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Divine Decision Discussion

What did y'all think about the Third Divine Decision for Season 3? 

Personally, I voted for Nay, but what did you guys vote for? Comment your thoughts below! :D


  • Nay because rob doesn't need more baby's to murder 
  • I said yay
  • I voted nay as well, I thought yay was too obvious of a choice.

    Plus if Lyn was infertile it would have been serious irony for what she did to the Beenu. 
  • I voted Nay, but I don't know why I should care whether some genocidal arse is getting pregnant or not.
  • Nay, imo she was too badass to be pregnant
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    I definitely feel like people did not think through the divine decision.

    We just saw a genocide of innocent people, but apparently everyone forgot after some sexy time in the bath house.

    While initially making someone infertile seems wrong you have to pretty much think about it in terms of if hitler was in their place and also a woman because thats honestly the best comparison given the situation.
  • @Deinonychus ;
    That's mainly why I voted Nay as well, and well, Karma is a bitch sometimes.

    However, I liked both options, because personally Lyn having a baby with any of the characters (personally Kohai Chan because that will be amazing), is really intriguing.
  • I voted nay, Lyn deserves no personal happiness for what she did.
  • I voted nay because I wanted it to be a cruel irony that she herself became infertile after poisoning the Beenu. It was a hard pick though so I'm happy with the results. 
  • @ZombieMonkey7 Agreed. Even if it would have possibly made Lyn more of a softer, protective character rather than what she is now, I didn't want a possibility for her to give birth to more of her. 
  • My personally belief this was to decide which lore is used for Ghostblade. The original planned lore or the sudden perfect fit of the shore elf. With that reasoning I chose yay.

    Originally I was going to go nay, but the thought changed my mind.
  • I voted yay, in hopes that she'll have some crazy powerful murder child I guess.

    In retrospect, nay might've been cooler so she gets some payback for what she did to the Beenu with a taste of infertility herself.
  • I voted nay, lyn would had been the only one to her family name, and if she was infertile, one of the big elven family could die off
  • I went with nay, for two reasons. One she was directly exposed to what ever made the benu no longer fertile, and two didnt really think her becoming pregnant would fit her character. Clearly she has these bondings lots of times, so maybe she would be more careful?
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;
    I am pretty sure Lyn is not the only Azveltarian in her family.
  • I picked "Yay" because I figured that motherhood may change Lyn, and potentially lead to another bad-ass character, and because it didn't make her infertile. Should we really strip her of that potential, when she has almost all eternity (unless she gave up on life and stopped using silver, or got murdered) to change and potentially do more good than she had bad. We also don't know her motivations behind her apparent disgust for the Beenu, who knows? Maybe they did some bad we don't know about.
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    I went Nay mostly because I felt we'd not only be bringing a potentially evil character into the world, but I felt like becoming infertile would have been a fair trade for eliminating an entire race. I did however love both decisions and liked how they both had interesting implications.
  • I voted Yay and then immediately regretted it because I remembered that Lynn massacred all those Beanu. She would probably see being infertile as a positive anyways considering how much sex she has.
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    I voted nay because I want her character to live a terrible life-- now I'm counting on Rawb to do what he does best and kill babies.
  • I picked "Yay" because I figured that fatherhood may change Hitler, and potentially lead to another bad-ass chancellor of Germany.

    there I fixed it for ya ;) (also invoked godwin's law) @UnluckyBimi

  • @Noubi She's hardly Hitler though. We don't know that she caused the extinction of the Beenu, nor that she potentially intended to. 
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    I think it's pretty obvious she is a helper in the Beenu's extinction. You know, she poisoned their Silver supply, and massacred a bunch of them. 
  • @Emperor That is true, however we don't know how much she actually did towards it. For now, all we know is that she ordered the massacre of a facility (of sorts) of Beenu and caused lowered Birth-rates to a village/town/city (well, we don't know how much that silver-river fuelled) of Beenu. - Who knows, maybe she was justified? (I'm not trying to justify the actions/orders of Lyn and her assassins, just saying to wait 'til we know the entire story or at least more of it).
  • I hope we get a Beenu campaign showing us all about the Beenu's side. So far our perception of them is of them being an innocent race who was genocided for something they didn't do, so perhaps Rob will do what he usually does and make them have a darker side as well.
  • I'm pretty sure the divine decision wasn't actually about Lyn. We were choosing Ghostblade's origin story.
  • I voted Yay because I'm evil good.
  • I voted Yay because I didn't really understand the consiquences of whether she had a baby or not.
  • I voted yay cause I knew Rob couldn't kill the baby due to redoing the same thing too many times 
  • I voted yay purely out of curiosity to find out who the baby would be. 
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