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The Jyfal Jungles

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The Jyfal Jungles

Hey everyone! This is my first time making and posting a campaign so.. I hope you enjoy and any criticisms are welcomed.
Campaign Info:
Encounters (including RP and puzzles): 7 (not including RP and Puzzles: 5)
Difficulty: Easy | Medium | Hard
Maps! One | Two Three
TTS Mod: Coming soon!

Campaign Overview: This is a fairly long and linear campaign where the characters were ordered by the Grand Paladin Order to investigate strange occurrences in the Jyfal Jungles. They players will discover that fleshweavers have been charming citizens to use in their gross rituals, and that they are looking for a powerful artifact related to the divine child Anthahall.

Character Creation: 
Available races are: 
elf dwarf dwelf dvergr gnome keen
and only 1 porc OR blackboar

All classes are available except:
bonedancer cabalist deathknight fleshweaver puppeteer

Discourage buying spells of dark magic.

Each shop must have a mindheisttraining or bagofjuicybeetles.

This campaign is set in the Jyfal Jungle, far from civilization and surrounded by towering mountains, and bordered by the sea to the west. The jungle is very dense and a small river runs through it, coming from the mountains and heading to the sea. As a party, you were ordered by the grand paladin order, or hired by a member of the grand paladin order, to investigate rumors that people are.. not being abducted, but leaving their homes willingly, even though they all seem happy with their lives. You are all walking along the river on a rough path and to the up ahead you can see a log over the river and up ahead a clearing.
(Please feel free to edit this as you wish, I'm not great at writing)

Encounter 1
This first encounter is totally optional. There is a chest on the left past a log over the river. Upon crossing the river if the characters decide to investigate, the chest will awaken and become a Mimic!

Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 3
Deathrolls: 5 (will close forever and become immune to damage if it survives all 5)
Bite: Just a bite that will inflict 20 damage
Close: The mimic closes it's lid and takes 1/2 damage for the rest of the round, but stunning it for the round.
Swallow: The mimic will attempt to swallow a player and force a Deathroll on a High Roll, if the player fails to resist, they will be trapped inside the mimic until the rest of the party defeats it.

If the player who initially investigates the chest rolls a Critical Success, they will open the chest to find a heart or a magical stone and if removed, it will kill the mimic and defeat the encounter. If they roll low, however, the Mimic will try to swallow the player immediately.

Encounter 2
This is a roleplay 'encounter' where the players will talk with Givo and her friends to either buy some items and/or recruit them to help the party in the campaign.

Givo Girenni
Givo is a happy and buoyant Gnome Lumberjack who tried to join the Grand Paladin Order a few years back (the GPO member(s) will probably know Givo) but was rejected because she committed some bad sins when she was younger. She started her own little paladin vigilante order named The Last Stars. She has also heard the rumors of strange things in these jungles and gathered her order to investigate it, they ran into trouble up ahead however and will offer information about the upcoming encounter at the GM's leisure if prompted.
Some more guidelines to conversations: 
What kind of magic do you know? (She will suggest of not using dark magics)
How capable are you?
If you’re going after Ryvaria Celisto, you want to buy some things? (Shop portion described below)
Lore about Anthahall:
Divine Child Anthahall, whose own body had been torn apart in the Birth of Magic, and so their spirit began to inhabit the dreams of others, leading them to command the Fleshweavers to construct new bodies for them. Anthahall has been planning and brooding for years, finally it managed to convince a powerful mage named Ryvaria Celisto, who herself has powerful charming and blood magical abilities. Anthahall told her to travel to these jungles to uncover a physical piece of it’s body. If allowed to occupy a new body, Anthahall will wreak havoc on the world. This can not happen.
Lore about Ryvaria Celisto:
Rumor has it that Ryvaria accidentally killed her own parents with her innate magical abilities and was then raised by an intelligent ogre. I know she joined the Okognoma Guild College and was kicked out of there for also accidentally killing one of the professors. She decided she was too powerful and left to hide in the forest and live in seclusion after burning a house down. Her mind was unfortunately corrupted by Anthahall and she was tasked with recovering some ancient relic of his...

You might need some help.. mind if I join you? (Offer to join the party, maybe dont say this if your party is sufficiently skilled)

Shop items: 

(You can allow players to roll for gold they may have on them once the campaign starts)

Up to 4 random treasures for 100 gold each

Some long ass rope (bartered or 20 gold)

Some sort of topical rub that repels bugs (bartered or 50 gold)

bagofjuicybeetles (actual item, bartered or 100 gold)

Her party consists of:

1 Female Gnome Wizard with fireball, arcanemissilesarcanebeam and pyroblast (50 stamina)

2 Male Dwarf Warriors with tosser, whirlwindsecondwind and charge (125 stam, basic attacks for 10)

1 Female Dwarf Suncleric with sunbolt, sunstrike, auroraborealis and holylight (75 stam)

Encounter 3

As the party approaches the clearing, they can see a big Shroomtrent and a few lacerators, with some earthy elementals around a glowing green gem in the ground and you can hear a faint humming seemingly emanating from the gem.

