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Ellis' Band of Magicians - Tabletop Mod OUT NOW

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Ellis' Band of Magicians:
Hey all, Emperor here! This is the first campaign I'm going to be posting onto the forums, and many more to come after they air from our Nova Realms stream! This campaign was really fun and my players all loved it. While I tend to be more of a combat type campaign guy myself, I designed this campaign to be more about the characters acting as a family, so Roleplay will be more prevalent here, so if roleplay isn't your cup of tea, then, this campaign might not be for you.

Campaign Information:
Encounters: 2 Roleplay, 3 Combat
Difficulty: Easy | Average | Hard
The Map:
TTS Mod:

Campaign Overview:
This campaign is fairly easy for you to customize. If you have a party that prefers combat more, you can easily make the two combat encounter stronger by adding more stamina / actions to the opponents. However, if you party enjoys roleplay, and fleshing out character arcs, I'm pretty sure they'll enjoy this campaign a lot.

Character Creation Setup:
No custom setup, or classes are needed for this campaign. The Race selection for this campaign is completely up to you to decide. Each class in Urealms can be made for this campaign, however, I do suggest that you fill most of their class choices with "Performer" like classes, so Bard, Theurgist, Flamedanseur, Magician work well. If you want, you should also add a melee classes or two in there (if someone wants to play as a bodyguard perhaps).

"Ellis' Band of Magicians was a group that once took the performance industry by storm. Led by the Loveable Ellis Wellington, he and the other 4 members of the group quickly rose to stardom, and they became a sensation around the Realm, and played at mostly ever major city there was. As the group was reaching their prime, tragedy struck, as Ellis Wellington suffered from a massive heart attack that crippled him for the rest of his life. Much to the dismay of people around the world, the group was disbanded much to the dismay of the multitudes of people who enjoyed their shows. Three generations later after the original group was long dead (they preferred to go "the natural way"), Elijah Wellington (Ellis Wellington's great grandson) decided to form the group back up again, with four of his friends. However, their climb to stardom was not as easy as the original group, as they now face staunch competition. The campaign begins with the group performing in a small trading post with a meager audience attending."

Elijah Wellington:
Elijah Wellington is an average aged Keen who is the great grandson of the famous Ellis Wellington. He is a lovable guy, who is mostly joyful, and positive about everything. Most people recognize him as the spitting image of his great grandfather, and his personality is refreshing to be around, and he often tries to make people happy anyway he can. He is an experienced Magician, and was taught by Ellis himself right before his death. He views the people in his group as a family, and will risk his life to save the members of his Magician's Group. He is on a personal quest to become as good as his great grandfather, and potentially meet him to gleam some facts, and tips about running a Magician's group.

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1 (will almost never surrender, unless everyone else in the group is in Danger or dead)
Basic Attack: 15 Enchanted Cane (Elijah will only Basic Attack when it's his last option)
regaltophat (General goto action)
encore (Elijah will use this when the spell he casted last was favorable for the performance or combat encounter)
flockofravens (Elijah will rarely use this in combat, but will only use this to amaze the audience)

Roleplay Encounter 1: The Performance
The first encounter begins immediately in soft combat, as the group is in the middle of a performance, on the stage. Let them position themselves as they will. Generally let this combat go on for a few rounds. The rule for this encounter is very simple, rolling high appeases the crowd, rolling low, makes them upset / annoyed. If the party keeps consistently rolling well, stop the encounter by congratulating them. Potentially give them Random Treasures as gifts.

(GM Tip / Advice: If you do Legendary Rolls for your campaigns, roll a die here instead. If you roll high, add an extra die to their Legendary roll, as a thanks from the trading post for an awesome performance!)

Roleplay Encounter 2: The Trading Post
After the show, the group should do roleplay for a bit, regarding how well / terrible the show went. Take this time to explore the city. To the bottom left hand corner of the snapshot is a fortune teller's room, but that'll be explained more in a second. To the upper right hand corner, is a General Store. If you find that Players are lacking Weapons, Armor, Potions, or just want to be generous with Treasures, you may give anyone who comes into the store one of those four things. Around the trading post are many stalls that are filled with various trinkets, or Treasures if the players manage to convince or charm the shopkeepers.

(GM Tips / Advice: If you want to be clever, and you have been playing with these players for a few campaigns, you can make some inside jokes, or references to past / future campaigns with these gossip segments. Have like 5 to 7 set up in advance so you don't run out so quickly.)

Before Roleplay even starts amongst the party, have Elijah announce that he is going to the Fortune Teller's House to get a reading, and that after he's done, they should get some readings too. However, after he leaves, have roleplay resume, and let the party do what they want in the town.

