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Share your Lords of Minecraft Stories

Lords of minecraft was in appearance all about "Lords" torturing peasants as the peasants swarmed lords for just that tiny bit of screentime but as anyone who played when it was in between time lords showed up would know. there was a ton of funny player driven moments and things done that to some of us like my self were more fun then when there was physical lord interaction. basically I am just kinda curious what some peoples stories are, those funny moments just caused by a group of jimmys doing something random.
I was in the Dwarven District since day one and have owned the guildplot that entire time and still do. I have tons of stories I could share and most likely will if this thread keeps going on long enough but one thing I can say for certain about something I contributed to on LOM was councils. Dwarven was the first district to come up with and run a council meeting and later ran the first Cross District meeting. a funny thing that happened a while through the server was one meeting some people from I think Mainstreet? (sorry if wrong) showed up with someone named Lord Obama and we went with it for awhile letting this "lord" talk and towards what I assume was the middle of this speech Kukky one of the mediators of meetings in DD walked up a floor in the plot popped a hole directly above the "lord" and proceeded to murder them with an anvil. it was one of the most sudden and unexpected things that had almost everyone there dying of laughter once realization set in. The hole used to murder the person is still visible on the floor of the plot and was used multiple times after.

Please, Please share more moments you've had on lom. there were so many different groups in lom that it was basically impossible to have been apart of all of them so i'm sure there will be atleast 1 new story for everyone. I myself was only followed Dwarven and grove in the beginning and later Dwarven and Cloud and now just Dwarven. so i'd love to hear more stories from other districts


  • I know there are some stories, but I just cant remember many. I'll hand this over to some people who would know some really great ones
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    This actually aches my heart to see, it was such a fun wonderful place for its time that helped so many people, sure it had it's bad times but, that's every big group like that. As Lords started to die you could see just the very essence it lived off. Reliance and love on and of eachother...sure we still argue and start up drama but gosh, I'll never forget my time on here and I hate to see the condition it's in now, it's amazing how one little thought from Rob and a group of crazy YouTube guys can change the way you see yourself and others. And I truly owe them all my greatest thanks, as I know do so many others. So from the bottom of my heart, truly because I have really no where else open to say this. Thank you Rob, Niso, thank you all those past people who put up with a child that didn't know what they were doing and...well just all around annoying at times, you led me to much of the person I am now. Thank you all those current people who still deal with that minor annoyance of a person I am, I love each of you with all my heart and that will never change. Present and past, and those I never had the privilege of meeting personally, I wish you the best best best of luck in the rest of your adventure through life, I know it's hard and at times it may seem like people don't care or you can't, but trust me. You changed someone's life wether you know it or not, not just in the online world but each day you live, and that's something to be proud of. You can accomplish any and everything you set your mind to, you have some random lady's love from a thousand miles away. Keep writing your story.

    Anyway...sorry for the ramble I just had to put that somewhere. Funny stories lets go: 

    There was a time in the militia, we were all having a meeting. Then there was a lot of lightning, some people said they saw an X flash on the table, we all ran out. Just a lot of crazy stuff...maybe one of those "you had to be there" but I found it amusing, for another reason too.

    WS also had a meeting once (this is far more recent) and this was exactly when that sewage plant nuclear fallout was implemented. I just found this hilarious at the time because just, sheer timing. We all try to be semi ic and serious and then just BOOM DEATH AGH. Good times.
    (This ties into why I found the first story amusing)

    (I'm not great with stories, here's one you may actually get a kick out of) Once, at a Grove party thing, I don't remember the exact purpose of it so pardon. But little young me decided, "hey stuffs done, they're asking what to do, oh they have like a stage thing. 'RAPE BATTLE'" now, I'll clarify I meant RAP and this was probably the worst typo of my life, I don't know if I thought it was spelt with and E or just tired or what but...said that with a HUGE crowd of people, no joke, like most of Grove and all my militia friend people. Good news to come out of this, they had a rap battle. ^-^

    Sorry I think that's all I can remember right now, maybe I'll edit or add more in the future. Apparently I can't think today. Farewell comrades~ Stay safe.

