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Campaign Thread: Azveltara Z



  • Hey just read about the blood tears and I think I missed something, where was the blood tears and O.G.D.s mentioned? Just want to make sure I've got everything straight with that
  • @TombstoneSMB he explains it roughly in the behind the scenes just uploaded today. I was confused too
  • I'm glad that in the behind the scenes that he explained as much as possible what Blood Tears were because I was also confused. I also respect that Rob likes to test out new ideas a lot, I thought the tournament idea was interesting, but I think it fell flat because most of us didn't like it. Testing out these ideas on a live audience are helpful I think.
  • I loved the campaign a lot especially Spiff and Millbee's interactions. Where I didn't like the tournament as much as the rest of the show.  Wile I still enjoyed the act it was the only time i felt i wasn't expiring the moment first hand which kind of broke my immersion. but over all i loved the show Rob did a great job as always and i can't wait for the next campaign .  
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    First post I have written on the forum......................... this show was cool watched it on youtube 
  • Oh, hey, I got mentioned in the BTS.
  • I enjoyed this, more spiff if possible would be wonderful. I like funny, but I also like really sick stuff, Rawb, please combine the two for sick humor at one point. 
  • I think people didn't hate on Spiff because she fit right in and was great. For the tournament part, it's not that I hate prerecorded things (I actually would love more of it) I just thought it was so much effort for so little payoff, like 6000 word doc is just too much and the section was too long, I think it would've been perfect if it was half the time, like if the original tournament was double the speed with Rob and Roamin talking over it (or triple the speed depending on time) 
  • Was the sinner icon always on the card creator? I just noticed it after this campaign ? 
  • @LuckyStrike ;
    It's been there for a while, appeared some point before Az Z.
    Don't let the gem appearance and the gem name deceive you, for it is merely meta.
  • The word meta is a link to DB's account aylmao.
  • Here I am, weighing in on the tournament part after watching the Behind the Scenes. 

    I don't mind pre-recorded content, I watch all the campaigns on youtube anyway because I work on Saturdays, so it's all pre-recorded for me. So no issue there! However, I didn't find that it was as interesting as the rest of the campaign. I enjoy watching the combats, not for the combat itself, but to watch the the players' process with it. Thinking about what they want to do, explaining it in their own words, and their reactions to what happens because of dice rolls. That's how I understand combat, when a player goes "well I want to do a jump kick this Jimmy in the face!", they roll a nat one or something and then "ooooh! you flew into the wall behind them!" During the tournament, yeah we had MCs saying what was going on, but I didn't enjoy that NEARLY as much as listen to the players explain it themselves and get excited about this plan they concocted and then watch it either fall to shit because they rolled poorly or go amazingly because they rolled well. And TBH I didn't understand the combat as much because I felt like the casting was very... chaotic and got very repetitive the longer it went on.

    This was one of my favorite campaigns because of the story, but I didn't feel like I needed the tournament. Or, I should say, I didn't need MCs for the tournament to be nearly as present as they were. The sections where Roamin and Rob talked between the fights with the stadium backgrounds would have been enough, with just the guys commentary during their fights would have been more interesting and fun to me, personally.

    Though I do appreciate everyone who worked super hard on bringing it to us and trying something new.
  • one of the better, cooler, and fun campaigns. 
  • hey dark, is this the right one buddy, or? i mean Az is cool and all, great campaign but um, given a campaign has just ended?
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  • ban this gentleman @quicklove
  • Black magic? Is it a witch?
  • @Darnokthemage
    Nah. Witches use purple magic. Also known as Arcane
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