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  • Maximus
    I rolled a 10.
    I didn't even pick Templar on purpose I randomed my class I just choose Dwarf because I thought "I like having tons of gold." I didn't realize he was a tank will I realized that just spending 400 gold on the shield and Aura of Constitution got him 60 more stamina. His final stamina is 140. Which I think is ridiculous. He can do 20 damage with basic attacks because of the Greater Sword he drew and Aura of Strength. Plus he randomly got all these items that heal him. He has 4 anytimes and whenever he uses 1 he gets 50 health back. He heals from his crits and he can full heal an ally with his ale. Even if he somehow goes down when he gets up he gets 3 bonus actions. All in all he is a tanky dwarf that can only really be beat in some ridiculous huge burst.
  • In our discord chat we've been playing around with high stamina characters, and it's completely ruined my sense of what "high stamina" is. 140? probably high. 500? yeah that's a big number too
  • You normally shouldn't ever have 200 or more Stamina unless you're really trying to be a tank.

    It is definitely possible to have over 1000 Stamina though, if you have unlimited money and access to all cards.
    Here's the best I could do as a solo character. Meet The_Unbreakable, the final boss of your next campaign. If you are able to do the exact math I've done, you'll add up to 930 Stamina.
  • Amber_Sunsword

    I rolled a 13 for gold, so I had 1010g to spend. I ended with 310 gold left over, so, by my math, this character has 156 max stamina. That's due to the luck of having both kingfishercloth and midasshield as the first two draws of my armor shop. The first four spells are from the elf passive (I chose fire), the next two are from the emo attribute (as well as the companion and warp blade), and the last two are from the only Seeker ability I bought - tomeofvlaurunga

    I really like that I drew outlaw with emo after already picking seeker. I imagine that Amber was banished by the Sunswords for breaking some sort of rule(s), then traveled the world while whining about how it isn't fair that she can't live in elven land anymore. She has also literally never used that pearlofhindsight, as she thinks it's just decorative.
  • :o is my reaction to starting to read @Honeystorm 's post, not because of how great the character is(it is great though) but because it took me until reading it to remember something vitally important. Keens get triple value gold rolls, I've made 3 keens and didn't do that for any of them. The ability to choose a cornerstone from 3 was strong enough for me that I completely forgot about it, whelp time to possibly give some characters a few new toys.
  • Wesley

    I rolled a 15 for this guy, so I had 770g to spend. I know I should have bought armor, but I really wanted bestfriend
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    Alright, char2 of mine..was originally from a campaign one of my players hosted, she needed up with some unique skills via the plot, we have Mora. Starting with 11 roll, and having the Writer passive as well (placed in passive slot so it showed up on creation sheet), she is not your typical runemaster, using variose spell scrolls as well as bending probability and time with her skills in order to make the 'most interesting stories". the top scroll is the one scroll she had left at end of adventure she was created in, so fits its the top of her scroll stack (she can also 'rearrange' her scrolls via the Bag of holding and recycle them with her flashback scroll), and the new bloody bulwark is actually like the old electrocutioner, her shield in the original campaign, so just replaced it for when she does need to go agressive. She did get a hat rat at the end of the story, but with the changes from s2 to s3, SpellSteal+Random Hat Trick isn't as useful as it use to be,

    Don't have the most for her story, but i have basically established her as my 'narrator' for my campaigns, an author in the world she uses in both runes and books. she even has a bit of Dreamweaver powers, from her staff and various skills to create situations she can write stories about. She is mostly more an observer, traveling the world to get ideas for book, and chronicle  events she finds out about, but also has no issue just staying at home and using what skills she does have to try and protect the world.
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    Second Character!

    Hana_Kriel is a dwelf Petalwalker from a land of magical creatures (I don't think there's too much lore for places like this, so it's a land :P). Trained by her grandmother in art of Petalwalking, she felt incredibly confident in her own skills. One day she wandered deep into the wood, despite the warnings of danger from her parents, and lost her way. She was attacked by a monstrous gerrymander; and as it brought its head down to deliver what would surely be a fatal bite, a beautiful fox appeared and leapt into gerrymander's path. Hana was terrified and fled, not noticing that the fox fell to the ground, unconscious. A few days later she found the gumioh on the outskirts of her town, seeming near death it was so battered and damaged. Hana nursed the fox back health and the gumioh decided to stay with her. She decided to name the gumioh "Kitsune" and the two have been companions from that day, regardless of where Hana traveled.

    *Culture note* I'm super bad at names, so I used Japanese to make clever sounding names.
    "Kriel" is obviously an elven name from Deadbones' ToUW character, Redmund Kriel, BUUUT,
    "Hana" is Japanese for flower, AAAND
    "Kitsune" is Japanese for fox, AAAND
    When I looked up kitsune I discovered that in Japanese folklore they occasionally transform themselves into people, so it actually really well fits the gumioh :)

    EDIT: 19 for gold and had 100 left over, she has 56 stamina.
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    Meet Ruckus, a black boar that found himself growing up in a rough place - specifically, a location which was often raided by fanatics of the cult of bones. He lived in an adopted family of artists, however soon felt cast out, as the once little black piggy became obnoxiously large. Cast away from home, the piggy fell into a pit of porc vomit, where he grew to become the fine boy he is today. Shortly after, a travelling convent of paladins found the confused and wayward porc, taking him in under their wing and teaching him how to worship the Light. However, his past life followed him wherever he went, and while he used the memory as best he could, he found himself incapable of standing still, for upon doing so he remembered the times he had to spend, hiding away from the scary cult of bones. This inability to stand still is what earned him his name: For due to his size, he would always cause a bit of a ruckus.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I rolled an 8 for his gold, and he's got 192 stamina, so, he's a big boi. :)

  •,4H00L5004I00000000004M4R4O4J502v6x000000 rolled a one but got lucky with with the cornerstone, there's room for improvement but i don't really need anything more
  • Went random with race and class. Came up with bone beard a pirate with bone pirates.;201@00000000001y
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    I too would like to do a random race and class. I rolled an 8 for Gold.
    Meet Zi_Ahdri (Zi'Ahdri), a Dwarven Magician/Lumberjack who is the daughter to a four-star restaurant owners. She was taught to never use underhanded tactics in her competitive cooking, and she has also blended some performing and animal magic into her lifestyle in the city. She even tamed a Bullogre which is pretty sweet.
  • Rowna is a runemaster who has many different types of magic.
    Stamina: 119

    She enjoys collecting spell scrolls, and she has 2 pets, Her Dragonfly named Willison, and her pot puppy, (which is mostly in hell hound form) named Owen.
    (She has 4 copies of thunderous roar)
    I rolled a 20 on the roll
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