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Graspers from the Depths (Fan Expansion) Season 3

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Update 5 is now out! this add 2 new classes, supplies, two new treasures., and some Lore Cards along with "Trick and Tip" cards for GMs. Not counting the latter two categories, the complete deck is now 316 cards strong! 
Update 3.1 is now out, adding 18 new tiles. There is now 25 tiles for NPCs/Players/Companions and 2 Misc ones, one to keep track of Limited Abilities and one to keep track of Ageless in the Party.
Missed a few updates here.. Update 3 is now out! All gems should be in order. Forgot to make a Complete Deck for this version, but it should now be 271 cards... or 270, I scrapped one EX Spell Scroll that does just the same as the non-EX spell scroll did.
Update 1.1!
Changed the picture for the Tabold race card, andded in 3 new Races, and one new Companion. The card total is now 242 cards!
Update 1!
This update adds custom card art for all cards I felt I would cheat on by using the awesome official art, 1 new companion(goblin Siren I think?), and 3 Legendary Classes; The Revenant, The Lich and the Dawn Knight.
The Revenant and the Lich are both Ageless that have several abilities centered around Ageless Minions but one being Melee focused while the other works more from range. The Dawn Knight are specialized in fighting Ageless and Skilled Dark Mages and can start with a Equiterida or a random Beast they can make ridable! All three can be unlocked in-campaign, recommended to let it be unlockable within CC, but all three are given from certain items.I'll make some more tokens at another date using the card art I drew, but for now the cards are more important!
Graspers From The Depths now have in total 237 cards!
Mark that these cards are not named, but are split into many decks to make it easier to put them in the right "deck packs"!
Hope you'll enjoy:D! 

-Release Post-
My Fan Expansion is now released!

Goblin Mafia, people twisted by a power hiding under the waves and nightmarish creeatures. This is what you can expect from Graspers from the Depths, an Unofficial Fan Expansion for Urealms Season 3.

GftD have 4 custom Classes, 13 Companions, 11 Treasures, 4 Races, 8 Attributes, 3 Cornerstones, 3 Legendary Spell Scrolls, EX versions of several Class Abilities and a heap of Spell Scrolls made after the Spells, and 37 Meta Cards. 

This is an update on my Season2  mod, this time coming with 177 custom cards, 7 NPC Tiles and 2 bonus tiles for keeping track of Ageless and Limited Abilities. 

Thanks to gamingknight94 for brainstorming the creation of the Equiterida with me, Stormkitten MaxDB and Tabbyxviii for having names that got me ideas for creatures, and Rob and his crew for bringing us Urealms in the first place!

If you have something on your mind, leave some feedback!:)

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

(The Discussion below have some out-of-date cards that are changed within the mod itself)
Good afternoon! I am Jack'O'Flames and first started playing Urealms around a year ago, being my first tabletop RPG ever. But I first started it by making a newbie-friendly Campaign I wanted to try with my RL friends(never happened :P), but I did mange to have a few other parties give it a try. While the campaign itself was more made to be a game tutorial, I did decide to hide a Legendary item within it, which was a way to unlock two "Hero" classes for future campaigns, sadly not managing to find someone in my own timezone to assure it being a even by-weekly thing.
The somewhat confusing backstory aside, I did end up making enough card to proclaim it a "Fan Expansion", Season 2 currently in the Steam Workshop, and Season 3 will be uploaded as soon I find the new cardbacks! But now, for the cards!

First we got the Trickster class. This is a bit of a troll class during character creation, which steals cards from their party for themselves. But during gameplay itself, I base them more on Loki, part on the Marvel movies take on him, but mainly on how he is in Norse Mythology. Well, to some extend.

