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MUST READ: The Rules

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Welcome to the URealms Forums!

URealms is a community of gamers and fans of roleplaying that have come together to support a free digital roleplaying platform with it's own accompanying live show and short animations. Everyone is welcome into this community, but we do have some very strict rules that if you break even once you may end up losing your account over so please read through this very carefully or skim through it, wing it, do something stupid and wonder why you got banned. Both are paths in life you could take, but I suspect the first way nets you more overall happiness during your stay here!

These forums should be treated less like a public space you can spout anything you like and more like you are being invited into the private home of this projects creator Robert Moran. He is inviting everyone around the world to come to his big old internet house party, but if you do not follow some simple rules he's going to kick you out.

1. Don't be a Dick
There is absolutely no reason to be a dick to anyone here. If you are rude or just generally being an ass then we are going to ask you to leave. If someone is a dick to you, responding with a glass of hate yourself just means your going to end up banned as well. I don't care who started the fight, people fighting in our home are removed. If you get banned and it says "Bad Fellowship" it means you were being a dick. You should see everyone on these forums as potential friends or at the very least people you have a ton in common with because this community is already insanely niche. If you can't behave with the people you would most likely call a friend, then you won't be welcome here.

If you see a thread or post like this:

Click the flag button to the right of the post and quickly fill out a report for
us with a very brief description about why this is breaking forum rules!

2. Don't be a Burden
This is most likely one of the more UNIQUE rules and why everyone should read this thread as this type of rule does not exist on most forums. The more popular this game and show get over time, the less and less time it's creators will have to interact with all the fans. There may come a day where it's not even possible for us to maintain a forum like this and we have to grow past it, but for now we really need every user to really understand how much time this stuff can take. A huge part of this website is run directly by Rob (That's me!) as I love to be hands on and interact with as many people as I can, however some fans end up just soaking up way too much of my time personally. In order to understand why this is a rule, you need to know that from time to time some fans can just be so oblivious to the fact I cannot sit around and talk to them for hours and get offended or rude when I don't reply back. I can't respond to every private message or email I get. I can't read over every submitted user campaign or give you life advice simply because I do not have the time. We generally have 15 to 20 thousand people who watch our shows and if I spent one hour with each fan once, that would be almost 3 years of my life. I want to engage with as many of you as I can and I'm super interested in everything you guys create, but it can be very taxing. I'm really not trying to build myself up as this unreachable super famous fella, nor am I trying to say my time is more valuable then yours, but if I find that you are simply a burden on my free time here, I may be forced to simply remove you from the conversation here. Just please try and understand how much time all of this stuff can take because I love being able to be personal with you guys, I just need to find that nice balance.

3. You may not use the names of any of our Players, Characters, or impersonate any staff

No you can't be SirSchmoopy. You can't be RoaminTheCoolGuyPaladin. You can't be PhineasDankster. You cannot be TheRealRobertMoran or CoesBiggestFan. Your username should in no way be related to URealms or any of our past works in anyway. You also cannot have an "Offensive" username which basically means that if I look at your username and go "Come on dude..." It's getting deleted. Don't pretend like it's so hard to make a non offensive username either because if your trying to skirt the lines and are going to argue your username is completely fair then you just broke rule number 2. Yeah thats right sucka. You can't argue your way into bullshit on these forums. Like I said this is the home for the URealms community and if your being a dick or a burden, you can just wait outside.

If you already made an account before reading these rules, you can post a link in the help desk with what you would like your username to be changed too. If you do not do this, your account will simply be deleted. We aren't here to babysit you and we don't have ways to restore accounts once deleted. This is your responsibility.

PS: Don't impersonate or purposely take other community members names as well. 

4. No Politics or Religion of any kind
Are we currently in a nuclear war? No? Then I don't care what the current prime minister or president of your country is doing. Has your god returned to the realm of the living and is casting awesome magic everywhere? Then don't tell me about your religion. At this point in my life, I feel like it's almost impossible to get away from religion and politics online and while they are very important parts of society, they should be debated and talked about through more appropriate platforms. For many people in this community, URealms is an ESCAPE so don't push real life back into the convo here.

Over 40% of our Youtube audience is between the ages of 13 to 20 which makes the overall "Wisdom" of our community very low. Most of you reading this are going to grow into completely different people over the next few years and if you are interested in these topics I suggest finding another community to join to discuss them as well. We really don't need to have arguments about how people should live their life in a community filled with people become adults yet. You got the rest of your lives to deal with the burden of politics and religion, so let this place be for big kids.

Again this is a HARD RULE. This means no discussions. No quips. No memes. If it's political keep it off the forum. I don't care if Roamin made a political joke in the show, these rules are for the community not for the cast of the show.

5. Don't break the law

Man I have to write out this rule don't I? Don't break the law. Don't post to torrents or movie streams or w/e. Luckily we don't run ads on this website so this is less of a big deal then it was back in the day, but the last thing we need is users getting our website shut down because you passed around the new star wars music. Don't even use PMs for that stuff. 

And thats it! Honestly rule number 1 kinda covers all the rest anyway. Just be nice and considerate to others and you'll have a good time here. Also if you didn't know, if you are nice and considerate in real life you may find yourself being a happier person. Its working out for me and I can be a temperamental jerk from time to time too!
Please also note that if you made your Forum account today, you won't be able to create threads or post anywhere besides General Discussion and Campaign Threads for the first 24 hours of your account. I know this is annoying but it is to help us with bots.


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