Unless they roll low, the players have initiative.
Shroomtrent (Not rooted, can move)
Stamina: 200
Very Large Tile (4x4)
Anytimes: 4
Deathrolls: None, the Shroomtrent dies if all his smaller versions are destroyed
custom card (General goto action, aiming for the biggest cluster or the biggest threat)
custom card (Passive)
custom card (Passive, if the party is doing well you might consider transforming into 2 3x3s instead of 2 2x2s. Thus making 4 2x2s and 8 or more 1x1s.. It is up to the GM)
custom card (If the Momma Lacerator is hurt, the trent will use this on it, or on itself if it is sufficiently hurt.)

Momma Lacerator (Rooted, cant move)
Stamina: 150
Massive Tile
Anytimes: 5
Deathroles: 4 (If she survives all 4, she will tunnel under the ground forever)
custom card (General goto action)
custom card (Movement or an interrupt/dodge)
custom card (Interrupt to stop spell casters/rangers)

Baby Lacerators x2 (Rooted, cant move)
Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 2
Deathrolls: 2 (after surviving 2, they will wilt and die)
The Baby Lacerators have access to the same abilities as their mother, except they deal 5 less damage.

Earth Elementals x4
Stamina: 10
Anytimes: 0
Deathrolls: 0
Basically just minions that will deal 5 damage and attack the nearest player. The green gem will summon 2 per round until the party kills the other plants or destroys the gem.

If you have legendaries prepared, allow players to roll for them now. If not, give them some random treasures or spells.

Encounter 4
After defeating the gathering of plants, the road approaches the mountainous regions and up ahead there is a small cave entrance with 2 dwarves guarding the outside. They seem to be daydreaming upon closer inspection. The party can attempt to sneak past this encounter, which will require some high rolls. Upon being spotted, the bottom guard will run into the cave and alert the rest of the people.

Dwarf Berserker
Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 2
Deathrolls: 3 (He does not have Death Wish cus is annoying, he will try to run up north and escape the map if he survives all 3. If put in danger any more he will insta-die)
bearserk (Start off combat with this)
cleave (Attempt to use this when surrounded or an opportunity arises)
doublefrost (General goto action)
seismicslam (Use when things look bad or a target is a big threat or has pissed you off)

Dwelf Deathknight
Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 3
Deathrolls: 5
Basic attacks hit for 20 (Goto action)
darkmending (Heal the berserker or on the party when you dont basic attack)
commandthedead (Goto Action when a there are more ageless on the board)
resurrection (Non limited, only fails on Average Rolls or lower, and only use this on the goblins)

Goblin Darkmages x5
Stamina: 25
Anytimes: 0
Deathrolls: 0
Stronger minions, attack the nearest or scariest player. Basic attacks for 5 or a random dark spell when at range.

Skelephelk x2
Large Tile and Massive Tile 
(or another large one)
Stamina: 60 (Immune to all magical Damage)
Anytimes: 2
Deathrolls: 2
Basic Attack
 (Smash people with tusks) for 25 damage
charge (Gap Closer or interrupt)
shadowgore (Except limited, dealing 75 damage and forcing a deathroll on High Rolls)

If you have legendaries prepared, allow players to roll for them now. If not, give them some random treasures or spells.

End of Map 1! Moving on to Map 2 now

Encounter 5
The party will approach another clearing but this time they can clearly see a big deep and dark pit with a platform in the center. There are 2 rock bridges connecting either side of the pit with the platform and on the center of the platform the party can see 2 kobold children and 1 gnome child (replace these with adults if you feel sensitive about children) in a blood ritual circle with 3 elves casting around it.

If the party has acquired Givo, she will recognize what the elves are casting and yell to charge, and she will take initiative. Either way if the party does not act fast, the ritual will be complete and a giant fleshy tentacle will rise up from the pit, stay for a round as if transfixed and then sweep both the elves and children into the pit (feel free not to do this if you or your party is sensitive about this). If the tentacle event happens, Ryvaria will run off and as soon as she is out of line of sight she will disappear from the battlefield. If the tentacle event does not happen, Ryvaria will stay in the back casting random dark spells until the party appears to be a threat, at which point she runs off, using both her move and sprint actions

Denbur Richten
Denbur is a lumberjack by trade and by class. He is usually pretty happy and acts with good intent. He came out of the pit into New Pork City but left soon after because he enjoyed nature much more. He wandered around the forests and came upon a smaller town which he decided to settle down in and proceeded to chop wood religiously for the equivalent of 20 or so years until a fire burned down his house. He decided that he should move on and on the road he was charmed by Ryvaria to serve under her.

