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The Good, the Bard, and the Ugly. | Premade Campaign.

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The Good, the Bard, and the Ugly.

  Hello everyone! This is the first campaign i’ve made and I hope you’ll like it! This is a western themed campaign based around the gang called “The Wild Bunch”. I’m open to any feedback.

Campaign info:

  Encounters 5

  Difficulty Easy | Medium | Hard

 Typthis’s town map-

SpaceWalker’s cave map-


Campaign overview:

  This campaign tells the story of The Wilds Bunch, a gang that consists mostly of Dwarves and Dwelfs. This campaign mainly focuses on the first map however starts on the second map. The player's mission is to convince the town into letting the gang do whatever they want without any interference from the Sherif, which will be hard to do.

Character Creation setup:

  Although any race could work, I suggest allowing the players to pick from Dwelf, Dwarf, Dvergr, Gnome, Keen, Porc and Blackboar even though the gang and town mostly consists of Dwelfs and Dwarves. The classes I suggest for this campaign are Spellslinger, Bandito, Spellthief, Lumberjack, Swashbuckler, Booty Raider, Bard, Alchemist, Witch and Ranger. Feel free to change the class selection to how you see fit!


  “You and your party have been ordered by your gang leader Alejandro to convince the town to let your gang do whatever they see fit. This will be hard to do as the town isn’t fond of  your gang The Wild bunch so it may involve some bribing and killing, whatever you see fit.”

Encounter 1:

  The first encounter is a roleplay encounter inside the gang’s hideout which is the second map. In this encounter the party should introduce their characters. After the introductions of the campaign and the players’ characters they should talk to the boss Alejandro about their mission that will take place over the span of a few days. The mission is that the party needs to convince the local town Durango to allow the gang to do whatever they please. After the party gets their mission they should socialize with the other npc gang memebers.

Encounter location:


  Alejandro is the son of the baddest gun in the west. He is an extremely powerful Spellslinger that doesn’t get his hands dirty in lower work. Alejandro wears a torn down freeboot coat and has a regular cowboy hat, he also has long muttonchops. Alejandro likes to keep his backstory to himself and has not shared anything from his past with any gang members. His father used to be the gang leader but died in a battle, leaving young Alejandro to take over the role of gang leader, his father taught him all of his skills at a young age.

Stamina: 250

Anytimes: 10

Deathroll: 1 (Would rather die fighting than surrendering)


Basic Attack: 50 damage, 10 range Magical Revolvers.(Doesn’t get doubled by double damage) (General Goto Action) (Used to deal massive damage to enemies, use when there is a lot of foes) (Used to burst down a foe) (Used so he can hit multiple foes with a single basic attack)

Tythpis Magro (Ty-th-pis)

  Tythpis is a very attractive female Dwelf. She wears a fancy purple dress, has brown curly hair, deep green eyes, freckles, and a purple sunhat. Everybody thinks that Tythpis is attractive, this doesn’t matter on the character’s race, gender, or sexual preference. Tythpis has a very minor version of the Curse of Medusa where she doesn’t take the free will from everyone, but has the effects of making everyone fall in love with her. Tythpis’s father and mother was in the gang and was raised inside the gang. Her Cornerstone is Outlaw and Attribute is Charismatic, this is just for roleplay.

Stamina: 75

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 3 (Is loyal to the gang however she values her life more than her spot in the gang)


Basic Attack: 15 Damage, 10 range Revolver(General Goto Action) (Used to interrupt a big limited so the foe will attack their allys) (General Goto Action) (Used as a Spy like ability to gather info) (Used to save herself)

Jeff Forgestone:

  Jeff Forgestone is Alejandro’s righthand man. Unlike the boss Jeff will accompany the party on their mission. Jeff has been in the gang for the equivalent of 15 years, and is well liked and respected amongst the members of the gang. Jeff wears a green shirt with blue farmer overalls, a white texas ten gallon hat, and a well groomed beard.

Stamina: 100

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 3 (Is loyal to the gang and will fight to the death)


Basic Attack: 15 Damage Lumberjack Axe (Main weapon) (General Goto Action, will deal 30 damage) (Used to create lots of difficult terrain) (Used to deal tons of damage if there is lots of enemies on difficult terrain) (General Anti Caster Action, or if the target is out of range)

Minor characters:

    There are a lot of minor characters that operate throughout the gang's hideout, if you feel like the party is lacking in man power then you should have Jeff bring along some npcs. You should use these NPC in rp.

Stamina: 30ish (Just do the math in your head, if they get hit hard then have them deathroll.)

Anytimes: 1 per Minor character

Deathroll: 10 (Will fight to the death)


Basic Attack: 10 damage, 10 range revolvers.

Random Spells.

Encounter 2:

  The first part of the mission is to clear out the Crunchodiles in the river so the players can cross without using the broken bridge. This isn’t suppose to be a hard encounter, it is meant to ease the players into their characters and what they can do. The Crunchodiles can move perfectly fine outside of the water but prefer to be inside the shallow river. The Crunchodiles are passive until somebody attacks one of them.

Encounter location: 

Crunchodile x5

Stamina: 75

Anytimes: 5 (The crunchodiles share an anytime pool and should use them to avoid attacks that would force a deathroll.)

