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 :3 Mainly just for Characters,Also anyone doing a Tournament let me know


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    Name_Robert_Strongborn While Growing up in School Robert was Bullied and went into the "Emo Phase" Robert knew he was strong and could do something if he really wanted to but Robert was to shy so he just stayed quite and let it happen, He's no longer in School but he still gets picked on a lot, no one knows Roberts True Power yet... (He has 318 Stamina without Rolling a Dice because i'm not sure how that works) 
  • Name_Katniss_Naomi A Deadly Mercenary Assassin The team Player of the Group, The Armor and Shied i used is just for camo purposes, if i'm feeling it i'll post the rest of the group since  they aren't really made yet... Anyway Katniss Naomi has 52 Stamina with 30 gold left over (Once again i dont know how stamina rolls are done)   
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    Name_Rolex_Flex Here's one of the other Mercenary's He likes to get up close and personal, Rolex was Born with Nasty parents that used to beat him as a kid, He's now Insane Psychopath and joined the Mercenary Group to have his Revenge one Everyone!  (He has 170 Stamina with 40 gold left over)
  • Cherry_Randell_ Used to be a Slave, Kinda still is, He's being forced to fight for the Mercenary's but he's actually starting to like it, and wants to stay in the group, the Leader will have to decide that when the time comes (He has 73 Stamina with no gold left over)
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    Toland_Branwen and Eries_Branwen are the heads of the Branwen ageless family and also the ceos of Branwen Trading a front to cover the cult of bones actives. They got turn into ageless by ageless  pirates  with most of there family and show look to the grand raven for hope. (they are twins)
  • Pep_Ward The Leader of the Mercenary Group, His Childhood was pretty good he just likes seeing the would Burn!! with his GroundBold (he has 85 stamina)
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    Sheppard_Founder_ , Po_Founder ,Jim_Founder ,Rover_Dondell

    A Happy Porc Family with there best friend being a Black Boar, Sheppard is a Lumberjack with his Trusty Companion A Moonwolf which is Very strong at night with 100 Stamina! Sheppard had the Moonwolf since he was a little kid, He's a Believer (Does that make this whole family one to kinda? not really i guess,) (He has 63 Stamina with no gold left over)

    Jim Founder Lovers to take care of Animals and gets amused really easily His Companion is a Sunhound, the Opposite of the Moonwolf so they're are ready for battle at anytime of the day, During his past time he likes to cast magic to get better at it, he went to Wizard school and didn't really get to finish so his Dad is trying his best to teach him, (Sunhound 50 Stamina, Jim has 66 Stamina)

    Po Founder the Single Farther as a Kid he used to get into lots of fights he Still does just not as much, He is a Witch so you can kinda see that it is hard to teach Jim become a Wizard when Po doesn't know much about Wizards, Po always wanted the boys to Become Witch's just like him he joked around about taking over the world, little do the kids know he wasn't joking and wants to eventually trick the kids to join him on his quest, he's just waiting for the right time (you can see why the mother left) (He has 32 Stamina)

    Rover Dondell the Best Friend of Jim Founder, Rover Didn't have a family when he was born it was very hard for him, He started doing Drugs to help his day go by faster, He works for the Family Time to Time for Money, So he Travels along with them, He's a Magician self taught (He's basically a Slave for the Family but he Really likes Jim because of his Magic, He watches Jim cast Spells and sometimes uses his spell book without Jim knowing to help him learn knew spells)

    (The MoonWolf and Sunhound names are Nightmare & Zeus) 
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    Butch_Prone A Wild Monk and his Hamster Looking for hire, (also did i do that wilding Cornerstone right?) (Butch has 116 Stamina) Make a Character you think that will go well with him

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  • Trisha_Canisius is a party girl who attended the University of Ultimate Wizardry. She's very sociable and is a very experienced drinker. She joined a band of magicians where she turned her various party tricks into stage tricks. 

    Also SilverFighter drew my character and I love it <3

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    @SilverFighter ;
    amazing artist right here. 

