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URealms Battle Shoutcasts

So the battles during URealms occur at the pace the players are able roll/roleplay, but in universe, the battles happen a lot faster. My idea was to get a couple people together to do a fake live commentary/shoutcast of the battles to get a real sense of the action.
I'm here to find out if anyone is interested in this existing or helping out in any way. Thanks!


  • That's a really creative idea, for it to work I would recommend taking a battle that happened in one of the shows, then maybe writing out a script for it with details of all the events. Good luck :)
  • @Coconut The idea was to take one of the battles and roughly time out when impactful events occurred. Then make a chatbot (or some other notification system) to alert the commentators when that event occurred in real time. I initially thought it could be improvised, but you're right, it may end up needing a script.
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    Do you mean that this would happen for a live campaign? That would be cool, but it would be pretty slow as there wouldn't be too many very exciting moments all the time. It's still a very creative idea! :smileporc: 
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