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathrolls: 3 (after surviving all 3 he will attempt to run to the temple or if his path is blocked he will jump into the pit)
yodel (Goto ranged attack/interrupt) 
heavychop (goto melee attack) (basic attack does 25 damage)
earthquake (Will use once things start to look bad, high rolls and he will target the stone bridges connecting the platform to either side of the pit)
hurricanebracer (Will use once things start to look bad or just to deal damage)

Elven Petalwalker
Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 5
Deathrolls: 2
flowingstance (She will use this if getting focused, usually as an anytime)
cherryblossom (Goto action)
mistyforestcall (Will use if things start to look bad) 

Elven Cultists
Stamina: 50
Anytimes: 1
Deathrolls: 1
Like the Goblins from Encounter 4, except basic attacks do 15.

If you have legendaries prepared, allow players to roll for them now. If not, give them some random treasures or spells. I suggest giving the player who rolls the highest their legendary if 1 or no players have legendaries.

Encounter 6 (puzzle)
After the pit encounter, the party will finally approach the temple. Once they go up the steps, they can see a large dark insignia imprinted over the door of the temple, with what looks like a crescent moon. Around the door is 5 sigils with each of the dragon aspect's symbol on them. In the middle of these sigils is a blood rune similar to the one over the pit.

There are a few solutions to this puzzle:
The party can cast a spell of the same type at a sigil and do this for all sigils.
The party can cast a lot of dark or blood magic at the door or at the blood sigil.
The party can search the chests blow the temple for items and get random treasures or a magical stone that can be placed on any of the sigils.
If the players come up with a fun or cool solution, let em have it.

If you have legendaries prepared, allow players to roll for them now. If not, give them some random treasures or spells. I suggest giving the player who rolls the highest their legendary if 1 or no players have legendaries.

Encounter 7 (Boss fight) (Map 3)
(Cue battle music!)

Once the players enter the temple they will walk down a long torch lit hallway and enter into a big dark cave. In the center of the cave is a big pedestal with Ryvaria Celisto casting over what looks like a scale or piece of flesh. It glows with a rainbowy mist and keeps changing shape. This is the shard of Anthahalls physical body. There is a clearly defined purple energy around Ryvaria and the shard. Ryvaria will not say anything and any spells or projectiles thrown at her will bounce off her purplely shield. Once the party approaches the pedestal or the blood pit, the cave will rumble and out of the blood pit will come a giant flesh monstrosity.

Flesh Monstrosity
Using some of it's power, Anthahall collects flesh and blood and bones from all the rituals and sacrifices he forces his followers to do. It all collects and morphs together to form a huge flesh monstrosity that rises from the pit.
Stamina: 600 (or more if you decide to make this harder)
Absolutely Gigantic Tile
Anytimes: 3 (restoring 1 every 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the GM)
Regular Actions: 2
Deathrolls: None
custom card (Goto action when the party is grouped or it knows the player knows Dark magic or cant move towards the party this round)
custom card (Uses this to interrupt spells, or if the party has casted a lot of spells last round)
custom card (Use this to charm a powerful party member or if they know Dark magic)

When the flesh monstrosity reaches ~60% Stamina, he will yell out in pain, the cave will rumble and out of the blood pit will rise the same fleshy tentacle from the pit encounter.

The Tentacle
Very Massive Tile (4x4)
Stamina: 300
Anytimes: 2
Deathrolls: 2
custom card (Movement, otherwise it cant move)
custom card (The tentacle will try to heal the Flesh Monstrosity when it gets damaged)
custom card (Goto action when in range and the tentacle thinks the target looks scary)
Grab: The tentacle will attempt to grab a Target in range and squeeze them, dealing 40 Damage. (Goto action)

When the Flesh Monstrosity reaches 30% health or the Flesh Tentacle dies, Ryvaria will explode into a big spider, destroying the purple shield in the process. 

Celestial Spider
Stamina: 175
Anytimes: 2
Deathrolls: 2
eggtomb (Goto action when players approach her)
deathweb (But with 15 range, goto action when players are grouped or can not move)
custom card (Goto action when in ranged. Typically she will not move from her pedestal)

If the players have not destroyed the shard of Anthahall, allow them to approach it and attempt to destroy it. This will only be possible if the players roll a Critical Success or use Greater Pyroblast on it (or another legendary spell/item if you see fit). If the players manage to destroy the shard, the temple will probably collapse and the person who destroys it gets their legendary, if one is prepared. Otherwise they get custom card (Or something else if you wish). Otherwise Givo will offer to take it and guard it. If a player insists on carrying the shard, they will get custom card. The campaign will end as the players leave the temple

Thank you for reading my campaign! Again criticisms are welcome.

This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
Credits to Meganzoor, Aptmage, Jorre and Ninko for all the custom assets in these maps! Also thanks to Spacewalker for providing links to assets!


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