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    Bishop_Mint , Roth_Wills , Terry_Mander , Benny_Fallen

    Berry Fallen is a Suicidal Teenager, He was a only child and his Parents were killed by a group of kobolds, Out of combat he tries to kill himself by using the spell Combustion Wave, Even with his new friends by his side he knows they wont be there forever so he wants to end it quicker...(He has 71 Stamina)

    Terry Mander is really good with animals even Dangerous ones his goal in life is to eventually tame a Highbear and ride it into the Sunset, Terry's GerryMander have a Really close bond and a pretty nice combo they use with Dangerous Terrain, (Terry has 126 Stamina)

    Bishop Mints the Warrior just like Fighting people especially when Berry is there, Bishop like to charge and toss enemy's into Dangerous Terrain, (He has 66 Stamina)

    Roth Wills like to stay back in medium range shooting his bow across the battlefield, when he gets bored of that he gets up close and likes to use Lightning Strike, when he is getting hurt to much he likes to Disappear and Return anywhere on the battlefield he wants to shoot from medium to long range again, (He has 64 Stamina)

    Mainly everyone likes Berry the most in this Group but Berry is to Depressed, The Group does not know that Berry tries to end himself, and it could be to late before they find out

    i wrote this at 3am sorry if it dont make any sense i'm really tired i'm going to sleep now 
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    Combat Medic Medi_Dandy_ My First Thane ever so it's probably done wrong 
  • Dave_Bold i could have made him op, with the 3 random beast companion and pick 1 i got Highbear, Gerrymader, Whelpling...Dave has 68 Stamina and the Gerrymander has 190 Stamina and the GroundBold has 200 Stamina...
  • Shaggy_Putin A Legendary Swordsmen that Betrayed his Master and has been in a Prison for the past 13 years for trying to escape many times and killing many of his cellmates, he gets released in 8 more years, when he escapes or gets released  his plan is to kill everyone in the village he was born in then go into hiding 

    He was not the kind of Kobold to let things pass by without taking a chance. A gambler since his adolescent years, Jethro's seen and experienced both the highest and lowest points, as if they were two sides of the same coin. Though he may have lived through these moments without a care, more than willing to risk it all in the name of fortunes and glory, his reckless abandon had finally caught up to him...

    Too much gold being lost to the wrong people led to a terrible situation, as it always does. Rounding a corner home, he was suddenly covered with hood, bound, and gagged. Being dragged to an unknown location, Jethro was forced to repay with some 'collateral' of his own. His captors held him down and removed his right leg from the knee down with a hacksaw, the screams falling on deaf ears. However, as that was not enough, adding insult to injury, they had forcibly used a Book of Bones and turned Jethro into an Ageless.

    This was not without its own repurcussions, however. Jethro was flooded with unbridled rage and newfound dark power as a result of his captor's sadism. Things went blacker than what the hood had blinded. Upon coming back-to, Jethro found his bindings withered and rotten, rather easy to snap. Removing the hood, the room he had been held in was just absolutely plastered with blood, the pale, mostly-exploded corpses of his captors frozen with expressions of sheer terror.

    With sinister and cruel magic at his fingertips, he did not seek to conquer or to begin a new reign of evil. Rather, he seeked to make the Ageless whom had turned him into a shell of his former self suffer as he had suffered. Whether or not he will succeed in this quest is an utter coin toss.
  • Many people call Barrick and Dell an odd couple. her being an incredibly strong Shezite warrior and him being a simple rancher. Neither of them really understands their surprise however, why wouldn't two strong, hard working, secret romantics fall in love with each other? Especially when they bonded after Barrick's hometown was attacked by bandits and he and Dell were the only ones to stand and fight against them. Dell as a furious front line with Barrick the steadfast back line providing covering fire and hindering foes with his difficult terrain. 

    After that battle was won, a different battle commenced between the two battle high warriors and to this day both will say they won that battle. And with the love and passion that these two people from different worlds still show each other, you can believe it.
  • the duel wielding deathknight under the service of a shadowy ageless group  Genral_Gual_
  • I don't normally enjoy making characters, but...I got bored, and I have some fun headcanon for the party I ended up creating.

