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Themed Episodes

This campaign was an anime-themed episode. We have also had western-themed episodes with the murder bros and buckaroos. And you could count Okagnoma Guild Hall as a school-themed episode.

My question is what themed episodes would you like to see?

I would love to see an episode done in the style of a Musical. Not music-themed like Battle of the bards. Rather, The players speak in song with brief pauses for story exposition. Like that episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang turns black.


  • I'd love a murder mystery in a big ol mansion with a thunderstorm and all that, but I'd be worried that if the mystery got solved too early, it would ruin it,. Also, I'd be interested in how they'd handle a horror themed campaign.
  • @DrFlameWolfBitchBoyKing If I could I would upvote this comment for sure. Something like Clue or Murder on the Orient Express would fit right in with the style of Urealms 
  • In this weeks campaign we saw the beenu with early computation tech. Its unlikely that there was a 'space race' such as the one in reality but its not unimaginable that the beenu made it to space, even if for a brief time. So why not space
    I'm not saying doing something related is a good idea, so much as pitching a fresh and technically feasible idea.
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