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    @TwistedMystic ; a reply like that is what makes me wish I could upvote or like or do something positive to show I really liked a comment. there was so many people that the groups formed from lom helped through a lot of really tough stuff. people always can randomly come up to you on a server like lom and if you take the time to interact with them it can really change their day for the better. there was a bunch of kids on the server and even tho the server had a ton of drama rob keeping it up meant a lot to a ton of people. it's really good that donators were willing to put so much into it as well.
  • A story that not many know about is the time when Rob showed up and interacted with the server for a couple of days. Anyways, the group of friends that I play with were all in a discord channel, chatting and playing Lords, and then for whatever reason, someone played a song called Slap slap slap clap clap clap and we all started to do a slap clap dance. Slap slap slap clap clap clap is a thing from the show Jimmy Neutron sang by Bolbi Stroganovsky. Its this really stupid thing but it actually became a meme in our little group and spread to the server.

    So a few minutes later after the song is played, we played it even more and some people joined on. One of our friends said "Do you guys wanna spawn in Rob?" and then he told us how. We all went to the on top of the mountain and slapped and clapped for Rob. He eventually came un vanished and drank some world stamina pots, and ran around the mountain with us.

    A few seconds later, Rob told us all to go to the arena. Of course he didnt specify and we went to the HOEDOWN arena. Then he actually teleported the whole server to the actual arena (at the time there was like 30 people on.) Then he actually wormholed us all.

    We all went back to the arena and actually started to spawn in bosses for about half and hour. It was great. The day was over.

    The next day, I was going to the bathroom and the second I leave the room, Rob started to spawn zombies all over the market, and of course I died. Then we all were teleported to a cave with lava coming down onto us. We escaped and that was basically all I remember from Day 2.

    The last day, there was a wedding between Killerpk and Emmaloo. When we were visted by an unexpected guest. Rawb. He objected the marriage. and he said "I AM THE ONE THAT HE SHOULD BE WITH" Rob said not to Emmaloo, but to Killerpk. He said, "leave this wench and run away with me!". and of course Killer responded with a "k". smh

    They ran away into the caves underground and of course everyone was running with them. He started to kill some peasants and then Rob said, "there trying to stop our love". Then he teleported themselves away. Minutes later we all went to the hot springs were Killer and Rob were. Rob said "eat your burger killer" followed by actually making Killer a squire. Thing is about that, he didn't do it with his Captain Willakers account, he did it with his "Rob" account. So that's Rob's first squire!

    Not even an hour passeed, someone objected to Killer being a squire and then Rob killed his first ever squire, Killerpk. Rob then said "I can find a new boytoy. what kinda groom leaves a bride on their wedding anyway. phss" 

    Then that was the end of the 3 days that Rawb got involved. September 17-19, 2016.

    There's a 19 minute video that my great friend sammyw06 made of the 3 days, and I'm not sure if he wants me sharing it but just message me if you really wanna see the video, and I'll send you the link :smile: 
    The slap clap meme carried over to Willy's Magic Ride and Rob actually didn't say it correctly, but we were all super happy he was actually saying the meme. I actually was accepted into the game and Rob said if he could get someone slapping and clapping he'd turn all the ice into tnt, which of course I came straight up to him as an ogre, and slapped, and clapped. I have a clip of it right here (my IGN at the time was Tod_Lemons):

    I slap and clap for Rob.
  • I currently have three that stick out in my mind and probably will for a long time. All of them have are events that took place in Dwarven, my home in Dong Dank since the start. 

