think the Sunswords was one of the first campaigns that made me go "Oh shit, I think I'm in love with this."
    It was the perfect campaign. The first four were mostly funny, with a little bit of sadness, but Sunswords was a comedic tragedy. Watching the events unfold, and watching Gwyneth and Kallark struggle was depressing. The jokes from all of the guys kept it from getting too dark, but Sunswords was the first great campaign. Even though there's been more amazing campaigns since then (Silvermine mountains, Woodcarvers, Den of Devils, Skeleton King, ect.) Sunswords will always have a place in my heart.
  • @snarkyslytherin  Absolutely agree... the first four weeks were fun and all, but Sunswords really defined the show, and showed what it really could be. So much great stuff in there, the only campaign (so far) that I enjoyed enough to watch a second time.

  • @WwWwW_734 You could totally watch Woodcarvers again then! I've watched both Sunswords and Woodcarvers three times each :)
  • @snarkyslytherin Absolutely, although my internal clock tells me to wait for Season 3 to start, otherwise it's "too soon" :hmm: 
  • @WwWwW_734 We're so close to it! 17 days!
  • @Rob Hope you don't mind if I ask you a question.

    At the end of Season One, the Silvermine Mountains, the mountains collapsed because Golestandt woke up. However, according to your words in the video and on the wiki, the prisoners who turned into Ageless were still alive?
    Ageless only die if their heads are crushed, and, at least to me, I would think a mountain falling on you would crush your skull. But both places mentioned before say they could just dig out. Was it just magic, will it be re-written, can you answer at all without giving things away..?
    Thanks for your time!
  • @Ninjathis Was it even canon at the time that you needed to crush the skull to kill a cult of bones member?  I feel like it was something that was added along with the term 'Ageless' in Season 2, which would explain why it wasn't touched upon.

    Also maybe that part of the cave didn't fully collapse and they survive in a tiny room with rocks all around.
  • @josh__ab I'm pretty sure that Rob made Ageless die when their skulls were crushed so that Jakelad was still dead. 
    Anyway, I have no clue how they would have survived the mountain's collapse, if they did. 

  • @Crater26 You'd be amazed how well a skull can survive a mountain collapse. 
  • Why is there a gap between 3 and 5? Almost like something isn't canon and doesn't exist.
  • edited May 2017
    @Ninjathis, @Crater26: I actually thought the same thing. I even thought that Khn'n-Rell went to the Mountain on a Suicide Mission, knowing he probably wouldn't survive the mountain's collapse. Rob assured me on Reddit, though, that Khn'n-Rell wasn't on a suicide mission and that the Ageless will all get out just of the Mountain (or at least he hinted at the later part).

    Still not sure if Rusty will ever be saved, though...
  • Absolute best laughs of Season 1:

    Guild of Explorers
    Zarlin Catacombs
    The New Crew
    Jewel of the Dingo Isles

    I wanted to point out that I did skip the Side Quests for quite some time... And then I watched Guild of Explorers and just lost my breath!! Those were some great antics! I am definitely looking forward to this Bubble World sequel!

    Season 1 was Game First -> Story/Entertainment Second

    This was acknowledged many times I'm sure, and just recently again in the latest video. While I was a MEGA Unforgotten Realms cartoon fan following from NG -> EM -> YT, it was very difficult to get on board with the format of this "show" as it was. I played a lot of D&D back then and was certainly expecting something broadcasted like this to have more natural RP and comedy moments deriving from the cartoon series.

    Favorite Player Characters

    Tied for first place: Sergio Fabioso & Cain

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