As you can see, Tricksters got 4 consumable spells that are mainly made for Character Creation. These are made to encourage the Trickster to focus on number one(themselves), but they can decide to be helpful and for example take an item weapon and give their party member a random treasure weapon. The fourth consumable spell lets them use one of the three previous ones once more. While the other 3 can technically be used outside of CC, Tricking the Trickster got no place outside of it, which is why it instead was made to be a Random Spell DR. Hehe~.. Now, equipment!

Just something I wanted to test out. The idea is that you can change the Target of 2 spells per round, and may cast the last one re-directed on your next turn, but it disappears after the turn, cast or not.

Immunity against charm spells. At the passive part, the "accepted roll" meaning whatever the GM deem acceptable, like maybe a High Roll against Medusas. This Crown does however let you Charm a Medusa upon a crit, while making you immune against it. Possibly. GM decide, but that is how I will go in my campaigns. Next, we got the non-item passives.

No matter if in Marvel or in Norse myth, Loki is a cunning man. The idea of this passive(which I now wonder why I put an Arcane Gem into, but I guess it can stay for now?) is that what the GM usually count as High Rolls are increased, so maybe have  12-13+ counting as High Rolls. The reason I didn't add in a set number to add in is so this doesn't make Critical Fails impossible against these targets.

Of Loki's children, three are most well-known; Fenrir the wolf which will kill Odin durning end times, Jormungard the midgard snake and Hel of Nifelheim which rules one of many realms of the dead. I decided on the companions from this. "Kobold't the Green" is what I may use as Loki in my campaign universe's lore, since Loki would obviously be a kobold.

This is based on a card I did for Season 2, where I made extra abilities for most of the vanilla classes. For Sorcerers, I made "Kobold't" which claimed they were taught magic by a kobold, giving them an extra dice to roll but all their spells was changed. Ray of Frost became Ray of Incineration that could turn Targets into ash upon a critical, Enlarge became Belittle, Rolling Fog became Lollygagging Frog. These cards can be found in the workshop if you search for "Urealms Season 2". But instead of making over 100 mirrored spells of..well, each spell in the game, it will be up to the GM to decide how the spell was altered due to the Trickster tampering with their mind. Lastly, we got the Tricksters non-consumable Spell Abilities!

This ability is meant to give the target a bit of a boost when it comes to attacking, but make them more likely to attack their allies. This could be usable in fights with many enemies. If you feel uncertain about how to make it fair whom they attack, roll for it. And do mark the "doesn't only affect their sense of vision", it will be enough to make them almost start attacking wildly around them. Possibly. Depends on the character, I guess.

The name is combination of "Witch" and "Bard", using two core mechanics of both the classes in one spell. While this spell might seem a tad OP if not used against a minion, this could be really powerful when there is NPCs with proper stamina pools, and even more so with a bard instrument since then you do not need to use your voice. And yes, I was first going to name it "Witchard", but this name will be used sooner or later. And lastly...

This spell is also based on a child of Loki, along with one of his usual disguises. While many know Sleipnir, the 8 legged horse of Odin, many may not know(including myself until I looked up him up for card ideas) that Loki is its MOTHER. Loki seems to often have taken the shape of a mare(female horse). And since there haven't been any horses yet in Urealms, Donkey it is.
We still got 3 classes to go, but these I first made for season 2, and re-worked their abilities, rather heavily since 2 used to be focused around a legendary that I may bring in if I make a good campaign for it, and since all 3 classes was using the shield system. Mind you, I was not a fan of season 2 shields, rather the opposite. But I used the shield system in the game in different ways for these classes, mainly to cast more powerful spells. But let's start with the Imaginator.

Just to mark; I made this class long before Skylanders ever announced their Imaginator line. Heck, I didn't even know Imaginator was a word in the English language! Imaginators was however my first class that was built to be CC friendly, while the two previously was more made to be akin to how the first Dreamweaver in Urealms Live gained his abilities. Which is quite ironic, since Imaginator do share some similarities with Dreamweavers, at least in the idea. But let's first talk about the big thing with Imaginators, their Avatars.

