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Elven Translation of the Azveltara Z video

kohai chan
The blackwind
Queen of blood

Any Idea what they mean?


  • Probably the names of the characters
  • queen of blood ---> possible fleshweaver pooldrifter? or blood snake relation?

  • I can't help but feel a connection between the name "The Blackwind" and "The Blacksky" from The Defenders Netflix series. Though that just came out so probably just coincidence.
  • Moonwolf = moonwolf
    Also in the first few scenes we see someone killing a wolf.
    No idea what dis means tho

  • @Fera Yeah, I was thinking of the Blood Snake Queen
  • maybe it's a relation to what their spirit animal is. Like moonwolf=moonwolf, Queen of blood=
    bloodsnake queen, Blackwind=raven?, and I have no idea for kohai.
  • They seem to be names of various characters. At one point in the animation there's a female who's covered in blood, who could be Queen of Blood. At other points there's a character who has a very anime protagonist look, some mask or scar on his face and some animalist features, that could be Moonwolf. I can't think of how to guess the others at this point.

    There are also four of them, so they could be PCs. They all have very anime names with a consistent level of seriousness except for kohai chan, and a thematically disjointedness that wouldn't be done with premeditation but could easily result from Urealms' randomised character creation. Which would that character creation was recorded significantly before now, not unreasonable with the month long campaign prep this season, and that as a result of this animations show the characters rather then the players.
  • That's cool they got the art up in time to make characters in the show. 
  • edited August 2017
    Kohai-Chan: A Kohai is the opposite of a Sempai. The Kohai is similar to a Sempai in age and Social standing but the Sempai is the older or more mature partner. The Kohai will generally do anything to get their Sempai's attention.

    Chan is a Japanese honorific given to typically young children, young women, lovers, close friends or what children will refer to their kin as.
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