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Azveltara Z: Fighting Power 8's Corruptions

As a huge fan of things like 'Corrupted by Evil' Videos and Creepypasta's, I've decided to list all the Corruptions that occurred from the Fighting Power 8's 'Video Tapes' at the end of Azveltara Z. I know that a lot of people feel that the ending wasn't explained well enough, but hopefully with the list of the Corruptions we can clear up some things.

  • First Corruptions occur before the fight between Nisovin and Bruce Willakers. The Tape warps in, showing an image of the Tournament's arena and the Fighting Power 8 logo with muffled music, before cutting straight to Bae (Coe's Character) saying 77.
  • There is minor audio warping during Kohaichan's Intro before the fight between Nisovin and Bruce Willakers.
  • The Tape loops 3 times at Bob and Xavius's name mention before Nisovin and Bruce's fight; looping at 'and Bob' four times before fixing itself.
  • The Intro between Bae (Coe's Character) and Aryu's (Spiff's Character) fight has dread music, is tainted yellow, and has no other voices other then distorted laughing that fades out.
  • The video of the cheering crowd distorts, but the announcers do not, right as Bae and Aryu's fight begins, before finally fading into the Sinner Image. The Announcers talk about how the two fighters are assassins, and talk about the assassin profession. They then talk about Bae 'the Blood Queen', before trailing off into ideas of labeling and marking non-Elves out of fear they might revolt. During this conversation, a loud Bopen-esque laugh occurs, and some woman says "Well done, you've bested me!". Another smaller laugh occurs as the announcers talk about Aryu, as the Sinner image distorts and finally goes back to the fight.
  • After Bae drops 77 Pot Puppy seeds, killing them, the fight cuts to the Sinner Image. Canyon talks about a Pot Puppy seed Company, and a minor laugh occurs. The sinner image again distorts before getting back to the fight.
  • When Bae finally beats Aryu, the Video distorts, but not the Announcers, and goes back to the Sinner Image with a sword unsheathing sound. A minor laugh is heard as the Announcers praise Bae for her good fighting skills. Minor laughs are also heard as the Announcer talks about another Sponsor. The Sinner Image remains behind the Announcers until the end of their talking this time.
  • The Intro for Kouroyami's (Deadbones) and Bruce's fight is slowed down and distorted, then it speeds up. The Music that accompanies the Sinner Image slowly fades in.
  • The video is distorted after the Intro for Kouroyami's and Bruce's fight, before returning to the Announcers standing in front of the Sinner Image. The Announcers talk about Bruce, but also point out that he is a Dwarf who is not to be trusted, and that in the event of them trying to take over, they'll be purged. Just like how the King, Rohbear Leomaris, purged 'another problem'. The video distorts back to the arena as the fight begins.
  • After Bruce slams Kouroyami back and fourth, the video slightly distorts before cutting to the Sinner image again, complete with the sword sheathing sound. The Announcers are again unaffected by this, as they discuss the possibility of an Elf losing to a Dwarf. At first, they laugh it off and even suggest that the show might be scripted, before admitting they're both very afraid of it. The fight glitches back in and then continues.
  • After Bruce surrenders to Kouroyami, the Sinner Image returns with it's sheathing sound. Minor laughter occurs as the Announcers discuss Bruce's fighting style, and how they're happy they're seeing an Elf on Elf, Assassin on Assassin fight.
  • After that, the Sinner image appears over the tournaments map which is being distorted. The words "Ingoroth Ral Vandisio(?)" are whispered.
  • The Announcers return, over the Sinner Image fading in, and their voices are amplified. They talk about being fluffy buffy (or fluffy puffy) over their anticipation for the fight between Bae and Kouroyami. When they realize they're live, the Sinner Image cuts to the fight with no fanfare.
  • When Bae defeats Kouroyami, the fighting tournament video goes down, revealing the sinner image underneath. The music used during the Genocide of the Beannu plays as the Announcers congratulate Bae's victory, and reveal her new merchandise (and the running gag of 77).

