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The Top 20 Mightiest Old Gods (Level Rankings)

(Hey guys, I don't think this has been done before on the forum, and I see that people have made a forum for groups of players who had reached level 10, 11, and 12 to show off your coolness, and instead of making endless forums to feel awesome about your rank, I thought why not make a rankings list?)

You are the Old Gods. Your power and influence in the Realms decisions is immense. You can decide what events occur, who lives and dies, and even choose drastic decisions that will change the fate of the Realms forever. This can be represented by how many votes you have in the Divine Decisions, which directly correlates to your forum level. So, I am compiling a list of the top 20 most influential (highest leveled) users on the forums. This can also be a cool ranking to show try to be the best and be incentive to stay active within the community, being a legendary god among gods.

  • Users must post their level on the thread to be accepted onto the list. (If I missed you, just use @Astora to get my attention. EXP will not be taken into account.)
  • Users with the same level will be placed and sorted by time of post on the thread. (Meaning first come, first served.)
  • Please keep this thread friendly. It may be a sporting bit of competition and glory, but the pantheon must be civil. (All forum rules still apply.)
  • Please keep unnecessary posting to a minimum. (No spam or multiple one-word posts in unison.)
  • Administrators are not allowed to participate, as they are theoretically Level 100+. (Sorry, Justin.) Moderators such as Sixelona who still level and grow with the community are permitted to join.

The Mightiest Old Gods:

  1. graymorality (27)
  2. Shuckle (27)
  3. Madiso (27)
  4. jmydale (25)
  5. Konpaatre (25)
  6. AStar_ (25)
  7. WayofTime (24)
  8. Boland (24)
  9. Badzee (24)
  10. magnetised (24)
  11. Xapdos (23)
  12. Dancorps13 (23)
  13. Sixelona (23)
  14. Rukuri (23)
  15. Zack (23)
  16. blockington99 (23)
  17. HiveMasterMind (23)
  18. ShepardCom (23)
  19. tak4n (23)
  20. CS1 (23)
Feel free to post a question or comment below. Thank you for you continued service to the Realms.



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