    Story 1: The first memory that truly sticks out in my mind and the one that made me love role playing and the community, was the outbreak of Mad Coe Pox. It was a couple of days before Halloween and I was walking up the street to the guild plot were Peity and a couple of others were talking. I had my costume on and Peity immediately asked what was wrong with me and the group rushed me to AshtheWolf's hospital. I spent the next couple of days in the sick bay with the disease, in the meantime I infected Fitzdepl, and we both were the ground zero for the disease. Sometime later I'm not sure how long, Ash's team was able to develop a cure, and Fitzdepl and I were cured in front of a council of the reps from other districts. 

    Story 2: the second story that I will hold close to my heart for a long time isn't really a story of one time but more of a tradition we had for a long time in Dwarven and that was anvils. Anvils were a huge part of dwarven, mostly because it, at least for a while was the block of our district and the official musical instrument of the district, the official way to die, and the "badge" if you were in the dwarven hammer (the dwarven district's police/military force). They brought so many laughs to us, from banging them down during meetings for applause and anger to watching the anvils fall from the ceiling as the impending doom of someone's body was about to be crushed. They were the days to be in dwarven.

    Story 3: The third was a more recent and was during the doom event. I had no idea that it was going to happen and came on after it had started. I immediately was confused and went to the guild hall seeking answers, when I heard it. The scream of some poor soul as his life was drained from his body. I ran the rest of the way after I heard that. I went to the main gate and found it barricaded. I made my way down into the caves to see if the back entrance was also blocked off and found a line of dwarves at the doors pleading to get in. As I made my way to the door I heard "its Ghureg let him in" and the door opened and I forced my way through to a security checkpoint with people holding whips on the inside pushing people back out of the doors. I was given food and pulled aside to be given the rundown of what was going on. For a while, I was put on security making sure no trouble makers got into what was eventually deemed "Vault 44". For people that were trusted uniforms were handed out and shifts were established for running the vault doors, running security for the vault and handing out food, and drink. The entire thing was stressful, tense, and a lot of fun. 
  • @xHellhoundssx Reading this gave me the idea to start this one
    Please check it out, Its for people trying to find their old friends again from LoM or other things
  • I was a boo scoot back in the day and was an staunch pauper supporter. I never got any screen time but was good friends with ho who was also a boo scoot. I also tried to find as much armor as possible and almost go a full set but was never able to.  So yeah that's about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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    I had a really hard time getting into LOM until it was basically over, the majority was just me walking around looking for stuff to do. I could never find a group of people to hang out with a lot. Eventually, I hung out with the Mainstreet people a bunch but then I fell out of LOM. That basically sums it up for me. I regret not getting more involved but I didnt really know how to do that.
  • Back when i played Lords of minecraft, I tried to run a Bar and Adult dancers club but i could never actually come up with the money so i actually took my friends old accounts and used each person to make money so I could pay for it but i did get boring I had hundreds of gold blocks and I actually decided on a tournament and the winners got a portion of my gold I think i had around 100 to 200  people I lost alot of gold that day but I charged them an admission fee :) so I stilled had cash if i wanted to play again but that day hasnt come last time i went on was to eat some swammies those things were awesome you  can just fly around the map! :D   :D :D

  • One of my best memories was the doom event and vault 44 that came with it. The way that all the dwarven members came together at the guild plot, fortified it and then defended it exile allowing in other people via the checkpoints set up was one of the most fun things I ever did and really showed how unique a district dwarven really was and I'm glad to be able to say that this group is still together and messing about with each other to this day
  • One time... in band camp... I remember wandering around looking at the cool things my friends were doing and then suddenly OLDMANWILLAKERS! He appeared right in front of me using his Lord magic and said "TEDDYBEARTYLER WHAT ARE THESE DRINKS?!" I jump and immediately placed down a sign explaining my Lord must've made them up while he was in the city. I was so afraid because there was a rumor that a someone once made a whole bunch of drinks and gave them to peasants in the city and was killed for it.

    (( Pretty much, I was walking around the squire lands looking at the talented things I could never live up to when Rawb tp'd to me and asked me about a potion that Spyd had made during his livestream. It had my name on it so Rob must've thought that I made them. There was a squire before me that had made potions and went to the city giving them out. The part about me jumping and being afraid was real though. I was so scared. It is funny to look back on though.

