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How'd You Find URealms?

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Although I imagine that a large portion of the URealms audience came from people that were already watching Rawb, I think it would be interesting to hear how each of us found URealms, especially if it was through a friend or something like that.
I personally was already a Rawb fan before URealms but I'm sure some of you have interesting stories.


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    I was cruising on youtube and was like "Man I really liked that guy that did the wow videos and Unforgotten realms cartoon's, I wonder what he is up to now?"

    /Justin Pork "MY GAWD"

    And so an obsession was born!
  • A friend of mine heard I was getting into Tabletop RPGs and sent me a link to the channel. :smilebold: 
  • mindcrack UHC to rawb to now :drunk: 
  • An unhealthy amount of time watching UHC and Trouble in Terrorist town
  • From the Buffalo Wizards days. Man, those were the days...
  • Found pause on mindcrack who lead me to Orespawn which got me watching rawb who introduced me to the world of d&d watched the first episodes of season 1 live but switched to youtube so i could watch a little each day and be ready for the next campaign the following week
  • I found rob YEARS ago with the old Urealms cartoon, but after awhile my interest dropped off and I forgot about him. 
    While watching Etho and Pause one day, they joined some guy running his own game mode of Minecraft call "DvZ". I've stuck Rob ever since then and haven't regretted a single moment of watching. 
  • As you guessed, I found :rawb: ages ago, probably 2012-13 and have been closely following him ever since :) 
  • This is a kinda boring answer, but I was already a fan of Rob's content before hand, so I just kinda watched Urealms when it was first released. I honestly can't remember how I first found rob, but I do know that I have been watching since the days of him streaming DvZ games on weekends with Pause, Guude and others, even if there have been times when I have taken short breaks from his content.
  • Shout out to everyone who remembers the og dvz days and streams. Anyway I got here from watching etho play dvz back in the day and have been here ever since. Friendship song days :)
  • I found Rawb a while back when he was releasing urealms cartoon episodes on escapist. I was introduced to it by a friend but stopped watching for a while. I looked him back up like a few years later and started watching his solo livestreams and 2player which honestly his relationship with Roamin and Gaary and his overall personality was what made me love his content.
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