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The Dragon Warrior

The Dragon Warrior

Hey Guys! Dolfin here back with 2nd campaign titled The Dragon Warrior. Last year one of my players made a character and had a Son named Gus, so i decided to go back to his story and flesh it out more to make it more impactful.

Campaign Information

Encounters: 5

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Maps: Woodcarvers and Unexpected discovery

Character Creation Set-Up

Races: Porc, Elf, and Dwelf.

Classes: Probably the Classic set of Warrior, Bard, Wizard, Sorcerer, Berserker and Thane, but can be random, redrawing Deathknight and Bonedancer.

At Character creation tell them that they are on an expedition of the Forests of Karak over the course of a few days and they find some sort of structure in the forests.

Map: Woodcarvers

Area: Field at the End

Encounter 1: RP/Combat  of Agustafan and Barty meeting with the Raskum. Players Play as Porcs with Heavy Chop, the Pristine Woodcutter's Axe, and a random companion ability. If there are any porcs in the party, the porcs they play now will become their characters later on, as this is 10 to 15 years before the rest of the campaign. For this first encounter while the GM plays as Barty and Gus. Gus is an Elf with Way of the Tiger EX, Sooth Spirits EX, and Serpent Sting EX, and Basic attacks for 10. Barty is a Lumberjack with the Woodcutters Axe, Heavy Chop, Yodel, Eruption, and Earthquake.

The Party for this combat, have 70 stamina. Barty has 200 stamina, with 3 anytimes. Agustafan only has 30.

5 Raskums

Stamina: 80

Anytimes: pool of 5

Abilities: Basic attacks for 10 (when targets are adjacent)

bite (General action)

honorfang (General Interrupt)

divinity (Only triggers 3 times per Raskum)

NOTE: The raskum only die on a one. However, if they death roll 3 times and dont roll a 1, the divinity passive does trigger. But if they go  down a 4th time and dont roll a one (or a 20), they run off into the forest.

This is the Story of Agustafan Vanisto. The GM may play this out as he chooses.

Agustafan Vanisto was the adopted son of Barty Bombo, who was a porc from the outskirts of Danuver.  Barty found Agustafan in the forests of Danuver while he was gathering wood with his team for the Porc Town.Barty was also the Executive Lumberjack of his group of 4 lumberjacks. Agustafan, or Gus for short, was being attacked by a wild band of Raskums close to where Barty was chopping down trees. Barty came to the boys aid and successfully fended off the pack of Raskums, after which Gus fell unconscious. He picked up the unconscious Gus and took him to his home in the porc town of Vernain. When Gus awoke Barty explained to him what happened. A few months past as Gus and Barty grew closer together. Eventually, Gus told him that he had to return to Danuver where his home was and he wanted Barty to go with him, but Barty being a porc couldn’t enter the town. Back in Danuver, it's been so long since they have seen Gus that they began to think he died somehow. Gus’s real parents have left the city because they didnt want to live where they lost their only son. When Gus and Barty arrive at Danuver, the Elves immediately contain Barty and try to murder him for taking this elf child. Gus quickly explains that Barty was the one who saved him all those months ago when he first went missing. Realizing what he has done, they grant Barty a house in the corner of Danuver, where he and Gus lived for the rest of their days.

This is Extra information for the Game Master that should NOT be revealed to the party. These are events that happened in the campaign i ran last year. Yeah, they guy rolled a 20 on sooth spirits and screwed my Dragon encounter lol.

That is until a nearby cave is discovered to be a Dragon den. Barty, Gus and 3 other adventurers with their kids go to explore the Den, known as Den of the Dead. Gus is able with the powers of sooth spirits to make a Whelpling enjoy the groups presence, and joining the adventurers, making the exploration of the den much eaiser. The party collects the dragon eggs and quickly leave the caves with their new bounty.

After saving Gus from the Raskum, switch from the Woodcarvers map, to Unexpected Discovery.

Map: Unexpected Discovery

Area: Starting Tents

This is where the Party Introduces their characters to each other and whatnot.

