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Kolbolds of the Steely Oasis

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Sandbold of the Oasis of The Steely Oasis

This is an experimental one off campaign all about time travel and redoing encounters to try and get the best outcome. This was much more ambitious to explain as a campaign then it was to host, and the whole thing was a lot harder than I originally thought to explain, but I'm sure someone can salvage a good campaign from it. It's all based on a secret thread, which makes it a bit uncohesive without listening to it, but I'll have that for you when I know someone has at least tried it. I don't have time to edit all the formatting  now, but i figured If I didn't post it now I never would 

Campaign Information


Difficulty: Try hard


TTS Mod:

TTS Mod Character Creation: Don't have it hosted yet

Campaign Overview

This is a linear, less combat focused, campaign where the players will need to use a time travel mechanic to retry encounters to reach the output they . The party is playing as members of a tribe of Sandbolds.


Players throughout the campaign to reset the campaign to certain reset points, refreshing the “encounter”. As GM you should have your NPC characters play the same way

Character Creation Setup Setup

The only race to choose from should be Kobold, but if you want to add your own custom Kobold sub races, like Fluffbold or Sandbold you can. While the classes shouldn’t matter too much, I suggest keeping with an elemental Tribal theme including flamedanseur, sandbender, hydromancer, shaman, petalwalker, monk, theurgist, warrior as your players should be tribe members or associated with the Kolbold tribe in some way. One of the player characters will be chief of the tribe his name or title must be Jack. Because I generally don’t name things, I have your Jack or Chief declare one of the players to be the Fecalitis Nomenclature Adviser (or head guy of naming shit) to come up with names for places and characters.  I had  Other than that everything could be randomly drawn.


You are members of the Sandbold tribe of The steely Oasis, a normally peaceful tribe of kobolds loacated in the {put player on spot to come up with name} desert. In the night, a thief has stole your ancient flask of The steely Oasis which keeps the life and water in the Oasis flowing. You have gathered a party of your best Kobolds and your village elder and tracked him all morning to the city of {put player on spot to come up with name} . Here you will track him down and get back your flask or else your oasis and people will die of thirst. Beware though, this city is owned by the gnomish gang the “High-Risers” and they have no love for kobolds.

The Chase

Your party is at the gates of the city, one thing that is abundantly clear is the dryness, the fountains aren’t running, a small fight breaks out over a canteen of water.  Jack has instructed to split up amongst the streets and the roof tops to search for the thief, but before you split up the Village elder The Village Elder pull Jack over and explains to him in your best Deckard Cain “I’m old and without the flask of The steely Oasis, I may not make it back to the Oasis alive. So I need to let you know our people's power, the wheel of time. It allows us to shift the sands of time round and round and redo the past mistakes of all who have drank from the water of The steely Oasis. On this quest, you Jack need only to call on me and I will send us back to fix our past mistakes. However, know that the magic of the wheel is fickle and draining, and I only have so much strength left in me.” basically explaining the wheel of The steely Oasis card. After that everyone can set up around the city (not the bar the bar is closed) as your players see fit. Set up your thief on the northernmost side of the city as one of the villager tiles you picked before hand.

Reset point- these are points where The Village Elder can use his time magic to return back to the

When everyone is set up begin a soft combat and have all your players start searching for her, they can move around, talk to people and do whatever role play action they wish once a turn, after everyone has gone move 3 spaces towards the Southern Vay Gaz. If she reaches this building she has gotten away and the encounter will need to be reset. Don’t move the tile physically just make a mental note of where they would be. If A player gets within 5 spaces of your thief they will notice the flask tightly around the thief's neck and can attempt to get it back. Once the thief knows that the kobolds are following her (either is attacked or you can roll for awareness) she will try and run as fast as she can to the Vay Gaz Bar, using any abilities she can until one of the player characters can stop him by blocking his way or getting him to stop moving. When they find you the first time use Disguise to get away, and have The Village Elder suggest you go back in time to introduce your players to the time travel mechanic.

Reset point.

