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Promoting URealms Live

Okay I think this is the area (Offtopic) that I post this thread to. Hopefully I got it right.

Ladies and gents of the forums, I have a proposition. Now that we have the Forums up, it's a lot easier for us to communicate with each other, share fan art, and strengthen the community. With such connectivity and and resources at our disposal, I think now would be a good time to start branching out and getting new people into URealms live with us.

Here we can discuss how to spread out the magical world Rawb :rawb: has created and help him get new fans who would love to share in this project like the rest of us. Personally I've gotten a couple of my friends into the series and they're now just as big of fans as me. Hopefully we can all do the same and bring more fans into the she community to share in with the fun. :)

One of the first places to start I'd wager is with other online RPG fans and communities.


  • How do you get your friends into Urealms? I'm not really sure if my friends would be interested, and I don't know where I would get them to start at.
  • I have a lot of friends who I play D&D with, and I've tried introducing a few, but I'm not sure exactly how. Starting off at Band of Thieves seems like an underwhelming experience, but it's a great place if you want to learn the story. Something from Season 2 has more in-jokes and the mechanics might confuse somebody new, though. Rob and the gang are more familiar with everything, and do less explaining.
    Maybe Woodcarvers? But the ending sequence is a HUGE spoiler.
  • If I remember right Rob said they were going to be working on some summary material you can use to get people into it. The early stuff is a bit of a grind compared to the nice flow that combat has later, so that'll be a good way to cover the interesting parts and funny bits without needing to cover every round of people hitting each other with weapons.
    Until that happens, you just have to hope your friends will trust you enough to get into the good stuff.
  • The biggest problem I've had with getting people into Urealms is how long it is. Because of that, I'm looking forward to the animatic summary videos that are coming soon. 
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    If you were to introduce someone to urealms my order of viewing would be Woodcarvers -> season 2 as it was put out (You might have to tell them what happens in the sunswords and zarlin catacombs) -> Season 1 (Might skip garbo of pat) -> side quests as they were put out.
  • I really like Woodcarvers and think its a great campaign to introduce people into the series, but the ending is a pretty major spoiler to anyone that hasn't seen silvermine mountains.
  • I think the tower of ultimate wizardry a good starting point it's a good standalone
  • The only thing I don't like about Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is that Coe wasn't there for a good majority only leaving 3 players. 
    I would say Murder Bros and Buckeroos maybe as two back to back ones. Maybe the Cobblers but it's more combat heavy and spoils Death of Virgo.
    Another campaign that's stand alone is Blood Snake Queen.
  • @WhalebuttJones @Caprikel @mezzoemrys @EveryoneelseIcan'tkeepdoingthisforeveryone~
    The animated recap videos that are under way are gonna be a great tool for getting new people into the show. But not only that, I'd say the bountiful amount of lovely artwork made by artists like @Milk will also entice people into looking into this series. 
  • Old God friends, now that we finally have the first Nader's Unforgotten Tales, we can now begin the work of showing it to more people on the internet and gaining new fans for the series.  :D

  • The best way imo is to just invite a friend to come watch the stream live. Either jump in a discord and watch it together or meet up. That way if they have questions they can ask you, but ultimately they are just watching for the goof off improv. I wouldn't even tell em how long the shows usually go for. If they don't naturally want to hang out and keep watching it, then I mean it probly wasn't for them and this is clearly not the type of content/show for most.
  • That is definitely a good idea for getting someone new into the series. Though even with [person showing them the show] answering their questions, I fear that it still may be a bit overwhelming for many. Starting them off nice and easy with the very first campaign I've found is a great way to easy people into the show and helps them determine if they like what it is or not.
  • Okay bois you heard Rob over on Twitter: 
    The second he releases his video we gotta do our darnest to promote the shit out of it and get a ton of new fans to watch Urealms so we can make it more financially stable. 

    Lets use this as a hub to brainstorm ideas and where to try and promote it most.
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    I've pondered trying to make a "brief" lore-recap on youtube. try and go over the most general, most important bits of lore to explain the world. The hatching, birth of magic, what (but not who) the grand paladin is, Dragon aspects, bopen, the war, etc, while leaving out minor things such as the events of Battle of the Bards or Okonoma Guild Hall.

    as with many projects though, i started it, worked on it for about an hour, and then "took a break" that hasn't ended yet.

    If anyone wants to team up to try and hash it all out in a group, i'd be happy to join in and share my plans and thoughts. i'm a writer, so i could attempt to write up at least some of a script if someone else can read and/or illustrate it.  Think the biggest thing i'm missing is guidance or leadership, i don't have any kind of deadline or set "do it on X day" type thing, so anyone being able to fill that role would probably help. And/or more writers of course.

    all that might just be what Rawb is planning though. On the one hand, if we can do it, he won't need too. On the other hand, he'd probably want to keep creative control over it.

    I know there's a number of fans such as myself have their own unrelated or pseudo-related youtube channels with their own followers. If rawb allows it, maybe a short promo video of the / a lore recap video that links to the actual recap could be hosted on those other channels, just to get the word out a bit further.
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    @TamTroll this is a great Idea the only thing is we might want to get an ok from rawb. I would also love to help but I dont know how, maybe help edit the video together?
  • @BegbertBiggs

    suppose that'd work as permission then :P Anyone wanna set a date / time to meet up on a teamspeak or discord or something to hash things out?

    God i'll have to actually touch that script again huh.

    probably need a dedicated artist, doesn't need to be good, just a basic understanding of MSPaint would work i think.
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    @TamTroll my wife is a graphic designer, she would be willing do some stuff for your project. Depending on the level of work required.
  • @TamTroll ; Probably too late for this. But i can draw if thats of any help.
  • @Totenalle @nikiduke ; Well, nothing's set in stone yet after all, still need the scrypt. i'll have to see if i can get off / back on my ass and continue writing it tonight or tomorrow, see what happens.
  • i'll have a video to help promote it soon enough. its 40% done, but i have a lot of work on my plate to balance atm.
  • Billboards on the moon?
  • ^^^^^ Underrated idea
  • I plan to do my part when WC3R (WarCraft 3 Reforged) comes out; I plan to make 2 custom game modes for it. 'The Realm Reforged', which would be your standard WarCraft but with URealms Races instead of the WarCraft Races, and 'Elves vs. Ageless', which will be a MOBA in the vein of Dwarves v. Zombies meets DotA. Hopefully one of those 2 custom games will help explode the fanbase.
  • @Rob No problem. You do what ya gotta do. No rush.
  • Okay sloots Rob has the recap video out. Lets get this thing all over the internet to get loads of people in on it!  :)
  • I've been showing it to all my friends and discords. It's a niche thing to get into though.
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    I posted a thread on the Fantasy Subreddit, it got a little traction, and someone who watched Nuren commented and was like "I forgot about this! I remember the one with one of the Grumps in it. Thank you." but that was the only comment after 24 hours of the post being there. But still, at least someone saw it.  :) . I also sent the vid to my roleplay-nerd friends.
  • Great idea @IglooWarrior ;.
    I posted it on my account and group I run on DeviantArt. Also got Linkara to retweet it on twitter.
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