    Amélie Vousara--Amélie had always loved casting magic, ever since her youth. Though being raised by Sun Clerics due to being left at their temple in her infancy, Amélie very quickly found a calling in the Arcane and Fire schools of magic, rather than Light. However, in her adolescence, Amélie began receiving visions of the future; fighting enemies alongside an elf whose hair glimmered with frost, enchanting the blade of a dwarven swordsman, etc. Slowly, it dawned on her that her destiny lay without the walls of the temple. The lead Sun Clerics there assured her that she was welcome to go, and chose that as the time to give her a set of artifacts that had been left with her when they'd taken her in: a glove set with long claws, a silvery shield, and a strange helmet with a cannon atop it. Taking these objects, Amélie—now calling herself Clair—set out to find the beings she'd had visions of. She acts as the party's ranged damage deaer, while also providing healing when necessary.

    Arkanis Effereaux--The member of the party representing myself, Arkanis took his leave of his family to pursue a mastery of magic that he felt they could not teach him. So, arming and armoring himself, and summoning a stalwart Frost Elemental to serve as a bodyguard, Arkanis began delving into Dark magic in addition to the Ice he'd been taught. The Dark element entranced him, and he found that, somehow, he was capable of focusing its power into something that amplified his own. Pleased that his journey was bearing results, Arkanis began seeking out enemies against whom he could test his darker powers, and refine them further. He thus began taking jobs to hunt and capture felons, his Ice magic providing the capture abilities. He serves as the party's ranged damage and crowd control, while having his elemental act as a sort of tank.

    Huron Korven--A bit rough around the edges, Huron was raised by a pair of married sharpswordsmen, who ensured their child would be capable of defeating any foe he fought against. Once the dwarf began showing a preference for certain combat styles over others, his parents accelerated his training until they were certain he was as skilled a swordsman as they. Once that was done, they told Huron that it was time for him to go out and explore the world, demonstrating his bladework until he found his place in things. So, packing his things, and taking his pet Hat Rat, Huron began travelling as a sellsword. His swiftness and skill with his blade brought him minor fame in the circles in which he moved, and some of his clients went so far as to reward him with magic items in addition to his normal pay. But merely being a sellsword wasn't enough; Huron sought companionship in his travels, the same way his parents had met and married during their own. So, he eventually sought out others to adventure with. Huron acts as the frontline fighter for the party, focusing on damage rather than survivability.

    Morina Burbana--Morina's past is colourful to say the least. Once upon a time, she was a mere mechanic's daughter, getting into brawls on street corners, and trying to get into the pants of as many of her fellow females as she could. This eventually enraged her father's temper, and he gave her the choice between mending her ways herself, or getting sent out to be a Sun Cleric. Morina promised that she'd behave herself...and was promptly found the next morning with two other naked gnomes in her bed. To the temple she went, in the hopes that serving a higher cause would get her life under control. It stopped her brawling habits, at least, and Morina became almost selfless during her training as a Cleric. Unfortunately, her growing White Knight attitude just gave her another way to pick up girls, so that part of her never really wore off. Eventually, she left the temple to start traveling, hoping to lend her newfound powers to a good cause...even if said cause was getting her laid. Morina serves as the party's tank and healer, and hits on Clair far too often.
  • Nanmio_Boundsway My First Gnome and Multiclass, Warrior + Lumberjack, 10 gold left over with 63 stamina and his Companion can avoid 1 death role 
  • i literally just made this guy for this thread, but i was thinking about a character like this earlier sooo...

    Torren Lorwance

    sure i could have done better with him buut... ehh.

    He's an Elf who at some point when he was young, lost everything he knew to some tragedy, maybe the birth of magic, maybe goldstant escaping, maybe something else entirely. Distraught, he began to wander the world, buying and stealing any food or silver he could, his survival instinct preventing him from just keeling over dead.  Eventually however he found himself lost in some form of desert, collapsing under his own weight as starvation, exhaustion, and thirst overcame him. He passed out, right as he began to see many small green heads peeking over the hills around him.

