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I need a name for a Cowboy campaign.(Don't need names anymore)

edited August 2017 in Campaigns
I'm not going to spoil much but the players will be in a gang. Just need a name.


  • The Bebops
  • I made a little campaign called Blackroot Showdown, if that brings any inspiration to mind. But I haven't got the cowboy flavor in me right now, gotta get back to that RDR or Gun if I want to get any more ideas again.

    If all else fails, then it just so happens Millbee is playing West of Loathing right now and maybe we can hit up his chat for ideas.
  • Okay I got a name, thanks to everyone that suggested a name for the campaign.
  • Flintlock Tumblers.

    The Longhog Bow-tie Gang. (for porcs that wear bow-ties)

    The Rancid Ranchers.

    Ten Gallon Haters.

    The Barrens Barons (or AKA: Barons of The Barrens)

    Fort Tennery Penitentiary's Harmonica Blowers. (All gangs gotta start somewhere)

    Winded Baggers.

    Fortune's Fornicators.
  • The Cowboys
  • The Good, the Bard, and the Ugly
  • @Faron I'm going to use that as the campaign's name. I'll make sure to credit you.
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