After they are either winding down the roleplay, or simply aren't interested in the General Store, or the stalls, have Elijah come back, and tell the party that he got his reading. Then have every player step by step get a reading. 

(GM Tips / Advice: Ask them to give you a question beforehand regarding their character, and the direction of their arc. Then roll a die, High Rolls will be a good answer, Low Rolls will be a bad answer, and Average Rolls will be up to you. Also, if you have played multiple games with them, you may give them the option to peer into the life of a Player Character they have played before. They all have to agree as a group on who to look at, and if they can't decide, have it look into the life of the person who rolls the highest die.)

After they all get their readings, Elijah then asks the party for one huge favor. This favor being that he wants to travel to the shrine of the old Ellis' Band of Magicians where they were buried. His reasoning for this is that the Fortune Teller gave him a reading that his Great Grandfather wants to test his abilities to lead. This is something the Keen can't do alone. The party then accepts and moves on out of the trading post.

Combat Encounter 1: Elephelk Pit Stop
The party then comes to a small little fork in the road, where there are two Elephelks resting on the right side. The ground is worn down by how long the dirt has been used by the Elephelks. If the party wants too, they can completely avoid this. However, Elijah will suggest that they could tame the Elephelks. In reality, the Elephelks are docile, and will not attack the party, even if provoked. If they are attacked, they will most likely try to retreat into the forest. To tame the Elephelks, all they have to do is not roll Average, or High. It should be noted that they should have space for this companion. If no one has space for one of them, Elijah will tame one of the Elephelks, and have it for himself.

(GM Tips / Advice: If the party manages to tame the Elephelks, they are given a Legendary Roll if you do this in your campaigns)

Combat Encounter 2: Abandoned Camp
While walking down the forest, if the party wants to roleplay their way through the forest, let them instead of jumping right into this encounter. Have the party stumble infront of a camp. Make sure you tell them that the camp looks all but abandoned, but still has some valuables left too it, and the fire is just coals at this moment. If the party wants to investigate, reward those who do with a Random Treasure, telling them they found that from the abandoned camp. However, as they leave, they will be ambushed by 3 "Steelbeaks" (They are the ones with the spiked bats). The Steelbeaks are known around the Realms as a bandit group that fights a rival group, the Vharks, almost constantly. However, it seems as if they united under a common enemy, and the groups have begun to merge into one. After the 3 Steelbeaks ambush the party, the party will notice 3 Vharks perched on the trees, with bows aimed at them.

Alternatively, if none of the party members are interested in searching the camp, have Elijah enter the camp, and try to rummage through it. However, if he goes in there by himself, he will be ambushed, and will be picked up and put in a choke hold by one of the Steelbeaks. This should prompt the Players (who all love Ellis), into action to save their friend. 

Steelbeaks x3
Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1 (The Steelbeaks will fall Unconscious when they reach 0 stamina, if more than half of the bandits fall Unconscious, have the bandits call for a retreat)
Basic Attack: 5 Waraxe x2
doublefrost (General goto action)
cleave (Use only if surrounded by enemies / Minions)
invisibility (Never use in combat, only use if they need to retreat from Combat)

Vharks x3
Stamina: 150 
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1 (The Steelbeaks will fall Unconscious when they reach 0 stamina, if more than half of the bandits fall Unconscious, have the bandits call for a retreat)
Basic Attack: 10 Longbow (Cannot hit allies on the Battlefield, unless they Critically Fail)
augment (Use as soon as combat starts, and attune your bow with Ice Magic)
iceshot (General goto Action)
invisibility (Never use in combat, only use if they need to retreat from Combat)

(GM Tips / Advice: If the party manages to beat the Ruffians, they are given a Legendary Roll if you do this in your campaigns, if not, reward them with some Treasures that the Bandits had on them. Also, it should be noted to hide these tiles in fog or off the board, so your Players don't assume that they will be ambushed, I only showed them here to show the GM the Tiles)

Combat Encounter 3: Their Test

As the party moves on through the forest, they can roleplay either with the bandits, or with themselves, as Elijah will go back to the trading post to round up some guards to arrest the Vharks and Steelbeaks. After sometime, he will come back with some guards, and they will round up the bandits and haul them off. The party then continues their adventure, through a bloodied part of the forest, and eventually reach the shrine of the old Ellis' Band of Magicians. When the Players get up to the shrine, and enter it, introduce the scene with this.

“The group has finally made it to the shrine of Ellis’ Band of Magicians. Surely a testament to their lasting legacy that is now starting to fade, and rust as time goes on. The shrine has seen better days, with leaves beginning to take over the area. Vines are also beginning to take over the pillars of the 5 original members that died after Ellis died. The party stands in front of the main pillar in awe, as the name “Ellis Wellington” is inscribed into the pillar, with the words A jewel in the realm from beginning to end.”

