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Cult of The Woven



  • There is always more to learn. We shall begin with the collection of information. Once the intel has been properly assessed we will plan our next move.Until then begin taking precautions in case they try to attack before we have finished gathering data.
  • I shall talk to the rest of the WovenKnights about precautions.
  • Good. I'll get the scribes to start making copies and organizing anything we find out about our potential enemies. 
  • And I will order a pizza for morale. The toppings: this blood snake that was chopped up.
  • This is definitely going to be cannon in my realm. Also yay classes!
  • Hey grandpa! Look at all these furry elves wearing scarves. Can I spell of bearding them?
  • Get ready knights! We shall peacefully defend ourselves and befriend this elf, for the glory of Cachecol!
  • What does he mean furry elves... not all of us are kobolds, we are all just philhipe at heart.
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    Porbo has joining the elf child war efforts! We may have to fight the porcs as well!
  • I think we can take a few porcs. What's the worse they can do?
  • Greetings may I have some of those neato scarf's to convert my fellow Beenu to the glorious wisdom of Cachecol?
  • @Broves_Gemenar Of course! Rob said that both Kobolds and Beans are beasts, which means we'll get rekt by those crazy butcher people but we're all friends. And plus; you're pretty much like a kobold but with wings!
  • @v12a12 Phineas friend, we do not spell of bearding those who wish to have a beard, maybe next time, go and spell of bearding Nisovin

  • Alright, I wanna cast a spell.
  • They're insane. We have no choice, but to strangle them all.
  • I am okay with this,  lets steal their red wool hats and knit them into scarves
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    It's sad to see that the peaceful option seems to have failed, unless these are a few Radical Phinei. Cult Master I will prepare the Knights of the Woven on your word!

    @Razz ;

    Do battle scarves and ballistic weave's bonus actions stack for the woven knight?

  • Oh boy! a lot of commotion. It looks like those pesky elves have retreated for now. The porc alliance is troubling.
    But first things first. @Razz Those classes are perfect! I'm so proud to be a Cult Master... :smilebold:

    I've feared this day. It seems we can be idle no longer.
    Ready the Knights.

    Also, I'm hungry. That pizza should be here by now. They really need to stop using those painfully slow earth elementals.
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    (aight i'm slightly bummed that I can't use custom cards in the character creator because I was about to make my Woven Knight character)

    @Lucius_E ; @Razgrey ; @Maris ;
    I am enlisting you three as Knights of the Woven, arm yourselves for battle

    @Nickzilla ; Enlisting you as a fighter as well, but you may be more of a scarfsmith
    @Razz ; Not sure what class you're going for, up to you classmaster

    (Also should there be a separate hehe... thread for a fight? how is it organized?)
  • @Ozoner Yes they do stack and I am A cross between A knight and scribe. I'm also a rock Master (another custom class I made a while back). 

    I thought my days of battle were over after the revolution died down. but it appears to be time...

    Cachecol vult. PREPARE FOR WAR!!!
  • I am prepared to join the war efforts and become a woven knight. I have a snake in my boot but I can wrap it around my leg if that works better.
  • Ich kann ein Arzt sein
  • @Broves_Gemenar  Können Sie auch ein Schneider sein?
  • @Broves_Gemenar @Nickzilla What kind of incantations are those? Arcane Magic? Rune Magic?
  • None of the above, its the tongue of those who use efficiency magic. Common among Gnome Tinkerers 
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