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The Sickness in the Swamp

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The Sickness in the Swamp

Hello my fellow Old Gods and welcome to my first campaign here one the forums! I made and then played this campaign with some of my friends the other day and I though I should put this up here so you guys can mess around with it as you wish. Hopefully some of you have some fun with it, so lets jump right in.

Campaign Information

Encounters: 5
Difficulty: Easy | Average | Hard
Maps: Map 1 | Map 2
TTS Mod: Here - The Mod will have the tokens placed in the right area and will have my custom RT, WT, DT, Marked Terrain and misc Tokens. Feel free to take these and use them as you wish (they are also color tintable!)
Estimated Play Time: 4 - 5 Hours (With CC)

Campaign Overview

This is a very straightforward campaign that sends the party out to a swamp and to find out why some spiders are attacking their town. This is mostly a combat campaign with at least one role play encounter.

Note for the Game Master
You are free to add a NPC companion to ether help the party in encounters or to even help start role play events. This is up to you.

Character Creation Setup


The only race options are as listed:


Every player should have the option of Elf and Kobold while the last two slots should randomly be Dwarf/Dvergr and Gnome/Keen.


The Class options picked for the campaign are:


The last remaining three options can be random.


All random is fine.


"The near by town of Welcorn has recently be under attack by spiders that are commonly found in the Well Swamp. The party has been picked by the town council to deal with the spiders and to find out what is making the spiders attack. One of the thing you were told was to seek out the hermit known as Kabi. He is the only known person to live in the swamp and he may be of some help."

Encounter 1

In the first encounter here the party (the Elf, Gnome, Kobold and Dvergr in the image for reference) have come up to the first island in the swamp. Over the bridge they will be able to see two spiders (the non-ageless and non-talking kind). These spiders should look nervous and are pacing around as if they are looking around to see if something is going to attack them.

GM Note: If someone inspects the water, you should tell them that it looks much thicker and greener then it normally is. If they put their hands or a part of their body in the water, it will feel very warm. Its not warm enough to burn but closer to a temperature that would make you feel very relaxed and could even sleep in comfortably.

The spiders will attack as soon as anyone in the party sets foot on their island. Also at the start of the spiders first turn two more (the orange and red ones) will enter the battle coming out of the trees. If combat goes to quick you can spawn more spiders from the trees as you wish.


Stamina: 50
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 5 - The spiders will not surrender or run away. They will fight until they die.
Passive - Immune to Rough Terrain 
Basic Attack - A 10 damage bite that leaves the target Poisoned on High Rolls.
eggtomb - Go to action once the target is Poisoned
Web Field - Make a 3x3 area of Rough Terrain within range - Range: 5

Encounter 2

The next encounter is going to take place on the next island.  This time the party will see two more spiders but they will also see some very angry and abnormal looking Water Spirit. The color of the spirit are like that of the swamps water and it also looks like they are made of the same slimy stuff in the water.


These Spiders are the same as the ones in the first Encounter

Water Spirits

Stamina: 0
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: These do not death roll
Passive - It will always take two hits to be killed, no matter how strong the attack. Also your body will reform as long as there is at least one Water Spirit or Water Spooky alive during the end of the round.
Waterbolt - Shoot a bolt of highly compressed water at a target dealing 20 damage - Range: 10 - Spell - Go to Action
Waterfall - Summon a wall of water over a target and let it drop on them. The target is Stunned for the rest of the Round - Range: 10 - Spell - Only use as an Anytime Action

Do to the Water Spirit Passive, all of them must be killed with in the same round to end the encounter.

Encounter 3

On the third island, the party will find no Spiders but more Water Spirits as well as some Water Spookys. Like the Water Spirit the Water Spooky are the same green color as the water and seem to be made of the same material.

Water Spirits

They are the same as the last fight.

Water Spooky

Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 4
Deathroll: 5 - Water Spooky will fight until they die

Side Note: Water Spooky, if not given away by their name, are just a re-textured Flame Spooky. So I will be linking their cards down below. Just remember they are water based and not fire based.

Playing them is rather easy, just Flame Tether into Arcing Fires.

If this combat goes a little to quick, you can start spawning some of the spiders from the trees or spawn more Water Spirits.

