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Hosting urealms Wednesday 2.aug

I will be hosting urealms as the gamemaster 2.august 16.00 GMT
if you want to join just reply to the discussion and if your inn i will send you a link to a discord server

I am looking for both newer and experienced roleplayers alike.
what you need to do is speak english well enough you can make yourself clearly understood.
you also need internet able to keep up with playing tabletop simulator online, i recommend greatly preloading as many assets as you can in the mod.
Also arrive on time, that is the golden rule. This will not be the only campaign i host and if i like your style i will invite you again. 
This first campaign is combat focused but will have roleplay too of course.


  • I would be down, would be my first time
  • My first time also, I'm GMing a campaign soon, but would love some experience as a player!
  • I have mostly GMed, if there is a player spot I would be down to play
  • would love to play, would be my first time
  • I'll be up for it, it's only 17:00 my time so it's safe
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    I would join. I've played 3 campaigns as player and 7 as GM.
    Edit: nevermind there are a lot of people who haven't played before so please choose them instead :3
  • would be down to play. Never played before
  • If you need people I would be happy to play

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    As of the moment I would be open for the game. This would be my first game. My connection should be good, and, if you can't tell, my english is good.
    EDIT: I will not be able to play on Wednesday, but I should be able to join a separate game, later on down the line.
  • I would like to join. It would be my first time :). If the game is already full i would be willing to join a game in the future as well.  

  • Hey-o, if you need another player still I am up for it.   >_<
  • I would be down for playing if you still have room. I have played a few campaigns but am still relatively new.
  • If there is still a spot open I would like to join in if possible. Never played before, only on the forums.
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