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The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Chapter 00

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Chapter 00 

Hey guys! By far one my favorite campaigns was The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry because of how silly it was and fun to discover the solutions to each room! Sooo... here is what I came up with when designing some floors of my own!


#ManyTricks >:) 

Feel free to use and modify the map for any of your own games! 

Map Order

*Disclaimer I don't have enough experience as a Gm so I don't know much of how to set health and ability for enemy and such*(aka modify Health and ability to your liking)

Floor 1 Notes

Floor 1: Press B to Jump

Intro: You enter a barren room, Across from you is simple villager composed of green hair and commoner clothing.


-Jumping in this room warps you to an identical room but each time you jump you go in between the rooms

- Fight Bandits in this room to access the portal

-Hide the second room tiles until one player jumps and warps into the red room

-The bandits will surprise you as that themselves jump between rooms

Map: Players start in blue, Bandits in Red each spot in blue warps to red when a player jumps (same for red to blue)


-Press B to jump npc from unforgotten tales is in the room saying “Press B to jump”

Tiles:GoblinBanditsx6- Press B to Jump Villager  (start at 1:17)


-Goblin20Hp 6 total! Green Red Blue

-DeathRoll 5 >


Steal Treasure (Limited)

Use Treasure ability of Party members

Floor 2 Notes

Floor 2: Rescue towns folk Riddle ( Its basically a remake of this classic Bit) 

Intro: You enter an open room with grass hill tops with a bright blue sky above, a slight breeze brushes your face as you notice besides you stands a stubborn wizard guarding the portal!


-You only have to rescue one (there are 3)

- Upon moving onto the land a pressure plate trap is triggered- the grass area is surrounded in slime

- An deep enchanted voice announces “Ha ha haa now the real task will start young adventures! The island you stand on is weight sensitive your extra bodies have triggered this poisonous river of slime which will not go away until the weight which has been added is removed. But how can you remove the weight without walking into the acid ? Haa haaa haa.. Good luck completing your quest noowwww adventures!

Map:Players start on left of room Grass hill tops with a bright blue sky above,blue flag, totem pole with 3 Towns folk and a lone wolf 


-The Wizard demands “ If you adventures wish to pass, you must first complete a simple task, To complete this quest you need to go south over the hill tops until you see a blue flag waving in this wind. By this flag you shall see monster of very epic proportions, you will need to defeat this monster and after that rescue the villager. Do these things for me and only then you shall be able to pass.



MoonWolf 5Hp

Basic attack Bite 25 Damage

Floor 3 Notes

Floor 3: Reverseo room

Intro: Upon entering this level of the tower you notice in front of you 5 Porks. By the look of it they aren't to friendly as they gaze upon you with an aggressive glare of aggressiveness.


-reversed- left is right/ right is left / forward is backwards/ backwards is forwards

All attacks are by looking backwards and swiping at air then they hit forward( same with spells

-Defeat the Bandits

Map:Reverse statues and strange arrows on the floor that point outwards

Tiles: 5 pork bandits



PorkWarrior 75Hp



Sandbender 60Hp*3 = 180

MudShot15Damage+Silence+Adjacent rough turrain

GhostSound+DistractingSound+Add Sand Tile

Floor 4 Notes

Floor 4: Monty Python Bridge 3 Questions (feel free to make up your own questions!) Once again inspired by this video 

Intro: Before you stands a ogre who is presented in front of weary bridge that travels across the dangerous ravine preventing you from reaching the other side. Geysers of elemental sparks shoot off in and above the riverine.


-Roll to cross 2 spaces per movement on bridge critical fails make you fall into the pit and back to the lower floor

-Correctly answer your question Each person must answer 3

-Failure to answer causes death rolls

-Person 1/ What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

-Person 2/ On a D20 which of the 20 numbers is cursed in the Urealms Live Universe? What is the one weakness of elmechs? In your opinion who is the most dangerous character in Urealms?

-Person 3/ Name 2 of the Dragon aspects? What is your favorite campaign?What is the theme of the Dingo Islands Campaign?

-Person 4/Upon entering this chapter of the tower who was the first person that you saw describe them? Who is the greatest sorcerer of all time? What is the book written by Davy dave Daverson?

Map:Ricky old bridge with a hermit man guarding it ravine with elemental sparks and geysers


-correctly answer the question

-portal is visible on the other side

Tiles: Pork

Floor 5 Notes

Floor 5: Old man’s Portal mouth

Intro: The room you stand in is that of a humble cottage. In a rocking chair by the fire resides an old elf. This elf is of thin nature to the point of clearly seeing his rib cage.