  • The issues begin with the fight between Bruce and Nisovin.
  • After Bruce Willakers and Nisovin's Fight, Canyon Nailo's Fresh Limb Emporium logo appears with dread music and the Sinner Icon, but is recognized by the announcers. Canyon even gloats about his new company. This might mean that Canyon Nailo has some relation to the Order of Chaos, or at least some relation to the Old Gods. It is unknown, however, if Canyon knew of the Sinner image above. It should be noted, that Canyon Nailo shares the same last name with Eluamous Nailo, from the original show, who himself gained 1 Sin of the Unforgotten.
  • The advertisement above begins the Sinner motif for the remainder of the video.
  • The Announcers never appear to notice they are in front of the Sinner Image, meaning that the Sinner Image appears to be an altercation after the tournaments had been recorded, not before or during.
  • Most of the Sinning Imagery happens with Bae, and to a lesser extent, Bruce Willakers. Perhaps this means something?
  • The Sinning Imagery's most prominent conversations involve Elven Supremacy and Purging Non-Elves.
  • Despite what Chat was saying, the Sinning Image's Crack does not appear to grow or change in any way.
  • Currently, it is unknown who was speaking or laughing during the Sinner Images. However, Rob provided all of the laughs, and Spiff was the one who spoke about being bested.
  • Deadbones speaks the words "Ingoroth Ral Vandisio". It's possible that "Ingoroth Ral Vandisio" is the Order of Chaos in Elvish.

With this, we can hopefully begin to piece together the potential hints of the Distortions and Sinning within the Fighting Power 8 Tournament Video Tapes. Also, let me know if I missed any of them.


  • I hope this comes into play during The Purge.
  • The were those two ones with the kuroyami vs willakers fight
  • @Fera I'm pretty certain I got both of them, though maybe I'm wrong. I'll watch the VOD again and make sure.
  • edited August 2017
    Cool, let me run Ingoroth Ral Vandiso through every language in google translate real quick, I'll edit this when I'm done.

    Nope, Ingoroth Ral Vandiso is not a phrase in any known human language. I'm guessing it's the pronounciation of some phrase in Unforgotten (URealms Elvish) and when we finally see people reading Unforgotten, we'll be able to piece together what it means.
  • "Ingoroth Ral Vandiso" almost sounds like a name.

    It sounds appropriately flowery for an elf name, at least.
  • Are we sure it isn't Vanisto? Like the family? 
  • @KaeawynShifter Yeah, almost 100% positive that Ingoroth Ral Vandisio is Urealms Elvish, and not from any real language.

    @Raynicorn I am not 100% sure what is actually said; the words are spoken very softly. After listening to it multiple times, 'Ingoroth Ral Vandisio' is the closest I could get. It could be interesting if they say "Vanisto" and not Vandisio, and I would be curious as to what that actually means...
  • Who knows, I'll try checking over the name in the vid. @friskyBrisky
  • I interpreted the order of chaos background less as having to do with the order of chaos and more to do with breaking the fourth wall which was done in many of the scenes with the background. That said, with what we have already seen of the order of chaos, those might be more linked than we realize.
  • I think it may be possible that Canyon Nailo Champion of Fighting Power 4. May have just been an idiot. As being a shoutcaster, he's paid to prevent dead air time. Not knowing any better, he could have just assumed the logo was an advertisement.

    But that was my initial assumption. After reading your posit. I have to say I like that explanation a lot better.
  • Turns out, that the Fighting Power part wasn't even a VHS tape being corrupted; it was 2 crazy 'sinners' who were remembering Fighting Power 8 to the best of their abilities, narrating as they do, while actually hiding in a Cave, according to the BTS. So we(/specifically I) had the whole premise wrong.

    That basically solves this mystery! :)
  • edited September 2017
    Knowing that the next campaign- called The Purge, they probably did all that imagery on purpose. Rob even said they have plans for future campaigns set in stone for awhile.

    Edit: I also like the mention of how the elves purged their "other problem" in the past. That's a nice little nod to the next campaign, makes me wonder even more what that problem was
  • @Jericho Didnt we see in this campaign that the other said problem was the Beenu.
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