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Theory Regarding Azveltarians

So, as was translated by @Snarky ;
"the views expressed by the casters of the fighting power tournament do in fact reflect the views of the azveltarians"
And the sign says "Fuck the kobolds!" 

To me this is Rob trying to tell us that regardless of the fact that the Elves are responsible for genociding the Beenu race it is the Azveltarians not the Elves that wanted that. Especially since Rob said that Lyn was going against the king of all elves by slaughtering them all. (I'll edit if I remember to with where Rob said that after the vids come out) Anyway to me this line shows that Lyn particularly believes in the inferiority of the other races, like Kobolds. To me since the Kobolds are the closest to the Beenu and there is a sign right there that says fuck the Kobolds this could very well mean that there will be a great Kobold purge. That or this is just the explanation for other characters mentioning it, like in Coe's Quest. (which is canon) So maybe there will actually be a great Kobold purge or that will be a divine decision, maybe it will be Lyn's child that enacts the purge since the child will likely be raised by Lyn and share her ideals.

Seriously though props to Snarky for translating so quickly
The link to Snarky's post about translating the image above as well as other elven text shown during the stream.
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