-Blind old man is the portal, they have to be eaten him to proceed (portal is in his mouth)

Map:Nice little cottage house. Humble and small fireplace and kitchen


-The man asks for the party to fetch him some water ( simple mug with liquid) And when he consumes it the mug vanishes

-Is eternally starving constantly request food

-Attempts to bite the party when possible

-When he opens his mouth you see the portal effect


Floor 6 Notes

Floor 6: The Puppeteer's Play Pen

Intro: On the floor lies a mug mountain and puddle of water, however in the corner of the room is a small kobold child playing with some puppets.   


-Small puppets (tiles of your character correspond to your character

-You have to move your puppet to the puppet portal to advance

-Puppeteer toss your puppets to (10 )damage you

-Innnocent kid

Map: Bedroom, bed, playset(replica model of the room with a tiny portal )


-He is playing with replica puppets of the party ( his actions with the puppets move the players) (think Voodoo dolls)

-There is a small replica model of the room besides him with the portal in the toy set of the room aquire your puppet and pass them through the pay set portal to advance

Tiles:Kobold Kid

Floor 7 Notes

Floor 7: Wac a mole Gems edition?

Intro: The floor of which you stand has an assortment of holes arranged through the room. Suddenly a bright light is emitted from the far wall, This light illuminates the gemlings who begin to shoot in and out of the holes from the floor in sporadic fashion.
-Destroy all gems to open the portal

-They pop in and out each round

-Purple Gems require spells

-Blue Gems require physical

-Defeating a gem turns off its glow
Map: Giant hammers on the floor, Multiple holes with gemlings, Arcade like feel
-Dugh the gems glow

-Giant mallets
Tiles:Purple gems and Blue gems


Gemlings 1 for each hole


Floor 8 Notes

Floor 8: Light switch room ( Inspired by this video)

You can change what spawns and de-spawns to your liking! 
Intro: Ascending the tower leads you party to a vacant room, walls bright white, ominously clean and lacking in any abnormalities. Above you is a bright almost holy light shining upon the room.
-Turn the lamp on and off 5 times

- 1st spawns moon wolf

- 2nd spawns Sets the room on fire

- 3rd spawns a ROAMIN statue

- 4rth spawns freezes the room!

- 5th spawns Whelpling

- 6th spawns Portal

Map: Blank white room with a gnomish device upon the wall and a light far above on the ceiling
- light switch it's the only option
Tiles: Wolf, Roamin statue,Whelping

Floor 9 Notes

Floor 9: Room of 77 (failed)illusions
Intro:This room appears to be packed! With this many gnomes in such a small area there is hardly any room to even move one space! With a second glance you notice that all of the gnomes seem to have a general theme to them.

-If the party doesn’t bump into one immediately they will accidentally make one disappear
-All illusions must be eliminated to advance

-Last Illusion is the real Nisovin and will not die instantly (Mr. Poopy But hole)

-The party will have to persuade Nisovin to open the portal
Map:Nisovins tower (lom) / Laboratory
-Giving him repayment gifts

-Healing his wounds

-Annoying him enough he pushes them to the next room

-Illusions disappear upon damage taken

-Room of failed Illusions ( think wrong color, dumb, nerdy, dwarf, kobold nis, random failed nisovins)

Tiles: Nisovin tiles untill entire room is full

Floor 10 Notes

Floor 10:Phineas ROOM OF DARKNESS
Intro: Before you stands an elven child composed of a red outfit who is ominously elvated upon balcony, Staring at you his smirk shifts to giggle, which then  transforms into all out laughter as the room descends in darkness at the end of the room however shines the faint light of a rift in time and space itself , a portal. Shortly after seeing your glimpse of an exit four thin walls shift from the floor, blocking your escape. (( You’ll need to spend at least one action to break a wall In order to advance))
- Blanket of Darkness
-Pot Puppies Fall from the ceiling halfway through back at the start of the room( after the 3rd wall is broken)
-Each action causes sanity check
-Failing Sanity check makes you anti party ( each round rolling lower than 18 causes you to be anti party Upper = Greater than you character remains in panic)
-Breaking a wall requires one action
-Breaking the fourth wall removes the insanity of your allies
Map: Darkroom, Skulls Bones,Pork Skulls
-Reach the portal under the balcony behind the 4 walls
Tiles:Pot Puppys, Phinaus. Wall tiles

Ps. Don't forget to play the floor transition music...AND feel free to shoot my any questions about the map's floors if needed

Enjoy! ~_~ 



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