After he is stopped combat will have gone from soft to hard, and he will call over three guards to help him fight you. This part doesn't work too well because it requires players losing for the plot to go on, and I can't get them to.

The Village Elder

The Village Elder is a kobold elder that is there to give advice and use his time magic to reset encounters. He is an old kobold who was once leader of the tribe, but has stepped aside in his old age. He respects the new chief, and will go along with whatever the party wants him to do. He is there to be your voice in the party and guide with old sage advice on when the party gets stuck on what to do. The time magic he casts will slowly kill him, but he is definitely willing to die for his tribe. While he doesn’t hide the fact that he is in poor health, he cares more about finding the flask and restoring the Oasis than his own life, and will not mention if resetting an encounter will cause him to death roll. If your players are having trouble moving passed the first encounter and resetting too many times have him get arrested and instruct them to put down their arms. While it's not a hard number remove 10 stamina every time the players decide to reset an encounter, at 0 deathroll him for every subsequent use of the reset unless someone restores his stamina somehow.On his death, give the time magic to another player he has bonded with, on the new player the magic will drain about a third of the player's stamina. Note that if The Village Elder is captured he cannot use the reset encounter ability.

Stamina: 60 (subject to change once I see how often players need to reset encounters)

Anytimes: None

Deathroll: 3 (will surrender with players)

He shouldn’t really do anything in combat.


I left this character as mostly a blank slate, in case you had a thief or criminal character from another campaign your players were familiar with and you wanted to use. Otherwise you can use the Keen Bard, Gertradda Gourmane. She was hired by the high risers to steal the flask of The steely Oasis. She used a disguise spell to sneak into the Oasis as an injured Kobold and made off with it in the middle of the night, she doesn’t know why she was hired, she is just in it for the meeting.  She is greedy, but not malicious. Visually she is a short gnome with short blonde hair in giant boots.

During Combat prioritize creating distance between between you and the players. Your main goal should be to slow down the players so they can be arrested by the guards. You will not outright run from combat until all the players are arrested or unconscious. You’re mostly an annoyance that is hard to hit, but the players will go for you anyway because they are after the flask. If all the guards go unconscious or die attempt to run, or surrender.  If captured or if she surrenders have her talk and distract your players for as long as she can. Once you feel enough time has passed, have more guards come out with The Village Elder arrested. The Village Elder will urge the party to surrender and more guards will surround them. Guards will carry the party to the gallows, and before she is gone one of your party members will see Gertradda pass off the vial to a Kobold with the brand of the high rises on her face, a bartender in the Bar Vague ass.

Stamina: 275

Anytimes: 3

Deathroll: 1


Basic Attack 10: Warpblade

mudshot Use for interrupts damage, and creating difficult terrain while escaping

disguiseex More there for roleplay abilities, if you really wanted to be mean you could disguise after they find you, but I don’t see how a player would be able to find you afterwards without shooting wildly into crowds of people

warpblade Stab when players approach you, you should be difficult to catch with melee characters. Before combat you can use it to escape by stabbing civilians.

hikingboots So your not stuck by yourself.

Dwarven Guards

Guards are pretty simple dwarves in standard guard outfits. They are corrupt and bought by the High Risers. You can draw attributes for them if you feel the need, but they are mostly generic city guards.  Their role in combat should be to try and grapple the player and hog time to the ground. If the guards can arrest all the players combat is over and the players will be dragged off to the gallows, on the way they can sing “fuck the Kobolds”.

During combat the guards should attempt to swarm player characters and get them to a state they can be arrested. They will never attack to kill.

Stamina: 200

Anytimes 1

Deathroll 5 (surrender after 3)


Basic attack: 20 Stone Mace (General Go to attack)

lawsoo -get next to the player

[card:charge] -get next to the player

Arrest- attempt to arrest target putting them in a danger state. They can struggle to escape once a turn. You can only use this on targets below half stamina or on difficult terrain.

