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EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it!

Made this in my spare time, tell me what you think!


  • These are going on the Magic Forums.
  • Great news. I have a neighbor who lives in a tree and has wings. Not sure if it's a Beenu though.
  • It is important to note that Harpies also have wings, but they don't spend their time tinkering and crafting. This means the second difference is important to take note of when identifying a Beenu.
  • @Shuckle  Maybe harpies are just like Groundbolds. Wild versions of a species. Harpies might just be feral beenu. 
  • @CanadianCrusader I was thinking something like that. Makes me wonder how they were made. 
  • Ah, yellow journalism. The start of many conflicts.
  • That's awesome! But uh, my best friend is a Beenu, and I don't appreciate this turn of events.
  • @Shuckle Maybe the genocide plan was incomplete and the refined dragon silver did not make Beenu completely sterile, but actually retarded their reproductive systems leading them to produce less civilized creatures?
  • oh hell yes, this is awesome. Do more of these.
  • @CanadianCrusader that would be awesome! I totally want that to become canon.
  • I love to read lore newspapers! they make the world so immersive.  :D
  • Ive never seen anything like this before! As a fellow elf i am most worried about my loved ones. is no one safe from the evil of Beenus??  
     (Ps this is totally awesome looking, nice work dude :) )
  • We should burn those beenu scum to the ground! *Nervously tinkers with an advanced piece of technology and folds wings so people don't see them*
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    All Beenu should be required wear some sort of symbol to identify them and be relocated to separate neighborhoods.
  • i read the whole thing GIVE ME MORE
  • edited September 6
    (( Hey everyone! Thought I would make another Periodical, If you have any ideas on what I should write about, please give me suggestions, just kinda going with the flow right now. lol ))

  • The image/link isn't showing for me :frown: (P.S. keep up the good work)(P.P.S. you could make it constantly follow the persecution of the beenu, gradually becoming more like nazi germany)
  • @Javo
    I just edited the previous message, can you see it now? :oh: 
  • A) Malvar I love the original headlines, great work. B) What Javo told you about, after you edited it. It doesn't seem to want to work still. Just a heads up
  • I believe I have narrowed down the issue, I looked at this post using Internet Explorer and I could not see my own posts, however, when I switched to Google Chrome they came back up. If you are using Google Chrome and you still can not see the newspapers, then please comment as soon as possible and I will go back to the drawing board and trial and error this stuff.
  • @MalvarTheGreat
    I am a Chrome user, and I can't see any images besides the one on the OP.
  • @BewareTheDragon ;
    OOF, well there goes my idea... 
    Thank you so much! .. clearly it is my user error... will continue to work on this. 
  • what about outreach groups among the elves who aren't heartless warmongers against all the other species. 
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