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Cult of The Woven

Hallo fellow Philhipés!
I'm Philhipé, and I've noticed a recent surge of Philhipés around here, so I wanted to create a Philhipé-centric safe haven from all those deep dark bad things that you don't wanna talk about!

So I wanna talk about all that good stuff! Philhipé stuff! Yeah!

(Also, this thread is only for Philhipés, but we accept non-Philhipé Philhipés! So if you're saving up the gold, or you think another avatar looks cooler, you can still be Philhipé in your heart! Philhipé!)

For today: Red Scarves!

So like, red scarves are basically the greatest thing to happen to character design since we discovered that you can just make the eyes bigger!

There's not a single character that can't be improved with a red scarf. Check it out!

See? No red scarf. BUT...

Oooooh la la! Instantly better. And most importantly, more Philhipé-y! He looks like he could kill some snakes!
It works on EVERYONE!

Aww ye! That's some neat-o character design!
Red scarves are the pinnacle of character design elements right next to eyepatches and blunderbi. Heterochromia better watch its back!

So yeah! If you got any Philhipé based discussion topics, or a character that you think would look super coolio in a red scarf, let me know!

I'm Philhipé, and I shouldn't be posting on forums when I've just woken up from a nightmarish fever dream! Philhipé!
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