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LFG to be a Player or GM for longterm team, avalable manytimes

Hi. Longtime Urealms fan JaxOh/JaneEsp here. Recently, it look as if the group of players i usually GM have lost interest in the game, and while a few remain, its not enough to run a group of of. So, I am looking for a new team to either be a player or the GM of on a regular basis. If i was a GM, we would either be playing over, or need an assistant player whop\ knows how to use TTS to help me do maps/tokens/etc, as a relative TTS noob.I am avable most days/timeslot in a week, minus a few minor exceptions (all times lsited are in Mountain Standered Times) Wedsdays til about 7pm, Tuesdays 515-8:00 pm, and Saturdays 5-10ish Pm.


  • @JaxOh1 Hey I am interested in joining you. Over the summer I have become familiar with tabletop and creating things for games maps/tokens and the like. Though there might be some issues with time. I have school from 8 to around 4 CDT(One hour ahead of Mountain Standard Time) along with other things that make it so I have less time. I do stay up till 12 every night away so I wouldn't be against going until then. 
  • I actually play my campaigns I DM in mountain standard time. If you want to talk more, my discord is in my profile info. Your time works for me.
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    I am interested possibly, but I dont think I can help you as I am not good at using Roll20 or TTS
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    I am interested
  • I'd be fine helping out. I can add cards, states, and tiles, but maps I've never tried before. I haven't really been able to PLAY the game much aside from GMing, and I normally have one of my players give me maps for tts.
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    @Vikenikes The timing is no problem, as long as you are dependable enough to play each game until we fishish, and you 
    @Axon_Zshow and 
    @Rundrop are all welcome to join once we get games set up.

    @Cloud I sent you a discord request so we can talk.

    @OlympianHeros if you can help with setting up maps/tiles/etc, you would be a great asseet and i would consider you as a highpriority player if you basically serving as my co-gm
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    Sounds good but do keep in mind that I said Im not the best with maps, as usually my players supply me with a map and I build off of it.
  • I have experience GMing - not only creating my own campaigns but creating tiles, cards, decks, and maps (I even recreated the Buccaneer Class and the Legendary Compainion Deck). If you need any help GMing, or need an extra player, my Discord is rat#2319
  • Hey, my friend and I are super interested. I have a decent amount of d&d experience on roll20 (although I would rather use tts), and I am a long time urealms fan. We are both very creative and funny, we would bring a lot of fun to the table. We are very excited to start playing urealms FINNALY! We both work but are available most nights(pacific time). Please message me and let me know, thanks!
  • If you'd like consider me a flex spot, I know many of the players that have already commented here and could come off and on if necessary. And I'll leave this on the table since you've had a lot of responses. If you have a campaign with a lot of NPCs/ moving parts I'd be willing to come on and help you out playing a non conventional NPC.

    (Unfamiliar with roll20 though, TTS is very friendly once you know your way around though)
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    I'm interested in playing games whenever. I run on a EST scheduele so take that into consideration.
    (also @rat i'd love to get my hands on buccaneer but I have Legendary Companions)

    @JaxOh1 Also if you'd like me as a player then this is my discord info, send me a friend invite. Max/CasualCow#9426
  • well @Birdman, do you have a discord i can message you, and ill also message @CasualCow about ebing players. 
    @ZombieMonkey7 i would prefer actually players who are dependable, but if you wanna help te4ach me how tos et stuff up on TTS, would lvoe that
  • @JaxOh1 Oh I always show up on time and usually available. However I've never GM'd so there are a few mechanics of TTS I'm not as familiar with. Viking I know has GM'd so you'll probably have all the help you need (that and of there are forum tutorials on anything you need to know) 
  • @JaxOh1 ;
    I can be a player or a gm
    but i'm the greatest of implementing combat
  • leave your discord id @Nicksternick ;
  • I'm just a random guy who played alot of different tabletop rpgs. I'll play anything and I'd like to learn to gm urealms so if you're free. My discord Id is PKOPyro#7539
  • I'm super interested in playing some Urealms, if you got room in the party or just wanna chat my discord is echopirate #7530
  • I know there are already lots of members here but I could serve as a player and I could also create tiles and if you'd like I could do some art! I'm not the best artist but I can surely whip up something if you would like!
  • im interested, if you could add me on discord that would be great : maarteneve 0700
  • @Vikenikes , @Axon_Zshow  @Rundrop leave me your discord if wanting to play (have prioity if you answer decdently fast), but @Larry ;, you are also welcome to leave your discord name. @Echopirate and @maarteneve , have snet you friend request. heckj, first game may be run with a few small groups to see who works out with me as a GM and who drops

  • Have obtained our minimum number, but people are still welcome to apply (just leave your discord name), while I need to set up maps/maybe coustom decks/etc
  • I'm a new player , but a longtime viewer. My name is Sirnarue#6769 on discord. 
  • We are doing charcreation for the first game right now, for next Sunday afternoon. Have room for possible 1 more
  • @JaxOh1 ;
    May I join your group if possible?
  • hey does anyone know where I can find the mod, I have table top sim but have no idea where to get the urealms mod

  • Search for the offical urealms season in the steam workshop
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    I would like to join if I could and you have room I can gm or be a player I enjoy both. depending on time frames 
  • I would possibly join if my computer wasn't shitty and didn't crash whenever I loaded the URealms mod. I have previously played by watching somebody who was live on Steam, but the delay gets quite bad.
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    @Lady_Kari and @Mysteryo333 ;leave your discord name'
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