Random Civilians:

If random civilians get hit in combat by AOE moves grab random merc companions and add them to the fight. Times I've done that I've gotten useless mercs, so I had them go and arrest the elder until they put down their weapon

Stamina 80

Deathroll 10 (surrender after 1)

Encounter 2:

After the combat, the players should of been downed and taken by the guards. If your players played really well and you don’t wish to punish for it you can have them retrieve the flask. Though this is the goal of the campaign, to continue playing you can encourage your players to push for revenge on the High-risers and continue to the next bar part of the campaign. Make sure The Village Elder is tied up so he cannot turn back time.  

Otherwise, guards will take the players to the gallows while singing “fuck the kolbolds” players can attempt to escape, but really this is just a silly roleplay encounter that they shouldn’t be able to win. At the gallows they will see the largest scariest porc executioner you can describe. Give your players a couple of futile panic roles to escape. If they do manage to escape (roll a 20), let them get away they can come back at a later time. The cityfolk will call out to the porc for your hanging, he won’t respond. Someone will throw something at him and he will wake up. He will yell go away its my day off. The cityfolk will ask what to do, have the porc suggest exile and then have all the cityfolk sing fuck the kobolds but instead of “Until they die” have them sing “Until they are exiled I guess”.

The mob will take you to the border of the city, right outside the entrance to the Vague Ass bar. Having seen the flask taken into the bar by the Kobold with the mark of the High-risers branded on her face. The Village Elder can suggest you go into the bar, but a Gnomish magician will be guarding the door. The Village Elder can recall the time he went to Abracadab and remember a passphrase between all Abracadabian doormen he once learned. However he doesn’t remember the order. He knows it's some combination of “yes, Yes yes”, “Yes Yes”, “Yessss”.  There is only 6 combinations, but the password is 2 yeses, 3 yeses, 1 yes. Give hints in his facial expression after the first yes, but refuse to take multiple guesses without resetting. If the Doorman is attacked he will quickly hide back and lock the door, The Village Elder will suggest resetting the encounter, but there could be some clever roleplay ways in.

You’ll enter the Bar, and given that your party didn’t brute force their way in there the bar patrons will be friendly and gambling. The kobold will be working the bar, she will ask to speak with Jack or one of your party members in the backroom secretly.  Roll to see if you recognize her. She will take you into the backroom with a bunch of sleeping Rouges, and begin to tell you her life story. She was taken from the Oasis of The steely Oasis at a young age, and forced to work for the high-risers as a serving girl. She was obedient and became more than just a slave, she became Simon’s (head mob dudes) top gal, serving him wherever he goes. She is conflicted, she knows you're in danger here, and wants to know what you're doing. She understands that you need the flask once again and she can get you into a game with Simon to gamble for the flask, but urges you not to.

This is all roleplay and convincing, if she is not convinced or if you want to throw in another combat, have her bring you in there to kill you. Her 5 other rouge compatriots will attack you. After the first deathroll she can throw down her arms and say she will get you in the game under threat.  Your players can use resets liberally to wherever they screwed up here if you want.

Kobold Bar Wench

Stolen as a pup from the Steely oasis, and then put to work as a slave for the high risers, doing various demeaning tasks, including running the operations of the bar and show girls inside. She has developed a bit of a stockholm syndrome. One of the players can roll to recognize her and potentially have been childhood sweethearts. She’s a young wild kobold pretty except for a large symbol of  the High-risers Branded across her face.

Health: 450


 Death Rolls: 2

delusionspray Try and charm everyone. Use as an interrupt for big moves. If you are successful then have her take your party up to the boss to play the card game for her freedom.

bite Use for bonus actions

luckykiss - Apply buff liberally to each working girl, as a Kobold she will role two dice and show her other rogues how to do it better.  Use as an interrupt if Rouges will die without it.

Rouges x3 (other 2 can be sleeping)

Generic working girls, assign personality as needed.

Health 60


succubuswhip- Just attack Kobold bar wench, and get her to attack for you until she runs out of health.

concubine- The Kobold bar wench is all of their concubines and will gain all the appropriate benefits.

masochism- After Bar Wench’s first deathroll have all the concubines use it on the bar wench for all of her remaining health. Then have the bar wench bite out towards the players

Bar Paterons

Health 275

Anytimes: 3 each

Random Merc Companions, but with a bite because players need to learn they just can’t go into the tavern and fight everyone without consequences.