Encounter 4

Finally on to the role play encounter! When the party gets to the last island they will find a very old and brittle looking cabin. On the inside they will find the old hermit Kabi.

Kabi is an old Elf who has been living in the swamp for years. He rarely leaves the swamp do to him being an over all cowered. The people that do know him know very little about him. Over the years he has started losing his mind from being in the swamp alone with little to no "human" contact. This has lead his actions to be very unpredictable.

The goal with Kabi is to make the players a little frustrated do to the fact he really doesn't know what is going on. You should also try and name drop the bosses name which is Pible. Pible is also his pet slime. If you can, try and lead the conversation to a point were Kabi will take the party down to the bottom half of the island.

Old Hermit Kabi

Race: Elf
Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 4
Deathroll: 10 - Kabi will die on a ten or lower

combustionwave - Without the tail requirment. If he ever uses this, it will be during Pibles second Phase

If the party starts fighting him, he will not fight and beige for his life. If that does not work he will run away to find Pible.

Encounter 5 - Final

And at last its the final Encounter, Slime Beast Pible. He is one heck of a beast being a 3x3 tile and he can only get bigger from there! It should be noted that Pible is the same color as the swamps water, just more translucent.

Pible will start attacking the party as soon as Kabi summons him out of the water.

Slime Beast Pible

Stamina: 500
Tile Size: 3x3 - He does not count as a large tile in this form.
Anytimes: 10
Deathroll: 1 - Pible will fight until he has been Deathrolled 10 times, at which point he will run and hide back in the water. This however, is very unlikely.

Passive - You are immune to Rough Terrain. When your Stamina hits 0 become a 5x5 tile and start Phase 2.
Slime Smash - A Basic Attack were Pible smashes a target with his arm - 15 Damage - Range: 5 - 2x2 area
Consume - Walk over a a target bringing them into your body making them Deathroll. If the target is killed, restore all of your health. If the Deathroll fails, the target will be stuck inside your body until the start of the next Round. At the start of the next Round the Target most roll a Average roll or higher to get unstuck and if they fail, they are Stunned for the rest of the round and most Deathroll at the end of the round. You may only have one target trapped inside your body at a time.

The main idea when playing a Pible is to use Consume as your Regular Action and then use his Slime Smashes as Anytimes.

Phase 2: Enraged Slime Beast Pible

This Phase can also be activated if Pible sees the party kill Kabi.

At this time you should switch to Map 2 - The Slime/Water that has moved on to the land and should be treated as Rough Terrain that can not be cleared.

Kabi (if he is alive) will start to think Pible is playing now and will randomly start shooting off fireballs that may or may not favor targeting the party. If you wish you can have him use Combustion Wave to turn the Slime/Water on the land into Dangerous Terrain. If you do this, Kabi and Pible are immune to the effects of Dangerous Terrain.

Pibles second form is mostly the same as his first form other then some minor things.

Enraged Slime Beast Pible

Stamina:  500
Tile Size: 5x5 - He now counts as a Large Tile.
Anytimes: 10
Deathroll: 10 - Pible will no longer run, he will fight until death.

Passive - You are immune to Rough Terrain. For every person standing in slime, you roll another die. (For example, in the picture, the Kobold, Dvergr and Gnome are standing in the slime, so Pible will roll four dice)
Slime Smash - Now deals 30 Damage, hits in a 3x3 Area and has a Range of 10
Consume - This ability is the same as before but he can now have two targets in his body at one time.
Summon Water Spooky - Spawn one Water Spooky out of the slime, You can only have one Water Spooky on the field at a time - Spell - Range: Anywhere on the Water/Slime

For most part just play him the same a Phase 1 and remember his Dice Passive (I forgot it when I played with my friends and I'm the one who made his abilities!).


You as the Game Master are free to do what you want here depending on what happened during the campaign. The party may take Kabi back to town because his pet was the one scaring the spiders away from the swamp or maybe Kabi was killed and they just have to go back to report what happened! There is one thing you should tell the party and that is as they are walking back they can see the water turning back to is more normal brownish/blueish color.

And with that so ends the notes for The Sickness in the Swamp.

I hope you all had fun reading through this and I hope some of you play it with your own groups!

Have a good day and have fun!

PS. The Game Master should be in the Black Color slot on Tabletop so they can see into the fog that is hiding tokens.


This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
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