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Would anyone watch Band Of Thieves: The Musical?

I just thought of this and I think it would be hilarious. I also thought that this doesn't deserve its own discussion warranted to it, but I got over it. Admit it, you would watch that!


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    Id imagine itd be more of a romantic comedy or a bad spanish soap opera than a musical.

    "Mi amorae!" Burns away -That one guy whose name might be Rupert (cause last I counted there are like 5)
    2 minutes later
    "Yis, lets take the gold and leave for homeland"-Thea
  • Kobold Bro: What's your name, non-dwarf?
    K-4: Dwarf number 3.
    Dum Dum Duuum
  • K4: “Why’d these guys just cover me in water?”
    laugh track
    K4: "
    Can I have my sword back, you gave me rabies!”
    louder laugh track
    Kobold Bro: "No."
  • Where do I fund this?
  • You can fund it at, remember it's the tax that gets ya.
  • what style of musical? i'm not so much for the old school style, but maybe if it had an interesting genres. i would like it.
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    Gracias: What happens if I pour water on this?
    Chorus: It gets wet!
    Gracias: What happens if I pour water on that?
    Chorus: It gets wet!
    Gracias: What happens if I pour water on a kobold?
    Chorus : We don't know!!!

  • "Bumbley The Hill Dwarf...
    My name is Bumbley The Hill Dwarf...
    But my friends call me Kobold Number Four
    It's the curse
    Of K-4"
  • You know, that's something I kinda wanna do in my free time now. I just thought about possible music moments, and some of them are pretty great. Like Squinks and Yumi could be singing about how Bumbley isnt a Dwarf, and then the piece ends with "What's your name, non-dwarf?" "Um... Dwarf number 3"

    And hey, making a musical would be fun :3
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