Elijah then tells the party to leave him alone, as he wants to be by himself. This is a very hard time for him, and very emotional, because he loved his great grandfather so much, and all the emotions are rushing back. 

The other 5 pillars belong to the other 5 members of the Old Group. They all have their own name, as well as engraving. They are in clockwise order:

Talora - The Dvergr Warrior
"The bodyguard who kept the group safe for millennia."

Angus Rulvesia - The Gnome Flamedanseur 
"Had a short fuse."

Brekken Holveris - The Elven Runemaster
"The strategist who led to the group's fame."

Uilon - The Sandbold Sandbender
"The groups' time manager."

After reading through all the tombstones and their quotes, the party then notices that the Ellis' pillar (the center one) is starting to shimmer, and shine at the tip of the pillar. The light begins to culminate into the form of Ellis Wellington himself. He comes down to the party and greets them. After dialogue with the apparition, he tells the party of his desire to test their coordination and teamwork, and to see if they can make it to the stardom that the original group once had. As they all agree, he will snap his fingers, and apparitions of the other 5 members appear from their pillars as well. Before combat starts, Ellis will tell the group, "Remember, Magicians never play fair." And they will all lose one Anytime Action. Combat will then begin.

Now this combat is different then most, because of the gimmick in place here. The gimmick of this final battle is that both the players and the enemy have to combo attacks to damage the opponent. So for example, a stray fireball will not hurt the enemy, but casting a fireball on someone's sword, enchanting it, and swinging with said sword on the same turn will. This will emphasize teamwork among your players, and when I played this final encounter with my Nova Realms guys, they all loved it. Now, this gimmick may be a little hard for your players to grasp at first, so if they don't get it in about 3 rounds, tell them the gimmick. Also, keep in mind, this also applies for the 5 enemies as well, so make sure you come up with some crazy combos!

Another thing that should be noted for this combat encounter, the players cannot Die in this encounter, because the old group is not trying to kill them, only testing their skills as a group.

(GM Tip / Advice: I had character sheets for all 5 of the opponents, but I quickly realized this isn't needed, because I didn't really use the abilities as descriptive. However, I will still link them here for people who want to stick to this guide, but try to experiment a little bit in regards to the enemy combos, it makes for a really fun encounter)

Ellis Wellington
Stamina: 250
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: N/A (Will dissipate at 0 stamina. Ellis has a death quote before he goes dissipates... "My great grandson, you've done so well.")
Character Sheet:

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: N/A (Will dissipate at 0 stamina.)
Character Sheet:

Angus Rulvesia 
Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: N/A (Will dissipate at 0 stamina.)
Character Sheet:      

Brekken Holveris
Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: N/A (Will dissipate at 0 stamina.)
Character Sheet:

Stamina: 200
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: N/A (Will dissipate at 0 stamina.)
Character Sheet: ;

After this combat, you can have the party reflect on the combat, or you can just leave it on that high note! 

After that long post, I hope you all enjoy this, and enjoy playing this campaign! It was really fun for both me and my players, so I hope you and your players have the same enjoyment we did! Just to remind you, this is only a guide, if you think that other things work well, like custom abilities of your own, or you think the stamina is too low, adjust it yourself! Anyways, this is Emperor, and i hope you have a good one!

This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
Thanks to for making the map! As well as, thanks to @Laito for making the custom tiles!

EDIT: Turns out the @ for the map artist didn't work, so I added the link to her profile instead. Kinda weird :/


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    Made some small edits, but the mod is now out, and for all of you to play! Hope y'all enjoy!

    ~Emp :D
  • Map is fantastic and the campaign is nicely thought out. Really like the roleplay aspects. Will probably steal this for a future campaign of mine.
  • The map is amazing. There is so much detail to everything and the artstyle is lovely. From looking at the map one should think that it's very linear, however a lot of thought went into each encounter to make it dynamic. Good job to everyone who worked on it. Many GMs will most likely try this campaign out with their groups.
  • @Danku yeah, it is a very linear campaign, but it was the only way I could see making the story fit! Thanks for your compliment!
  • As a person who participated in the original campaign for this I've got to say, the idea that everything needs to be a combo attack in the final encounter is brilliant. It just makes every attack so interesting and fun because there's so much detail for each attack. Was so fun to play through.
  • Bumping this up :)
  • I don't know how I didn't see this before, but the map looks great, same with the encounters. I'll diffidently be using this for something in a campaign of my own
  • @Knifu_Waifu Glad to hear you're using it in future campaigns! :D

  • Man, i've got to step up my GM game.
  • @Razer I'm sure you're campaigns are amazing my dude!  :D
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