Avatars are the core of the class. While I turned the third avatar into another kind of card, these two above can give many different results. If you are uncertain about what an avatar is.. Ever seen the Cameron movie Avatar, with those blue aliens? That blue alien the main character is controlling is an avatar. Ever played an MMORPG? You character, along with all other players' characters are avatars. It is basically another body for you to experience something.
Imaginators are people whom studied the world to the extend that they can make their imaginations become a reality. Most abilities from this class have a note with "if Avatar of X" in it, explaining how they work when cast/used by you while using an avatar. And yes.. When using an avatar, your body will just lay on the ground, unconscious and vulnerable. Most enemies may charge for you, so keep that in mind. And if it wasn't clear; while in a Avatar, you still can use all your abilities and items. 

Formerly named "Avatar of Recent Memory". I changed it since it made little sense having an avatar where you had to try role play as a random NPC. This is one of several "ask your GM" cards in this expansion. The season 2 version of the card also had something like "Many believes that this can be proof that Imaginator souls are what created Believers", but I felt it makes less sense now, since they do not actually take the mind of the books, only making an artificial soul to do it for them.

Yes, I got many abilities that teaches random abilities. For the most part, I feel with the long list of current class abilities, I rather wait and play a few sessions when season 3 comes out before making too many new ones. This one did I mainly make for Avatar of the Elements, so they easier can stop being a Air Avatar.

I used to have this as a passive in S2, but I felt this can help balance a tad in the coming season. As it states, the Imaginator doesn't fall unconscious while making the avatar, and instead walks around within it. Kinda like Sasuske and Naruto in..well, Naruto.. And no, this didn't really cross my mind until I was writing this. I think I unconsciously use many ideas from other places without thinking of it xD.

"Wait, is this a accessory item in my season 3 Urealms?!" pretty much! It could possibly function as a role play item, but this is mainly for combination with Imaginary Believer, and may promote you and your party to write a detailed backstory.

I might actually use or re-make some lore cards I did for s2 when I post this on the workshop. Imaginators are meant to be generally kind and lovers of the different aspects of the world, even if not spending too much time in cities. That however doesn't mean they aren't prideful. This diploma is without any text, none at all. They just have too much pride in themselves to say it, AKA Emperor's new clothes. This is also why there are several High Imaginator Enclaves travelling around, believing to be the top hens of the entire class. As for the card itself, it is a free "assured Avatar" card, but means you cannot get a Critical Hit Avatar. Give and take.

You may have noticed this mentioned in the Avatar cards. The elementals was used during Season 2 to create the Avatar of the Elements, but decided to go from that in S3 to not enforce certain cards. This also used to be a non-attack Weapon for some reason, even while I never let Imaginators use shields.. I got no clue why it wasn't a shield from the start. And yes, I have little to no description on most cards to leave it open to people to make their own character as their please, along with more room for the effect. May write in more of clothing and such within the lore cards.
As for the last 4 cards;

As may be noted, each of these abilities have different effects depending on if you are just yourself or using one of the Avatars. Without having to state, in wild imagination, please do not sue your avatar, that is like suing yourself. The Avatar of Elements may not seem like getting a cop out(?), but it combined with Weight of Mind makes its Basic Attack hit a 3x3 area.
2 classes done, 2 classes to go. These next to are within the same theme, just one being a spellcaster, the other focusing on brawling.
Before asked; these are not based upon the Ageless. Rather, I got the idea from the Behemoth in season 1. I made up a powerful being that was once upon a time ripped into many pieces, these now hidden within several legendary items. Marauders are pirates and other seafarers that been turned into something else by said being, or at least its powers. 

Yes, I do a lot of pun names. Pokémon broke/corrupted me. This is really straight-forward. Questions? No? Good!

Highly based on the vanilla Scimitar. 

Like Kobold't, this is also based on an ability I made in season 2. I did nerf it a bit, since I wanted it to not be limited but still not overkill in most fights(used to let you attack ALL targets you swigned by.)

