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What hobbies do you have?

Tell everyone about what you enjoy doing in your free time!


  • For me, it is mostly drawing, rock climbing and video games. They seem kinda random when you look at them all together, but for one reason or another, I really enjoy them all.
  • Urealms, learning conlangs (Valyrian is my latest pursuit... Dracrys :bopen: ), writing novels, podcasting, nail art, vexillology, political theory study, fanfiction, historical studies, research projects, and Game of Thrones :D
  • I write, make characters on urealms, draw sometimes, play pokemon, read books, sometimes watch a show. 
  • Personally I'm really into loose leaf tea
  • I like to collect obsolete networking equipment and make them run.

    I do not work in IT, I sell IT stuff...

  • My free time mostly consists of video games, making stuff related to video games like fan art and the sort, playing bass, guitar, ukelele and vocals, watching youtube video's and drawing.
  • I do musical theater, rock climbing, video games, and love binging TV shows.
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    I'm into video games, studies, watching and playing urealms.
  • When it comes to free time, I'm usually on my computer more often than not. On the wonderful internet, I enjoy: binge watching shows, old cartoons, and documentaries; watching/experimenting with URL (the forums is probably something I'm going to check up on once every half hour or something from now on lol); playing video games with friends; using the Inventor Autodesk software to make stuff (currently working on Leoric's mace from Diablo); as well as writing.
    On the outside, I enjoy reading, art-ing, and being something like a food critic.

    It's a nice, odd mix. It works.  ~_~
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