Card Game

A rouge will take you upstairs to the game. SImon will agree to gamble with you, for the flask. In return he wants each of your lives, and positions one of his men behind each of you. He says he still respects the art of the game and if any of his men say anything they will shoot them (this lets your players cheat if wanted). The game they are playing is fairly simple grab a regular deck of cards and draw 3 reds and 2 blacks. The Kobolds will rearrange the cards like 3 card monte, Simon will pick the cards in the same order every time. He gets to pick three cards, and each time he picks a card the kobolds can rearrange them. If Simon picks one of the black cards he wins, otherwise he loses. The party can do any form of roleplay trickery to win the game, if they lose they will need to reset the encounter, or if they lose, but get a good role in starting combat initiate the next encounter. I like to have Simon always chose cards 2,3,1 (yes there is 5 cards 2 of them you don’t pick) regardless of how they move the cards (Example:if player moves card 3 into position 1 after your first pick you’d still pick position 1) to try and teach players the pattern throughout the campaign, but as long as it is consistent it shouldn’t matter.

After losing the game Simon will say tough luck kobolds, and teleport with his men through a portal he opens behind himself. If you want to make this seem more fair, and your players found a way to cheat the game(example: they switched out one of the black cards for the red card) have Simon reveal the cheat and say he doesn’t reward cheaters before going through a portal.

Simon Fight

They either chase Simon through the portal, or the Bar Wench will create a portal to follow them this is either helpful or a trap depending on her attitude towards the party (if she’s dead use The Village Elder). Your players will come out on their knees at the end of 4 long hallways divided by color.

As soon as they show up Elemech guards will all shoot a rifle in the right over the players heads down the hallway (if they don’t get up) down the middle. The Elemechs will continue the shots down the hallway in the 2/3/1 Pattern (Left row, Right row, Middle row) until the players reaches and destroys them. If the player makes it passed the bot without killing it, have it do the same patterned shot except in the direction of your players. These shots cause deathrolls, so your players must learn the pattern to make it passed this part, otherwise they will be at risk of dying.

Once in the main oval room Simon will start attacking from his desk, and maybe give a monologue if you're feeling up for it.  At the start of Simon’s turn one corner of the room will shoot upward in magical fire causing players occupied in the flames to death roll. Allow players to roll to see if they notice lights on the floor before the next section flames. I would use a corner of the room that isn’t occupied by players so they know that it’s happening. Write the order down in which you choose to fire the floors because if they fail the boss fight and try again you will have to repeat in the same order. As rounds go on have more of the floor vent flames to make the order matter progressively more.


Health 80

Shoot a laser down a row of tiles until it hits a wall dealing 99 damage and forcing a deathroll.

Simon Zays:

Simon is the mob boss of the high risers. He operates by controlling the water supply in the city. The water wouldn’t come to the city if he didn’t bring it, but he is just doing so to feed the need. He stole the flask to increase the supply dramatically, but he will still tax it all. He would preach of the economics of it. He’s a greasy well dressed gnome in a wheelchair.

Heatlh: 600

Anytimes: 7

Simon is immune to the venting flames in the room and won’t move from his desk.


sswindblastex- Cast with Giant spells to increase the distance they will have to travel to

freezingbomb- Use as in interrupt if players are in an areas which will deathroll.

arcanemissiles- Damage, especially after wormhole try to combo that with giant spells

Mini wormhole- Cast wormhole on a spot, but don’t do the damage.

With Simon defeated you can take the flask back from him and go on your merry way, but the city will die in a drought.

Fun Secret

There is a super secret reveal at the end of the campaign that I advise you don’t look at until you’ve hosted it once. You can show it to your players as well, and if you played it well to how I’ve laid it out here you should get a good kick out of it (though players unfamiliar with the song have really just meh'd at it). I strongly advise you don’t spoil this for yourself until you’ve played it.



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