    Hmmm... Well, I guess more recently I've been sadden to think about the times we had here. Just three years ago we were all on such a tight-knit server with a very nice group of people. We didn't all get along, but what true family does? It was amazing to get on and just hang out, make new friends, make new enemies. It was truly something I've never experienced before. It have always been grateful for the time spent on Lords. Without it I wouldn't have an amazing group of friends, I wouldn't have gotten over the crap that I had going on. It was a nice escape from reality. I wish it were active again. I miss the random run-ins with friends. I miss seeing everyone's character. It was neat. It's sad to see it die out.
  • I had finally managed to raise enough gold to build a house in the vineyard, what I hadn't realized is that i had built my nice new house across from the shrine dedicated to Lord deadbones. and oh my lucky day, he happened to be visiting. it was a fun experience watching this go on from the comfort of my home and how it dissolved into a lot of death, which I got caught up in.

    I'm actually kind of upset that i didn't partake more in LoM when it was very active, /i always loved watching the videos and reading stories, I was just busy at the time and could never play on the server, hell now I don't even play Minecraft. I missed out on a great chance to meet people of the community.
  • LoM helped me grow and mature a bit, quite a bit actually. It also helped me not to be so dramatic all the time.
  • Not a very long story, but I hosted the biggest Danksgiving celebration its first year! I gave out lots of rare food for completing races and trivia.
  • I decided my 'role' on the server would be 'feeding newbies' (as I had starved to death many-a-time when I first started). I wrote up a guide on how to grow carrots and took a seat outside the bank. I'd sit there every day for a couple of hours tossing out carrots for any who wanted them and gave copies of my guide to anyone who mentioned they were new. I know it sounds so mundane, but I genuinely had a lot of fun doing it.

    I remember one guy came up to me seeking food and asking how to get food himself, and like always I gave him some carrots and my book. Maybe three days later, he returned and sat beside me. He thanked me for helping him when he'd first started and showed off that he'd grown hundreds of carrots of his own since then. He wanted to join my little hobby, and so he came around most days and hung out with me to chat and give carrots out to the citizens, too.

    He started a trend, because over the next few days more people joined in. I always loved arriving in the market to find people already handing out food before I even got there. Despite being kind of a loner, I'd somehow stumbled into forming a small group of newbie-helpers :)
  • I remember that group! I never really needed the help but it was great to see the community help some of the newer guys and gals on the server
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    I remember, trying to do so many different things on that server lol.
     I tried to run a newspaper stand on mainstreet near the park, later moved down the block to sell pokemon in xy and OrAs that I had bred, The lords news network with kalamityplays, I remember making that building block by block. Then I had to stop playing on the server for a month, and someone gutted that beautiful tower to make it into a police station or something in the magic quarter? IDK, it looked bad and just horrible when I logged back in. Last house I had on Lom was in the vineyard during the election era so I could support mikezon. Got to be friends with KuzonFilms and was warmly welcomed by her fans and I still am talking with them today. Its a small circle of friends, we all hang out almost every Sunday night having fun.

    Kek, I even remember going to deliver a thank you letter to the buffalo wizards mail box building and found an invisible person going through the mail, (I heard the mail boxes opening over and over again so I knew someone was there with permissions going through the mail), I bowed, dropped my book/letter infront of them, bowing some more while nodding my head and backing away, and who ever was there took it and left. I dont know who got my thank you message to the team but hey, at least I know they got it from me directly xD

    I wish I could remember the name of this one person who partially owned the MS park. She recognized me after so many months of not being on the server and It took me a minute to remember her xD and now that I look back i feel bad that I dont remember her name cause someone remembered me, of all people after like 3 months of not playing.

    So, this one time when myself and a couple of event planners were rehearsing for a play...
  • I've got a pretty strange story.