    He awoke hours later to the feeling of clamy skin against his own, and a bottle of milk in his mouth. It seems he had been taken pity upon by a small group of Goblins, one of whom had recently given birth to a new litter, and had been bottle-feeding him with her milk. While the goblins were understandably wary of the elf, he never lay a hand against them. These goblins had saved his life, and he quickly vowed to protect them in turn to the end of his days and beyond.

    The Goblin Companion is a small Gobliness by the name of Madine, the daughter of one of the "siblings" he had been raised next too who grew much faster then he did, eventually having children of their own. Madine bonded with Torren from a young age, and could always be seen following him around. He grew to accept and admire it, and now lets the young goblin ride around on his back, peeking over his shoulder like some form of parrot.

    due to being raised by Goblins. Torren developed a sort of psesudo-psychic link with them, it's not the ACTUAL psychic connection that Goblins share that let them have full conversations with one another in the span of a moment, but it's more like he can look at a goblin with the briefest of glances, and know what emotion it's feeling, even if it's well hidden. They in turn can glance at him, and know what he's thinking in a similar way.

    figure a fun ending to their story might be that Golestant passes by and breathes his death-breath on the goblins, turning them ageless in front of Torren's eyes. Distraught, he reaches down and gently picks up one of the gobbo skeletons,  letting them surround him and inhaling deeply as they exhale the same death-breath, He'd grip his sword tightly as he let the curse take over him, rising anew as a towering ageless amongst them. These Goblins are under his protection, until the end of his days and beyond.

    buuut... yeaaaa. sure i coulda done this better, but that's him :P
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    Midas_Lootworthy he has 158 hp
    He was born in a rich dwarven mining town where through hard work he earned enouph money to get his midas gauntlet and shield. He then began traveling across the land killing and looting his way around the world and making a name for himself. I could go on about how he fought the Whelpling at hells gate(made up location for dramatic effect), or how he fought an entire ageless hoard by himself, or even how he climbed the tower of ultimate wizardry, but this is Midas Lootworthy we are talking about surely you have heard these stories, but sadly these days would not last as one day he became lost. It was during one of these adventures where he was saving a dwarven maden from an a horde of angry hat rats were just as he killed the lasts hat rat he slipped on hat rat blood and hit his head against a rock and forgot who he was and the only reason he knows his name, and what little he knows about himeself, is because of the maiden he saved, who promptly left him soon after escorting him to town because “she couldn’t deal” with a lost Midas. But one day he ran into Gith (Gith = Versvish Sveargith) and he helped Midus get back on his feet and they have been ever friends since.  
    Gith is another character in the campain that I am playing with some other people, we have twin dragon amulets
  • Raven_Waults A Mighty Porc apart of The Grand Paladin Order who Swore to never touch dark Magic as his Father used it on him as a Child, he does not want to become anything close to his father, and is willing to take his life for someone if he cares about them enough, he has 139 Stamina.
  • Raven_Waults A Mighty Porc apart of The Grand Paladin Order who Swore to never touch dark Magic as his Father used it on him as a Child, he does not want to become anything close to his father, and is willing to take his life for someone if he cares about them enough, he has 139 Stamina.
  • Chad_Fox to tired right now to do a backstory =p, just felt like making a character, he has 132 stamina
  • Malone_Hockysock  The Tiny Porc who tries to control the law, he has 81 stamina, my first sheriff ever sorry if it sucks lol
  • Mulder_Shriek a Big Baby Black Boar Mulder Shriek who came from a Small Happy Family (Humble Beginnings) as a Child he was saved by the Sun Swords from a group of Kobolds who murdered his Family, Mulder was the only Survivor so the Sun Swords decided to take him in, they trained him everyday so he could defend himself anytime he needed to, at the age of 19 he left the Sun Swords, he always felt he was holding the Sun Swords back from doing things needed to be done, although that wasn't true that's what he thought, Mulder is a Respectful man, he will not attack anyone unless they attack him first (Respectful) Even though he has lots of Flashbacks on the event that occurred to him long ago and it makes him Angry and filled with Rage, Mulder barley trust any Kobolds anymore, but he still gives them a chance.  (He has 117 stamina, could be more if put into a party with light magic) 
  • ignis Too lazy to think of a bstory right now but take a guess at the dragonfire
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