And yet another based on one of my S2 abilities. This also got a nerf, since this used to let you and all in range basic attack the target, by costing you one action. but since s3 will mainly go move>regular>done, it felt like that could be taken away. ANd still, pulling an enemy closer can be fatal for them.

May make this unto a stun in the future, but I want to try this first. Since marauders focus on melee combat, they need to have many ways to get enemies closer or get closer to them.

Yeah, maybe was thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean when I made these cards. I do not enforce the placement of the spikes and tentacles of course.

This is immensely nerfed to fit s3. During s2, the Carapce of Terror was used by both my "heroic" classes. As I mentioned, I was not a fan of s2 shields. so instead, this was a cursed shield that absorbed leeching(healing from dealing damage) as soon the character was at full health. That was the only way for them to get any shield, and using the shield for abilities could empower them. This new shield however can nullify attacks after melee, so still possibly useful~.

This used to be one of two attributes given from the legendary I mentioned earlier. Since attributes are so different in s3, I gave one to each class as passives instead. It gives a fun RP thing and combat thing, so hopefully will be liked. maybe a tad cheap, we'll see~.

Can be useful for sneaking. WATER NINJA!

Something of an evil Lay on Hands. It is slightly altered from s2, but now deals damage based on your max stamina, which I thought could be fun.
And lastly..

Also altered from how I made it in s2. It used to refresh if a critical was rolled, but I felt taking away the stamina to 0 made it fair enough. As for the random spell part, I am not going to force a GM to have to pull possibly 35 random spells to cast, that's just silly. 
And now, the last class. This expansion doesn't end with it, but this may be one of the more interesting in combat.

Siren (formerly named Sirén, but decided "let's not" for s3) are singing spell casters. While not the majority of their abilities are just songs, they still are a part of them. Named after Siren of greek myth, women of water that lures men close enough to then eat them.

The range of the weapon is only used when you make the mentioned orb of ice. I mainly got the orb in there to let players cast water healing spells without having to run up and whack their friend with it, along with possibly casting melee ranged spells from afar.

S2 Sirens used to be all about the tentacles. While they still are strong, they are not mandatory, at least not all of them. This is however a completely new tentacle made for s3. I felt I managed to find good abilities for it, except a passive I liked, so I put one together for it.

This may get nerfed in the future. gonna try it out in practice first.

The healing ability of the Siren. I buffed it from what it used to be, but added in the Silence part to try balance it out.

The basic spell of the class.

As previously mentioned, tentacles was a core part of the class, and here you can see why. Using tentacles can let you in time cast spells at the other end of the battlefield. they are, and are made to be fragile however, something to keep in mind. But that's why there's this..

This is basically a stamina tank that fills up when any of your tentacles attack while in range, or connected to a tentacle within range.  the part of "channel stamina" is mainly aimed at Tastes Like Shrimp and Murky Waters. Using 3 stamina from the carapace, you can either deal 3 damage or restore 3 stamina. You can use any number of stamina you want, making it a powerful item. Just make sure you do not place it where enemies can easily break it.

A powerful stun. may nerf it if it proves too powerful.

mainly made as a fun RP spell. I didn't want to just make both my sea-focused classes have water breathing, so why not make the spell caster have a spell to help with that?

The Siren's version of Re-Born of the Depths. in s2, this was the way to learn the abilities, but it was first given by a legendary that slowly twisted your body. I am personally really happy with it.
And lastly, we got the limits.

My personal favorite is the Tentacalized Weapons, just due to the idea of them. These all three are however useful. Siren's Song is a must for anything with "siren" in the name, and is a good way to trim down minions and other small fry. Once Upon A Time was first going to be yet another Consumed spell, but I realised I wanted something more interesting for the singing class. I wouldn't be against if a GM let people ask for a specific element or a random spell instead of just from one class, at the very least after they got or drawn all the spells from the class.
And that was my four classes. I am not going to claim they are well balanced, especially after going from one version to the other. I do however hope you have fun with them if you try them out! But now, for cards you may randomly encounter from the random decks, starting with attributes.

