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The Bopen and Gwenyth cutscene

So in the intro we saw a lot of the events that took place as usual, however we did not see hide nor hair of gwenyth and bopen's animation, unless I'm mistaken we donated for every single donation, so was that animation just put in as a teaser or did I really completely miss it?


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    oh shoot! those guys... totally forgot about them. meh *shrugs* not that big of a deal. maybe they were red herrings.
  • @Gterra2  I can understand the whole red herring thing, it's just really strange to me that their were animations that we didn't see dispite having everything donated for, the only 'fair' thing I can think of is that we only saw it if we voted nay on the divine descision 
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    @Murlin22 When I first saw those two and all these other characters and the exp, I brushed them off immediately thinking they would be hallucinations/not actually there for the campaign. Bruce willakers and nisovin fighting each other just sounded too crazy for me to accept, especially with that one scene with the weird background where bruce was flinging someone around.
  • @Gterra2  I kinda had the same idea for a while but we did see the EXP thing with Bob so that confused me even more, tho I'm probably getting worked up over nothing, it's not like Rob would gain much from removing an animation entirely so maybe it was just a red herring 
  • @Murlin22 Im not sure but if I remember correctly that animation may have used previously used Gwyenth and Bopen assets? Maybe they were put in for filler or to get people excited as these two are favorite characters for alot of fans.
  • Perhaps since both Gwyneth and Bopen are related to the divine decisions, it could be some sort of foreshadowing that this divine decision will impact them somehow?
  • Perhaps they were a teaser for the next campaign, where we see this "purge".
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    @Gterra2  the black skull ( Virgo's ) surrounded by void magic ( no idea of its real name but void seems fitting ) however I do not remember ever seeing Gwenyth and Bopen standing together at all in any animation ever, and they haven't met before as far as we know so the whole thing is really strange, unless of course that animation was indeed from a previous thing, but I would assume someone would have said something when they saw it in the intro if I had been already used
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    And yeah I supposed it could be a little teaser, it's just strange because we've never had a teaser animation in an ongoing campaign before
  • @Murlin22 Yeah, but they're seemingly linked since the next is the purge.
  • @UnluckyBimi the thing is the next campaign from the wording of one of the donation events will happen soon after this one took place meaning we're still way to early for a confrontation between Gwenyth and Bopen and Virgo is still alive and most probably Grand paladin 
  • I wasn't there for when the donations where triggered for act 2, however I bet it was just the death screen.
  • @Murlin22 That's true, but at the same time it could have a time-jump or Bopen and Gwyneth potentially could have met and fought in the past. Who knows? Maybe Gwyneth defeated Bopen in the past when he was "weak" which lead to him being stagnant 'til the FoD campaign.
  • @CasualCow yeah it definitely didnt play during act two, however maybe that animation only played if a player died 3 times or something
  • @UnluckyBimi  that's a possibility but Rob told us before hand that the birth of magic campaign would be time jumpy and it seems way to early for rob to do another one of those time skips but your right the animation could tie into it somehow 
  • @Murlin22 'til it happens, all we can do is wait. I'm waiting for the plot-twist to be something nobody thought of that's way out there.
  • @UnluckyBimi the biggest plot twist I could imagine is Bopen being Bruce Willakers and the only reason the animation didn't go off was because of those two consecutive ones rolled by Bruce
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    @Murlin22 Perhaps, or perhaps Bruce was supposed to split into two through some sort of weird defusion magic creating Lance and Bopen? (This is a wacky thing, that I do not believe in any way).
  • @UnluckyBimi huh yeah that'd be neat I've seen people say that Ghostblade, will kill Bruce Willakers due to him saying that he killed a Dwarven king, but that would definitely undermine the Bopen is Bruce theory as Bopen would certainly remember the man who murdered him
  • @Murlin22 Well, he says he killed one of the original dwarven kings yet Bruce was "King of Dwarves" in general from the commentators so perhaps Bruce dies then there's the dwarven kings after him and Bopen killed the original Dwarven King that was himself and yet at the same time not himself? (I wanna see how far down a rabbit hole of conspiracies I can go).
  • @UnluckyBimi I'm pretty sure that campaign is the purging of all beenu.
  • Well this whole conspiracy thing is fun but we will probably not find out until season 77 because what the hell do we know
  • @Gent Perhaps, perhaps not. - It probably is the purging of most, if not all Beenu, but there's still a chance there'll be more to it than just that.
  • Bob sees exp because he can see the characters "power level" with his fancy googles.
  • Oh that's a thing thanks rob
  • You ever seen an anime OP?
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