    One day, I joined Lords of Minecraft.
    Then I never got a chance to play for another year or so.

    When I log back in, the world was perpetually night, and there were mobs EVERYWHERE. Mostly Zombie Pigmen, if I remember right. I don't really recall WHY this was happening, but it was very scary.
    I manage to find a guy, and we walk together to... some sort of rebel base..? The chat was very confusing. The building had lava everywhere, there were rude "soldiers" who kept trying to keep us out when the Pig Zombies were literally murdering us outside. I manage to get in sneakily, by jumping off the roof of a taller tower.
    Not 2 minutes later, the pigs flood inside the stronghold, and everyone who isn't immediately destroyed scatters. I lose my original friend, and find one of the nicer "soldiers".

    We run together through the Dwarven district, and find another castle, much smaller and lower quality. This one however had a lava moat and a trapdoor "drawbridge". We begged the owner to let us in, and after running in circles a few times, he finally lets us in. This small 8x10 castle eventually gets filled with another 4 players, as we all yell at the passerbys to get in the walls before they die.

    This was pretty great, but as I head out to try and save a fifth person, the "soldier" from before pulled the trap door from under me, making me fall into the lava. The others who were still alive began crying in the chat, and from what I could tell, professionally executed that soldier. I never found any of them again however...
  • Was a fun time  :)
  • @Mason97m I remember there was this Mason boy who ran a militia in Brickton. What a guy.
  • @Madiso Viva La' Brickerlution amirite?

  • @Mason97m totally 100% always right
  • The first thing on the paupers guild plot was built by me and there was another thing there before the hoe arena. It was just a window so I had something to look down upon the slums from. Then I decided I needed to be higher to look down upon the slums so it turned into a tower. Then I tore it down when we came up with the idea for the arena but it was funny that the only thing on this giant guild plot was a normal sized window. No walls, no house, just the window.

    Oh also that we totally sniped that guild plot from redacted. I don't think they ever forgave us. Our group had got on early in the morning to look at plots and then redacted came on and were ready to buy the plot so we had to force our decision to snipe the plot, i'd say it worked out pretty well. Also I think the only guild plot to stay with the same group throughout the lifetime of the server.

    Bit of trivia too. The hoedown is the name given to it by everyone else but internally and it's official name is just "the hoe arena" or "the arena".
  • I got Minecraft specifically so I could do this and DvZ, when I rediscovered Rob after a long absence and some curiosity.

    Having watched the series for a while, I moved directly into the Netherward. Set up a place next to the wall and became the Back Alley Info Broker. Paladins vs Bandits was announced almost immediately, and there became a surge in crime groups. I was a contact and a go-between for a lot of them, whether they were long or short-lived. Just that strange one-eyed dwarf who lives among monsters, killers, etc. and doesn't seem to be phased by any of it. Information must always be accurate, and some secrets are worth keeping. But if some gang asks for dirt on who is in a rival gang, or where they are, or the best way to try to raid their joint... why should I turn them away? Eventually, the building that I had made as a base of operations also became a bar, and a shelter for the downtrodden. After the bar opened, I also started collecting rare drinks, figuring that anyone interested in purchasing them could do so, or that I might save them for that rare time when a Lord might wander in (they never did). The info business slowed as the server got older, but I still keep the chest there. I still log in every now and then, pay rent, check the chest, wander around a little to see if anything is going on. If you ever want to see the place, just come out of the Nether Ward Portal and walk straight to the wall. It's the End of the Line Ward House.

    I guess as a testament to how much of the server that I used to explore while trying to dig up dirt, I'll say that I managed to locate the Grove Portal, the hard way. It was that time when all of the Elves suddenly went missing. If you don't know where it is, I won't spoil it. I certainly never told anyone, and it was too good a secret to tell.