The Party is on an expedition of explore the Forests of Karak over the course of a few days. It's the beginning of their 2nd day and they wake up at their campsite. They move on through a clearing in the forest and they see a pack of 6 Gnolls who show no sign of diplomacy. The Diplomat passive can not occur during this combat. Barty Bombo is an NPC to help the Party for this campaign.

Barty Bombo is a Chief Lumberjack over his group of porcs in his town of Vernain. He is very respectable and unlike most other porcs. He is one of the smarter of his kind, unlike the porcs of the Danuver Caves. He will fight for as long as he needs to, but would not risk his life in most situations. He cares more about his workers then himself.

Barty Bombo

Stamina: 200

Anytimes: 3


Basic Attacks for 10 (Pristine Woodcutters Axe)


heavychop (General Action)

eruption (used after Earthquake)

yodel (General Interrupt)

littlehattrick (effects doubled bec that was 1 random porc ability i drew for him)

hocuspocus(for companion: Use at start of combat)

releasethebeasts (after companion)

Encounter 2: Gnolls

6x Gnolls

Stamina: 100

Anytimes: Pool of 10

Defeat Deathroll: 10 or Under (if they survive death rolls, they would run into the woods)


Basic Attack for 15 (Staff of Limited Possibilities: wand but a staff and only casts random ice spells) Don't have more then 3 use this a turn

bubble (general Interrupt)

aquablast General Action

flowingwater Activates on 12 or higher instead of high roll (unless it gets too hard)

Events: At the end of the 2nd round and every round after rolll. If the roll is 15 or higher choose an event to happen from the 3 below. (I got this idea from a tabletop mod, i believe it was the Graspers of the Depth one so if you read this thanks for the idea!)

Gno-ll Problem: 4 more gnolls appear from the forest to aid their allies. These gnolls have access to all above abilities in addition to the stone spiked shield (they still have 100 stamina and a pool of 5 anytimes)

Lucky break: This occurs the first time the party rolls a 1. This may be used at any point in the campaign. If they roll a 1, transform that 1 into a 20, but don't tell them that just tell them the result as if it was a 20. This may be used on a deathroll.

Snowstorm!: One of the Gnolls summons a massive ice storm that encompasses the entire battlefield. All targets that are not skilled Ice mages have their stamina drained to 10 and are frozen. Skilled Ice mages have their current stamina cut in half, but are not frozen.

After combat the party is granted a legendary roll or if you don't have legendarys a random treasure from a selection of 6 (6 treasures for the whole party)

The party ventures into the Beenu Hall known as Karak. They enter into the Great Hall and find many skeletons and chests in the room. There is nothing in the chests and they are not mimics. This, obviously may be Roleplayed and even have the skeletons come to life like that did in S2C6 of Urealms!

After their endeavor with the room above they go deeper into the Halls.

Encounter 3: Arrow Hall

This is basically the same as  Unexpected Discovery Redux encounter. I couldn't really think of anything else to do in a small narrow hallway.

The party moves on through a dark hall, and the come up on a hole in the floor. Unlike Unexpected Redux, this is not a gravity well. The players have to find a way to cross safely without falling and dieing in the pit.

Once they make it past the pit, the enter a room with red blue and green platforms on the ground. On the red blue and green platforms are amplifying crystals, and there are crystals in the corners as well. There are also 3 gemlords in the room, 1 inbetween the blue and red, and 2 on opposite sides of the green platform. There is also a wall blocking the exit which is destroyed when the last gemlord dies.

Encounter 4: Gemlords

Gemlords x3

Stamina: 150

Deathroll: N/A Just die

Action 1

Anytime: pool of 9

Abilities: Basic for 15 (their strong arms at 2 range) (use when targets are in melee range)

arcanebeamex (General Action)


arcanemissilesex (general anytime)

amplifyingcrystal (use when the pre existing ones are destroyed)


At the End of the 2nd Round (and every round after) roll a die, if 15 or higher, choose an event to happen

Gemlings: A massive horde of Gemlings are coming up from the ground. Every round until the end of combat, summon 5 Gemlings that deal 5 damage. Gemlords may consume  gemlings to restore 20 stamina.