Deathroll: 10

Abilities: (General Goto Action) (General Goto Action) (If you feel like your party is weak then have this only go off if the Crunchodiles are in the water.)

Encounter 3:

  This third encounter is in the town and is mostly rp but could lead to combat. The gang is in town to get supplies, weapons, bullets, food and water from Merchants that have set up stalls along the street. Each player should roll to see how much gold they have and they can buy random rp stuff for 20 gold each. Tythpis has 100 gold and will mostly buy food and water. Jeff has 140 gold and will usually buy weapons and bullets for the gang. Tythpis buys items for 10 gold because most of the town has a crush on her. After buying the supplies the gang needs you can have another optional rp where you and the gang spends some time in the bar. The Barkeep and patrons inside the bar won’t get into the fight unless they are personally attacked. Minor gang characters have no gold.

Encounter location:

Emorious the Barkeep

Stamina: 100

Anytimes: 5

Deathrolls: 5 (Will stand down after his first deathroll and let the gang do what they want)

Abilities: (General Goto Action) (General Goto Action) (Used to mock players)

Citizen (Any non-important npc that is in the town has these abilities)

Stamina: 25ish (If a Citizen gets hit hard, they should deathroll)

Anytimes: 1 (Should be used to dodge incoming large attacks)

Deathrolls: 10


Basic Attacks: 15 damage fists (General Goto Action)

Random spells (General goto action)

Encounter 4:

  After buying the supplies, the party quickly brings it back to the base then goes out to their old hideout to get more supplies. Jeff and Tythpis should go into the barn while the players wait outside for them, after a few minutes of the party socializing Jeff and Tythpis run out of the now on fire barn as they have angered a hive of Flame Spirits and a Flame Spooky.(Just draw on the burn to make it look like it’s on fire)

Encounter location:

Flame Spooky

Stamina: 500

Anytimes: 10 (Use to interrupt big attacks)

Actions: 2 per round

Deathroll: 0 (Dies once it is put to 0 stamina)


Basic Attack: 0 (Can’t basic attack) (General Goto Action, deals 30 damage instead.) (Use if you can predict the players are going to try to use a big limited on it, instead of an AOE around the Spooky, tether three targets in 10 range) (Used to stir up fear amongst the party) (Used to combo with Magma Stomp) (Used to deal massive damage to the party) (Spawns 2 minions per Fire spell used. If the party is very op then the Minions can move into the Spooky to heal it for 20)

Encounter 5:

  After gathering the supplies needed, the gang can launch their attack against the Sheriff and his police force to force the law to let the bandits do as they wish. All of the citizens will have abandoned the battlefield and went deeper into the town. The Sherif looks identical to the Sheriff card art, but doesn’t have an axe and has a red flannel shirt.

Encounter location:

Sheriff Joeseph Stonegut

Stamina: 350

Anytimes: 10 (Used to keep himself alive if the party focuses you down)

Deathroll: 3 (Will surrender after his 1st or 2nd deathroll)


Basic Attack: 20 Damage Revolver (General Goto Action) (Used to prevent large amounts of incoming damage) (Used to prevent ememies from getting close) (Used to counter big combos that use spells) (General Goto Action) (General Goto Action, targets will get up next round)

Porcish Police x3

Stamina: 80

Anytimes: 3 (Is shared among all the Porcish Police)

Deathroll: 10 (Will surrender after 2nd deathroll


Basic Attack: 10 Damage Melee Weapon (Used for base damage) (General Goto Action) (General Goto Action) (General Goto Action) (Used if on low health)

Dwarven Police x3

Stamina: 80

Anytimes: 3 (Is shared among all the Dwarven Police)

Deathroll: 10 (Fights as long as the Sheriff is fighting)


Basic Attack: 10 Damage Revolver (The Dwarven Police  have passive double damage) (General Goto Action) (Use if you can hit multiple foes) (Only one Dwarven Police can use this per round) (Only one Dwarven Police can use this per round)


  Hopefully you and your players had fun on my campaign! This is my first campaign that i’ve made so i’m open to criticism and suggestions!


  Thank you to Thypis for creating the main map!
   Thank you to Spacewalker for the cave map!

  Thank you to two friendly people from Sixelona’s discord! You guys rock! :)

  Thanks to Faron from the forums for the campaign name!

This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • If there is anything that I need to change about this campaign to make sure it stays up, make sure to let me know!
  • Glad the name got some good use! Nice job, looks pretty solid.
  • Hey i would recommend fixing the card links so they pop up when you hover over them because i know well at least for me i like to use the form for example to help keep track of what npc's can do as well as like personalities that they already have pre writ like a outline always having to go find the specific card can be a pain and you can get around this by using a notepad or anything else you can write on but that takes time the way i'm saying is probbaly more like cheating but hey your campagin does look good can't wait to get this set up 
  • Cool to see you use one of my maps :) . The link of the second encounter is broken with the Crunchodile. Besides what does the number by deathrolls mean? Is it the number of times he need to deathroll or the number he will die on?
    (besides, the way you spelled my name is wrong :( )
  • @Spacewalker I'll fix what is wrong that you pointed out. The deathroll number means what they die on.
  • @Mysteryo333 I would but to be honest it's just a pain in the butt to go through all of their abilities to do. 
  • @CasualCow Understandable My friend 

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