While altered at the end of its text, this is pretty much the same attribute I made a few minutes after watching a certain Coes Quest episode.

Kinky time~. Actually, jokes aside, pet play is something that can be 100% without anything sexual. This may prove really strong if the right cards are drawn.

Somewhat based on the old Keen passive for s2.
And after Attributes are of course cornerstones, one of my favorite changes in s3 in concept~

Yes! Yes? Yes.... Yes!

A rather strong one. Gm decides if you get to pick or if it is random. Somehow I imagine a lot of people shooting Dark balls soon enough.

1000 gold is a lot of gold, sure. but 400 for 4 random spells may prove either overpriced or a good deal.
With the appearance of Legendary Companions for this session, I needed to also get mine in there. One just started as a OP companion, the other was made to be a legendary companion after they were announced.

While not much more stamina than a Gem Lord, Gemkings do have more and stronger spells. I got the idea when making legionaries for a revamp of my first campaign, one of the players having a gemling companion. While we never got far enough to make it a Gemking, he did the prelude to it; the gemling licking kobold blood, turning it red, getting a taste for other gemlings. While still loyal to their master, Gemkings are menat to be gluttonous. "Rublings" are very akin to gemlings in apperance, but are completely controlled by the Gemking and are basically just movable Amplifying Crystals. I may make them get destroyed after use in the future, but since they are already minions, I may not need to.

The idea with Skox came to me when I started working on event cards(basically something to use with lack of donation events, but not 100% with how to make them really good just yet). Skox are like the mirrored version of Funks, even down to their name. Powerful spell casters that cannot handle the delusions anymore may use their power to try turn their Funk into normal, forgetting it isn't the funk itself doing anything. What instead happens is that they push their delusions out of their mind and force them into the funk, turning them into creatures of pure horror. Or well, a Skox may not have to look horrifying, but most delusions are. I can get if a GM decide to not go with random companion abilities if they find some fitting for the old delusions. As long they keep the only named Companion Passive.

..yes, no matter who has this or why, they are basically a Skox. It also add in a RP element to why the Skox keeps itself within disguise. Do however mark that I do not specify that the disguise needs to be a funk. While I cannot see the majority of them taking on anything other than beast shapes, I can buy that some may even disguise themselves as people. Skox aren't evil creatures, but most likely chaotic.
As for the truly last cards are Treasure Cards. Some of these are very strong, so I can see why people may choose not to use all of them.

Think this with a Pyroblast. 198 damage if you have Double Damage. And then doing a critical, not only making an area, but also letting you choose to make that area in a line. That wipes out most of the battlefield. May require some limits, like spells above 25 damage are "too heavy" for it.

This let the GM play around. Want to have Thor show up? Wish to instead drown everyone in beer? I mainly added in the Thane Class part so there was some idea to what to do generally speaking.

It's convenient since you always find the chest right next to you, and you do not even need to dig deep!

While this may look really OP at first glance, especially due to the cost of it, do mark that it doesn't say "first time you lose a Death Roll", it says "As soon you have to roll your first Death Roll." So it nullifies you rolling your first death roll, and then not in use for rest of combat. I left up to the player to decide what their decoy is, for backstory or humor. Maybe it is a animated potato sack the enemy been fighting all along!

Rather Straight-forward.

Get an expensive treasure cheaply.

when I say "1 range", I mean those in direct melee range. May need tweaking.

This could possibly be one of my stronger consumables.

You're the Teacher, of course. The specifics of the Class Items are mainly for Magician and such. And you do not copy the abilities, you simply use your cards, dividing attacks by half as the companion uses it.