Falling Rocks: At the End of each round every player rolls. Those who roll low get hit by a falling rock dealing 20 damage to them. They do not get a dodge roll, as the initial roll was that. The Gemlords also roll for this.

Happy Hour!: A gnomish wizard appears out of nowhere granting the party 4 bonus actions. Their bonus actions can not fail with every roll (except 20)  counting as a high roll, and 1s counting as average. The effects of these actions are doubled. (note: this is 4 as a party not 4 per player)

After dealing with the Gemlords, the players are granted a legendary roll/ treasures from a selection of 6

The party moves on through the halls and come to a chasm. There is no trick here, but summon a Warmachine to throw them off guard. The Warmachine takes no damage, and deals no damage and is just there to look at the party. They can literally cross the bridge at anytime no problem. Play it off like a theme park ending because that's what beenu halls were, theme parks. Hes like the “thanks for coming!’ guy.

After passing the Warmachine, the party comes across a hole in the wall that leads to another cave. Upon entering they feel an intense heat, not enough to cause burning, and see that the cave is made out of some sort of magma rocks and has puddles of lava scattered about. As the party progresses on, they hear some roaring. As they reach the end of the cave, they see a Whelpling. The Whelpling Roars at them freezing them in their tracks. They turn to run, but as they do a 2nd whelpling swoops down blocking their path.

Encounter 5: 2x Whelpling

Stamina: 1000

Actions: 2

Anytimes: pool of 15


fiercetalons ( General Action)

tailswipe (when targets go behind them)

feast (when dragon gets low, err whelpling)

dragonfire (When either a target gets up close and personal or multiple line up)


mammoth (already in effect 4x4 tile)

After 2 rounds of combat, a 3rd Whelpling enters the mix. Only this time, there seems to be someone controlling this one. The Dragon Warrior, Agustafan Vanisto, Appears controling his Whelpling to aid his father and friends In battle. When Agustafan appears, the whelpling he controls slashes the throat of one of the whelplings instantly killing it. It's now a Whelpling VS Whelpling and Party Combat. The surviving whelpling is healed to full.


Stamina 1000

Anytimes 5

Abilties: Same as above

Agustafan: Stamina: 500

Anytimes 4


Basic attacks for 15 (Dragon Scale Sword)

All Dragon Warrior Cards

Agustafan’s Whelpling

Stamina: 750

Anytimes 5

Abilities: Same as the Whelpling Companion.


After the 3rd Round of Combat, and every round after, Roll. If it is 10 or higher trigger one of the below events. These events are taken from the original Unexpected Discovery and Den of Devils campaigns.

Dragonrage: The Whelpling gains the Dragonrage abilitiy, which allows the Whelpling to mind control targets. The Whelpling may only use this ability once per round. The Mindcontrol lasts for 1 round. This effects even Large Tiles.

Enrage: When the Whelpling reaches half health, it enrages. This causes all of it's basic attacks, such as tail swipe and fierce talons to cause deathrolls in addition to damage. These deathrolls, unlike normal ones, scale by one each time a target it hit by this. I.E. Player 1 gets hit, Deathrolls and only dies on a one, gets hit again, deathrolls and only dies on a 2, Player 2 gets hit, and deathrolls and only dies on a 1 etc.

Bellowing Roar: The Whelpling Gains the bellowing Roar ability which activates after it takes 100 damage. This causes the Whelpling to Roar, making it so the party can't use actions to harm the Whelpling for the rest of the round. Anytimes may only be used to dodge after it Roars.

After the Party either Defeats the Whelpling, or Runs from it to safety, they talk with Agustafan who Barty hasnt seen for years, since they went into the Den of the Dead, and the rest of the party who hasnt seen since they saved him from the Raskums.


This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
Rob and the Urealms Crew for the maps
Rob for some of the encounter ideas


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