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The Sides of the War (Potential Spoilers)

So, since the recent revelation that the Ageless will be going to war with the living, I started thinking about, taking into consideration EVERY character, what the "sides" would consist of. Between my tendency to waste time and my obsession for making pointless lists, this was created! I'll update things as more characters are introduced or begin going down different paths (or if any of you point things out that cause me to look at something differently). Also as of right now, no deceased characters are included since, although we don't know when exactly this war will take place, it's fairly safe to assume it will occur after most of the campaigns since the end of Senate of Deadlantis occurs pretty late in the loose timeline. Obviously there's the potential for characters to return as believers (maybe a thread for another day), but for now I'm not worried about it. Let me know what y'all think!

TL;DR: I'm a nerd, here's my list, gimme your input!

The Living
(Grand Paladin Order, Sunswords, or other characters aligned with them) 
Gwyneth Sunsword
Templeton Barringster VII
Sergio Fabioso
Fantastico Fabioso
Trusty Neconni
Ghana Ens Sin
Nathaniel Granger
Alessa Stonemason
Beautressa Cobbler
Borris Cobbler
Eliza Cobbler
Kristy Cobbler
Rohbear Leomaris
Jax Blartowitz
Lann McRoberts
Reno Gillgully
Sly Johnson
Galen Sunsword
James Briggs
Jennathorn Barringster
Wolster Vemtari
Indria Vemtari
Quinn Vemtari

The Ageless (Pretty self-explanatory)
Young Ladyir
Margaret O'Malley
Bill & Steve
Tobias Cragg
Zanaria Vinisto
Stuart Barringster
Ladrian Cobbler
Nylys Glisk

Third Party (Murder Bros, Guild of Explorers, etc. Characters part of factions that may align with one side or another, but for now remain neutral)
Vanessa Squishwitz
Duke Daring
Emit Crank
SK Malone
Reginald Barringster III
Johnny Feo
Bubs & Tubs
Karl Landers
Bei Mei Xhir't
Kohai Chan
Aryu Maeda
Lyn Azveltara
McCarrot Smith

Unaligned/Uninvolved/Unknown (Characters that either haven't been seen in a while or are generally preoccupied with their own things)
Nate Tack
Thea Mazing
Jack Krysstal
Kopie Ren
Marco & Polo
Rick Snot
Chip Chop
Jameson Blant
Patrick Cake
Gear Man
Lance Briggs
Buzz Dinglefizz
Penelope Saysong
Lola Van Drych
Suzanna Sophia Sorrella
Orvan Weiss
Buford Flannigan
Joaquim Flannigan
Rhedmun Kriel
Trandon Barringster
Lance Willakers
Nader Leomaris
Jean Tarcial'Embeart
Daedric Tarcial'Embeart
Harlin Hardbody
Friar Veseran


  • I'm don't think we know for sure that Rohbear Leomaris is still alive. we've only seen him in visions or as an illusion so far. Maybe someone kyled him until he was dean.
  • My guess is he is very deef @Blizta
  • @Blizta @Raynicorn Yeah I'd believe it, just put him on there since we don't know for sure. Hopefully we learn more about him soon!
  • Updated with S3C3 characters. Decided to put them all in third party as clearly Lyn doesn't exactly follow what the other elves do, and the others are simply aligned to her. Bruce isn't included because, although he'll certainly become a major character in the future, right now he's just a fun cameo character.
  • I feel like Lyn is probably allied with Bopen.
  • edited September 2017
    @RedDashLion ;ion Nice work but im pretty sure Rusty is dead and Phineas isn't an ageless bopen wanted him to go to deadlandtis alive he had the spell of breathing
  • @Maris I think Lyn would be with the elfs because it's not that she evil (ok maybe she is) but the king of all elfs did order her to kill the bieno sorry for the spilling
  • @Powerpuncher15 actually Rohbear didn't what her to do it, which was stated in the campaigns description, and phineas will be leaning towards becoming ageless as stated in one of the donations.
  • edited September 2017
    @CanadianCrusader Oooh thanks for the update I didn't know about Lyn but for Phineas I think he is a massive wild card I think if a battle just starts he's on no team (even if he becomes ageless)
  • Phineas will just cover the field in a blanket of darkness and laugh while everyone goes insane around him
  • Wait is that the reason people want Bopen to win over the elves? Do they think Lyn represents all elves?
  • Phineas is crazy @Maris we don't know if bopen has even met Lyn or even know about her bopen didn't even know what virgo name was
  • @Powerpuncher15 Yeah chances are Rusty isn't coming back, but then again apparently Patches survived what happened to him so clearly Dvergrs are capable of surviving some intense stuff in their stone forms.

    As for Lyn, I put her in Third Party because she's such a wild card. Sure, she went against Rohbear's orders, but she also did so because she felt it was right for the Elven race. It's hard to say who she'd side with, though personally I'd think she'd end up on the side of the living since the Ageless are a threat to the Elves.

    And with Phineas, as of right now he's definitely on the Ageless side, even if he isn't an Ageless himself yet. I think the donation for Spell of Breathing said something along the lines of Phineas being sent on a path towards Agelessness anyways.
  • Shouldnt Bruce be under The Light side?
  • @Dolfinmaster I decided to leave Bruce off for now because right now he's a super-minor character. Odds are he's probably already dead during the war anyway...
  • edited September 2017
    @RedDashLion Super minor? He's king of all Dwarves! The arrogance of some Jimmies... :*(
    (lol jk ily)
  • @Astora Hey man, he may be the King of All Dwarves, but he's still just a Dwarf  >:)
  • The war polygon! 
  • I don't think all the ageless are on one side, people like Margaret, Bob, Young Ladyr don't seem to have the intention of rebelling against the elves, Margaret just wanted to escape prison and the other 2 are pro-elf from what we know, I wouldn't be surprised if Bob tries to kill a lot of ageless before getting killed himself.
  • @Mega_muncher I think Are'ani will just force anyone who doesnt want to fight under Bopen's orders by using her medusa stuff, so Young Ladyr and Bob will probably fight. Also wasn't Margaret kinda crushed in the mountain collapsing? 
  • That was Rusty.

  • @Ninja_Goose How can Are'ani force people to fight when she is mind controlled by Phineas? She has no control over her self.
  • @Dolfinmaster I think it was stated that she still has control over people she mind controls, but phineas can tell her to do what he wants. So if phineas tells her to not fight, and make her slaves not fight, then they wont, but if phineas wants to fight, they will all fight.
  • @Ninja_Goose yes that is correct but that doesn't mean she can mindcontrol other people while under phineas's control. 
  • edited September 2017
    39 vs 20 doesn't seem like much of a war. kappa

    I'd like to see your interpretation/theories on all of the various organizations and what sides they'd be on. (besides obvious stuff like GPO or the Reaper Party from Deadlantis)
  • @Mega_muncher The way I see it, Margaret most of the New Crew chose Ageless over death. If they go against the ageless now, I think Bopen and Khn'n Rell are strong enough to just dispose of them. And Bob has to do what Are'ani says, so I fully expect him to be a Death Knight by the time this war happens.

    @Gyrozen Yeah, we haven't seen nearly as many Ageless characters as we have Living so far. Hopefully it's a bit more even by the time the war happens! And I am full of theories, I just don't have the time or energy to get them all out right now. I'll get around to that eventually!
  • @RedDashLion oh, the joke was referring to how only 59 people were involved in the war.

    Anyhow, I'd love to see your theories, yeah.  Can't wait.
  • @Gyrozen Oh. Yeah. I totally knew the joke you were making. Definitely.  ~_~
  • @Gryozen falls off the front of the ship
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