Can you spot the reference?? I kind of wanted to make it a passive, but limit makes more sense.. Also, I will sort out the lack of item gem in the future^^*.
And last but not least;

I freaking LOVE the idea of wolverines in season 2. I am still not sure if all cards are added to the card list, so uncertain if wolverines are making a return. But even if not, this is a character stuck between humanoid and beast form. And just makes sense that an elf may be vary of a random Monkeyfish-dwarf.
But that is all the cards. I may do some tweaking and additions before they are uploaded to the workshop. If you have questions or opinions, do post! I will probably not change much before giving them a try, but it never hurts having more opinions in mind! And more cards may come, but probably after the launch of S3.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • :wow: You put a LOT of work into this. Thanks for sharing all of this, I'm sure these are very fun and interesting cards and classes to use :) 

    Just wondering, I've seen lots of people have that creative commons thing at the end of their post, what actually is it and how do you know when to use it?
  • edited May 2017
    yea BUT they still need work like
    1. some of the cards need renaming
    2. the text box of some sound wrong
    3. some elements my have been put in wrong
    4. what about the EX and Legendary of your spells?

    there my be more since I only skimmed it
  • @Coconut ; It's a requirement for the forum. I think it is mainly so to not have people fighting, even through most of us borrow ideas from many sources. 
  • @JackOfTheFlames thanks for the info! :)
  • @Gamingknight94
    1. Yeah, I know one that is in need of it, which I will sort out before the workshop upload.
    2. No idea what you meant there xD.
    3. Possibly. I tried look around, but found no place where they stated why they all stood for, so I just went with Arcane being mental stuff and more powerful magic, Dark being corruption, and so on.
    4. Scrolls I will have to do at some point (joyous occasion..), but I will wait with the EX until I make the workshop item, along with Mercenary Companions. But thank you for that, completely forgot that EX is kind of a mandatory thing now^^. As for the "Legendary", no clue what you meant there. If you meant Legendary Scrolls, there isn't one for each class. Many are themed around classes, but at least 2 are wizard, and the amount of the scrolls are about half of what exist of the classes. But whom knows, maybe I make one at some point. If wolverine isn't added officially, I will go for a "Curse of the Wolverine".
    (Gamingknight and I been playing for quite a few months, so anything between us that might seem rude is just banter:P)
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    -This message is deleted by the poster due to it being a test.-
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    Still working on my cards on and off when not doing anything else. I might upload more of them in the future, but here's one of the cards I made after creation this discussion!
    The name is taken from some words Markiplier said in his stream, at least what I heard him saying~.  I just added in the last part since it is 1. Very low chance but 2. would be hilarious if it actually happens xD. I may edit it to "you start with your Legendary and everyone of the same sex as you hates you.", we'll see;3
  • edited June 2017
    My Fan Expansion is now released!

    Goblin Mafia, people twisted by a power hiding under the waves and nightmarish creeatures. This is what you can expect from Graspers from the Depths, an Unofficial Fan Expansion for Urealms Season 3.

    GftD have 4 custom Classes, 13 Companions, 11 Treasures, 4 Races, 8 Attributes, 3 Cornerstones, 3 Legendary Spell Scrolls, EX versions of several Class Abilities and a heap of Spell Scrolls made after the Spells, and 37 Meta Cards. 

    This is an update on my Season2  mod, this time coming with 177 custom cards, 7 NPC Tiles and 2 bonus tiles for keeping track of Ageless and Limited Abilities. 

    Thanks to gamingknight94 for brainstorming the creation of the Equiterida with me, Stormkitten MaxDB and Tabbyxviii for having names that got me ideas for creatures, and Rob and his crew for bringing us Urealms in the first place!

