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Campaign Thread: Azveltara Z



  • I'm loving the animations URealms team! Great collaboration from everyone, and Rob with the orchestration!
  • This will be fantastic! 
  • yh hey in the trailer vid it show the characters around 0:37 i know the second one is millbee 's character and the 3rd is deadbone's edgelord who do you think is the first and 4th coe or spiff. i think  spiff is 1st and coe is 4th seeing as there's a blood theme to them but i could be wrong
  • @Pufflemore yeah... hope hurricane doesn't keep me from watching this live...
  • I am so so SOOO upset that I won't get to watch this campaign live. Spiff seems like she'll fit right in and Millbee has proved that he is the epitome of making a fun character and ignoring min-maxing. Can't wait to watch this on YouTube!
  • I'm going to miss the character introductions cause of work!  :( I'm still waiting and  hoping for someone to draw the goro attribute too, maybe next time
  • I am NOT missing out on this like I did with Senate of Deadlantis.

    Also, is it bad that I completely forgot Roamin existed during most of the character creation. I was like "OK, so they're having guest characters to fill in for Justin and... wait... who was the 4th member again? I could've sworn there was a 4th person who plays URealms Live more often than not!"
    This is probably because I re-watched through Murder Bros and Buckaroos recently, both of which replaced Roamin with Nissovin.
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    Hope you all enjoy the show, we've all worked our asses off behind the scene to get this show to you guys on time :)
    And to those being affected by the hurricane in Texas, stay safe. Your life and safety come before a fun and silly internet show. You can always watch it later.
    HAVE FUN GUYS!! See ya in chat!
  • @Irishxlily Yeah I'm in Houston though just North enough to not be effected by the hurricane to badly. I'm only worried me power stays connected through the whole stream. This is the first one I have been able to watch live for Season 3.
  • Super excited to see how the new players work together :).  I think having a rotating cast could bring a lot more life to the show!
  • Really excited for this campaign! Hope Milbee doesnt blow himself up! ( I want that special assassin accolade) 
  • well. this is going great. loving the genocide
  • Now THAT was my kind of fun..... 
    /s  :o 
  • good thing I still have 10k gold lying around for one of those sweet beanu avatars
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    I bet that Lyn is using Xavious sex to spy on the sunswords.
  • I bet ghostblade is going to come and kill bruce during the final fight where he was about to win or something. I think the intro says something about ghostblade, and ghostblade kills dwarven kings
  • Ok that was... Anticlimatic. You know I was somehow expecting more with all the buildup and hype and talk of why it took so long, with the extra work put into it. Not a bad show really, just didn't seem memorable as much more than a meme.

    I guess every season has to have a 'Gobbos of Pat' episode.
  • @Jareth009
    That's going to far
  • Ending was bad but everything leading up to it was good
    as much as I love roamins stuff it's just not interesting with two people
  • Loved this episode  :)
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    @Qazerquoi ;
    Its a personal opinion, the episode didn't gel for me. I even noted it wasn't a bad show, just not my personal favorite. Don't get me wrong, the characters were interesting, and I liked Spiff and Millibee, but something about it just really didn't stick. Not just the ending, but that didn't help.

    Everyone will have at least one episode a season that doesn't resonate, because the gang try all sorts of stuff. A 'Gobbos of Pat' episode. For me this was it. I really love Anime, and thought the idea of a Urealms episode parodying it would be awesome, but something just didn't work for me.

    Again, I love Urealms and the gang, and can see the work was there, but the show itself just didn't come together, for me. Though I'm sure a lot of other people really loved it, which is good.
  • @Jareth009 Really? It's actually up there as one of my favourites so far. There was a heck of a lot of lore scattered throughout (no spoilers, I guess), and the characters were hilarious this week. The ending was pretty different, but I kinda liked it. It was a lot of fun in the end :smile: 

    As for the #notricks... well, I suspect that that's gonna be part of something much, much larger. Perhaps one of those things that we look back and be like "ooooh... that's what that was about." I dunno, it's definitely make me excited for the next one already. :smileneena: 
  • Loved the whole campaign, from start to finish! 
    New ideas/ways have to be explored if you want to mix up or develop something new. Thanks for being brave, this goes for the whole team! Love unpredictable campaigns! <3
  • @WwWwW_734 ;

    To not be a negative person, I will say I really was impressed with the animations and puppets this week. It seems this season is really showing how much work the art team is putting in, and it does make for a much better show.

    Also, some of the characters were really great. I really liked Bae. 

    Millibee and Spiff seem wonderful editions to the cast, and I really hope to see them more often.
  • It was overall good but the ending got me very salty.  I thought there was going to be more live stuff after the tournament.  People were asking in chat but no one replied to our question that we asked multiple times.  I would have just gone to sleep if I someone would have told me that the ending would just be one joke that we aren't supposed to get.  It's really late for Europeans so next time could we just get a quick message and the show would be 10x better.  
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    I feel like the ending was the only aspect of this campaign that didn't gel for me. A lot of the appeal of Urealms comes from the players reactions to rolls, especially in combat, and Rawbs absurd explanation of them. It kinda just fell flat to me. Still liked the show, just a bit of a downer ending. 
  • Can't wait for the behind the scenes 
  • The ending wasn't my cup of tea but I could see and appreciate all the work that went into it. My main problem with it was really seeing 1s or 20s and not know what they did. There was one time I saw 2 1s being rolled and the casters were talking about something else. And that desync. There was one point where we could see Coe hai chan (spelling?) calm down a bunch of fires and the casters didn't mention it until way later.

    It got better once I decided to stop watching and instead use my imagination to picture what the casters were saying.
    Kudos to Rob and Roamin for talking for an hour without pause!  The art was also great!
  • I'm in the camp of people just salty about the ending.  The campaign was going so strong until then.  I loved spiff and millbee's character dynamics, and the end of the 2nd act actually made me feel disgusted.  Even to the Xavius vs. Blackwind fight I found the tournament fun and interesting.

    But then the tournament was over and it was just... done...

    No resolution, no payoff, no nothing.  Just a fight and cut to black.  How do you guys find that fulfilling?  The Roamin Rob commentary was pretty fun but I was just expecting more from a show's finale; especially compared to this seasons finales so far.
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