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Cult of The Woven



  • OH OF COURSE! I haven't looked into those fields of magic yet, but I do have them in my to-do list.
  • @Awesomeagle23 ;
    You're welcome to join! We need all the help we can get against the Phinei threat
    (Check page 7 for the Woven classes)
  • @Ozoner I uhh... hmm... I don't want to... ummm....
    I haven't thought that out.
    Perhaps we approach the Phinei on their turf and declare war?

    I feel like we should just approach them and declare war.

    I don't know how war works.

  • @Razz is there a way I could use the player inventory and custom cards to make my character? Or do I just need to have the cards on reference?
  • nur in Haut und Knochen@Nickzilla
  • @Broves_Gemenar  Ich mag diese Begeisterung
  • Cult master pray for the ancient wisdom of Cachecol. Surely he can guide you.

    (Going to their thread... HA... sounds fine if it's simplest,
    but I was thinking there maybe like rolls for attacks and such which would fill up their page REALLY fast, so maybe we should try and organize something)
  • @Ozoner Aye, sir! I shall fight for my woven brethren! We shall not fall the elven child menace! Porc blood shall spill, and be mixed with that of the racist, young children! 
  • @Lucius_E ;
    I like the spirit! Cult master will give the order when we are to battle!
    (but organizing forum war is hard so it may be a bit)
  • @Ozoner  We should select our battlers and have a thread in the off topic where one at a time they fight using agreed apon custom class cards representing their gods.

    use the sum of 6 rolls for health totals, then they show their class to make sure that nothing is too op, then they fight to the death!
  • There should also be a ref using the urealms health tracker a fan made a while back
  • Ich fühle mich wie dieser Kampf wird sehr gut gehen
  • Wir würden unsere Fetzen rot mit dem Blut unserer Feinde färben, aber sie sind schon diese Farbe

  • Alright, while I do hope you consider my suggestion, I must rest brothers. For I must save my energy for this glorious battle
  • @Ozoner Sorry mate but I don't have a clue. I just make cards, no idea what to do past that.

    Also I wouldn't describe my classes as "balanced". I mean a scarfsmith can perma-charm an entire battlefield in one turn. Ancient artifact + way of the scarf
  • @Razz yeah there is that, I noticed the 100stamina armor you offered in Knight, which is cool, but against what is likely cabalists you extremely nerf their 99 damage darkfire
  • I'm proud to be a WovenKnight. When shall we go to battle?
  • When we figure out how to organize a fight
  • For the fight how about we just have people roll and say their faction and just add up the total rolls and the one with the highest wins?
  • Some of my fellow knights came upon some wandering Phinei at the West side. We tried to make peace but they just ran at us saying something about porcs. I had to actually kill one before the rest left. Luckily they seemed to run off to the East side meaning they probably have no base on the West. 

    Um, also, shouldn't we talk to the Phinei on their thread about how the fight should go? I'll leaving this up to the Cultmasters.
  • Yeah we're trying to work it out, but it's hard :P
    fight prob won't happen for a couple days at least
  • My and my friends are always prepared to fight for righteousness. :smilebold: 
  • Don't worry guys, we'll give them as much scarves as we can, and they'll never beat us! For I, am a powerful and dangerous Weaver!
    So let's crush those brats!
  • Yes! Let's show them a real god! Also I just realized I have over a hundred stamina.
  • We should go to Kobold settlements and gather more recruits for our forces!
    We need an advantage over the Phinei! we have the Beenu with us but they have the Porcs! We need more allies or something! WHERE'S THAT DAMN PIZZA WE NEED SOME FOOD WHILE WE PLAN!
  • I have a Gemling we can share.

    Oh right, and also, the Inphidels have said they will join us. Perhaps we can use them to get alliances with others.
  • That Is excellent news! Let's split the Gemling and discuss what this new information leads us to.
  • I bring news! As yours truely, a spy and master scarfsmith, i have to tell you this:

    i dont know how to read maps and got lost...  :(
  • edited September 2017
    I...don't know how to help you...  
     take this map (click that link) and go see what is happening, the map will only bring you to their borders (first page) so you will have to go on your own from there.
    If you fine any other settlements mark it on a map and give it to us. (if you find more threads give us the link)!
    May Cachecol be with you!
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