    If you have something on your mind, leave some feedback!:)

    This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
  • @JackOfTheFlames I haven't read all the cards but a map I made a while ago seems very appropriate for your expansion (the second one)
  • @Toomblercazz I may use it for some campaign. Cool map^w^
  • @JackOfTheFlames ; :) let me know how it goes if you do
  • Looks Great!!!
  • I feel like I should mention that this mod's pretty awesome just for the tiles it comes with let alone the imagination and work that went into making it. Top tier mod.
  • @Minion Thank ya^^ I might make an update in the future, mainly to add in some more cards and tiles. We'll see:)
  • Really cool dude! You should cherry pick some character artwork so the class cards don't look all blank.
  • @Rob Why, thank you:). While I do like the official art and there are art that would work, I feel that it is more interesting when each Class got their own, unique piece of art of a Character that either is or could very well be of that class, such as you guys did with the season 3 cards.
    I been lazy for a while, guess I need to take up my pen again before I do the next update;)
  • really cool!
  • Good job, Swede! <3
  • edited July 2017
    Just to mark, since I got told a campaign were held that made Hob Gobster into a Quad-Class race; By "Class Card", I mean any ability, weapon, shield, armor or other kind of card that can be bought from a class, not the main class card xD
  • Update 1 for GftD is now out! Read in the main post for more info!
  • Minor Update! Changed the picture for the Tabold race card to a recolor of the tile, added in three new races(Goldbold, Porc Slave and Skulker) and added one new Beastkin Companion, the ferocious Horni!
  • Mate! This is absolutely awesome! Maybe I'll use some of these cards in my next campaign :D
  • Man these are so sweet. Great job and your dedication really imspires me to want to work on my own mod. Just getting Races done now over in my Brainstorming thread.
  • @TheWolfpirate Thank ya^^ And if you do, hope you'll have fun;D
    @Minion Thanks:) And do so! Even if just fan stuff, it feels nice to create something.
  • SO, I realized some of the Spell Scrolls got the Regular Gem instead of the Consumable one.. I'll sort that out for the next update, but I think most understand that a reusable Spell Scroll is a tad of an error^^*
  • Update 2 is now out! One new Attribute, resized the cards to be the right size for the inventory and made sure to name each card. Still 5 Spell Scrolls that got the wrong Gems, which I will sort out within the next week.
  • Update 3 is now out, which I dub the "MIsty Update". This adds a pokémon-esque Companion-focused class named Mist Writer based on @StormKitten 's class Story Writer, some treasures similar to its class cards, some minor changes and fixing of old cards(think all got the right gems now), a new weapon, a new Legendary Spell Scroll and a Race linked to it, and a new Crabby-Stabby Beast Companion! 
    For next update I MAY make some more tiles, which is the worst of all the busi-work x.x..
    Have a good weekend!
  • Update 3.1 is now out! No new cards nor card changes, just more tiles. All card art now exist on tiles, not counting Antromorph that will be changed in the future anyhow. Hope you'll find some use for them;D
  • edited November 2017
    Update 4 is now out, which I dub "The Golden Coast Update"! Not due to a new location, but since all classes except Marauder and Mist Writers got their Gold raised so people are able to actually afford the classes! Out over that, the Gemking's Gem Infused Blood have a new effect along with Marauder's Carapace of Terror.
    Antromorphs are now the "Re-Molden", creatures that would otherwise be Companion-specific that gotten more powerful either by trauma or dark magic, and the "Antromorphic Witchstone" is now "Molded Soulstone".
    And lastly, I put together as much I could think of into different random decks to be easy to add for your Character Creation! Simply jump into Graspers from the Depths, grab the "Graspers from the Depths Bag of Bags", and save it as an object.
    With this Update, the card total is now 279! Have a good week you all, and hope you find some joy out of this;D
    Update: Ops, forgot that class weapons and armor should only be in the item decks<.< will fix that in another update, just take them out from the random decks and make a new bag^^* or do as I gonna do, take them off the board and replace them

  • Oh, and thank you @@NeoReaperXIII ; , it mainly was your post that made me in the end get to the new race name:)
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