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What characters deserve a "second chance?"



  • @Loveland ;
    Because if she had lived for more than two floors there's a good chance opinions about her would've completely changed.
    The Rhedmun relationship part doesn't play a huge part into this, because no one treats him with any genuine respect anyway and it's his fault for walking in on the Reesi-Buford fling.
  • @Dolfinmaster i prefer beenu #77 but i think coe killed him
  • Rusty from Silvermine Mountains for sure. Firstly, the entire joke about Roamin hiring someone to burn down his orphanage for the insurance- and then Rusty burned it down with the kids still inside, had me rolling on the floor. Really great dark humor. 

    But also I really loved how Justin played him in the campaign. While everyone else seemed to just be going along with what Deadbones' character wanted, Rusty had his own objective and was actively trying to escape- not become ageless. Not to mention Justin was very clever with going into his stone mode at the end. It's unfortunate he didn't get to shine more due to all of the other characters in play, and although he's likely dead I would love to see a story where he escaped the rubble and joined up with a criminal group of some kind.
  • Empusa did nothing wrong
  • There aren't any PCs that got killed or removed that I want to return, but there are several I want to appear in a future campaign that have only ever appeared in their original campaign.

    Thea Mazing needs another go, as do pretty much all of the Unseen Rogue characters. They were all hilarious and their character interactions made the campaign for me. Rick Snot, Marco, and Polo also need a second campaign, since we last saw them sailing off into the distance with Merci's BoCoe.
  • @TDScott8 OH MY GOD YES, I nearly forgot about Rusty! Rusty is amazing and should get his own campaign once someone digs his stone form out of the rubble.
  • mr. red shirt him self Ethan bates! 
  • Need more unseen rogues in general. Or Rick Snot’s adventures as the captain of his own crew. 
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