    Despite being around criminals, I was always very careful to not die and become a ghost in those older days. When there was that invisible thing going around killing people with the dramatic music (I think it was a shade?), I did play along with being curious about it, as it was just a glittering thing in the street. A nice little deception to follow around for fun. It caught me and pulled me into a fountain, keeping me there until I had drowned to death. With my final breath, I cursed it, declaring "I am an information broker, and I will make the whole city know what you really are!" I got resurrected shortly after though, so that was really just sort of a weird encounter.

    During that time that the sky was painted red with blood, I housed people in the sub-basement shelter of the Ward House. There was a lot of havoc, and the Info Broker may have been involved in crime, but was not a cruel person. You just have to keep an open mind and always have your wooden axe ready in case of trouble.

    And that's my ramble about some of my time on Lords.
  • I don't remember much of dong dank.... all I can say about it is " IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
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    Well, this is the story of a nomad who made a couple neat things happen on his long and uneventful journey. 

    Ch. 1: Fire Hardened.
    I had come late to the party, just after first public execution of that one fellow. Under a different name, I had set out to find my pal who had said he found a nifty piece of land affordable for the both of us. After I wandered to the address he wrote on the letter. He had already begun building what would be the Roamin's Official Church Cathedral™. As fate would have it, Roamin and his Building Inspector Team™ recognized its construction. My partner was the first to notice the signs praising the choice of lord to worship. As the Light™ would have it, I saw him and his Building Inspector Team™ inspecting again in the streets of Brickton. I had called to his name. He commened us for our good work. Soon after began our religious services every Sunday. Thus began Brickton's long history with Roamin the Paladin. 

    That's not all I had influence over, I also named Brickton's Tree, "Brickton's Will" Ironic for what was to come with The Grove. 

    Ch. 2: Revelation
    After months of religious service, I felt as though I was forsaken by the Light™ as my partner lost his sense of duty to the church. Which also made me waver mine. One quiet evening in a empty tavern I had met a Wizard. Who spoke of grand magic and order. Something I dreamed of in my life, I was allured to the magic and power. He told me, that I could gain this sense of freedom by leaving my home and move to Magic Quarter. After a series of goodbyes and waves, I shed only one tear for leaving my Bricktonites behind.

    As soon as I arrived, I became acutely aware of the freedom that I possess. But, it was wasted. Spent wishing in the dark. I became confused and dazed. This was not me, I did not want this. But I let it go on and on... After 10/4 (Never forget :( ) I had decided that I must take a whole new approach to this land I live and breathe. Something drastic needed to change.

    Ch. 3: Dark, Darker, Darkest Turn
    I swiftly charged for the Forgotten Land (except that one time every year) Teeming with malice and the stench of death. Claiming a small plot of land. The land was unbearable, inhabitable and fermented with rotted corpses. I persevered through the agony and cultivated the dead land to become a 'park'. Not long after finishing, I heard commotion in the district. The commotion lead to a large Gothic structure. As I cautiously entered, I was surrounded in voices and silhouettes, and as if in a trance, I had given my soul away to Lord Deadbones. I had become apart of the Cult of Deadbones.

     I would never see the Light that brought me to this dead-end.
    There, I keep the park to its condition.
    Until the eventual arrival of the end

  • I remember during New Years, I was home alone. I planned out a special plot to place in the middle of Cloud for the New Year, as I had saved up enough to rent it for a moment (I normally lived on a purchased plot in CK, the one that was the first building to reach the sky limit.)

    I never got any from the finished build, but here's my mock up. Except for the surroundings the plot is block-for-block identical.

    Anyways, I only kept it up for New Years. I was home alone, so I spent it sitting on the plot, offering food and drink to passerbys. At some point, some random pauper/slummer walked through, walked up, and we just sat and started chatting.

    And that's probably the most rewarding New Years Eve I've ever had. Not a party, nothing. Just talking about random shit with some random person on the server for a bit.
  • @cpMetis Oh, and RIP my house. I miss the Cloud. 
    (Me standing on the corner of my house, rest of the city in the bg)
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