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Encounter Concept

Vesryn people, do not read any farther. If you have no idea what the previous sentence means, then it was not meant for you.

So I've had this idea for an encounter, and it may have been used before in the show but I can't remember, but could weather be used as an encounter?

Example: The party is at a bridge, and enters into a soft combat. They must cross the bridge, but at certain points, or this could be at the end of every round or something, a strong wind blows and the players must try to react to it. They could grab a hold of something, use magic to avoid/block it if possible. The wind would be based on the closest matching ability, like wind blast, so it wouldn't be a super crazy thing.

With these weather encounters, all of the weather "attacks" like winds, quakes, and lightning strikes would be based off abilities so it's not overpowered. 

Would something like this work? I wanted to figure out an encounter that was a little bit different than the usual "kill something" encounter. Any advice, comments, and ideas are welcome. 


  • It's a good idea. I'd add some small details like torn rope or debris on the bridge they could use in roleplay ways.
  • Weather cannot be an "Encounter", as you cant really fight back but players can only react. You could have it be an inconvenience like it knocks them around or mess up the terrain. I wouldnt really base the damage or effects done based off the closing matching card. Just write up some effects on a note pad such as "High winds may cause players to get knocked off balance, Heavy Rain makes it hard to grip things, Intense heat causes players to slowly lose stamina and if they reach 0 they die of dehydration, unless they have a water source they cannot heal (cause dehydration, also instills fear and urgency)

    One thing that I love to do in deserts is make these massive size sandstorms that create rough terrain from built up sand, but they always move in an uncontrolled direction based on a 4 sided die and their distance by either a 6 or 10 sided die. As they move the spaces they occupied previously will have difficult terrain sand dunes built up. The 4 sided die determines which direction the wind blows and thus the sandstorm moves in that direction. The 6 or 10 sided die determines how strong the wind is and thus how far the sandstorm moves. If a player gets trapped in a sandstorm, they deathroll to choke to death in a sand hill.

  • I was thinking of using the weather on a sailing campaign, the players are in a ship and they encounter a storm at sea. The players would not only be reacting to the storm, but having to protect what they can of the ship. If anything I could have wind or storm elemental there for them to fight, but thought a storm at sea might be bad enough.
  • @Siphonthenight Well why didnt you say that in the first place!
    Turn the storm into a clever micro management game!  >:)
    Have the ship start falling apart at multiple locations that will need constant maintenance!

    The wheel needs to be tended to constantly otherwise the ship will rock back and forth causing things to fall over, making obstacles and causing it to go off course!
    The mast needs supports put into as its starting to crack, if it breaks they are stranded!
    Players have a high chance to slip and fall if they sprint because of the rain, maybe right off the ship into the stormy waters below!
    Heavy barrels or cannon balls rolling around on the deck but can be put away but might start rolling around again, breaking ankles or pushing people off the ship and making it even harder to go to different parts of the ship!
    Ropes to the mast start snapping and need to be fixed before they start snapping in the air and breaking things and potentially causing the sails to come down, or up which could destroy the mast entirely! 
  • @Gterra2 I was also considering there be crates of food and stuff that they should secure, supplies for the voyage.

    Thanks man, that makes a lot of sense.
  • @Siphonthenight happy to help  :)

  • Man, @Gterra2 really got this one pretty covered. I'll do my best to add what I can, but damn, that's a pretty solid answer.

    Consider throwing the occasional strike of lightning to mess with the players. Dice to randomly chose the location, if it hits something that's been tied down it breaks it free, if it hits the deck it starts a small fire that needs to be put out, if it hits a player, do some damage and stun them.
    A heavy storm at sea can easily impeach vision. It may be worth limiting what they can see.
    Keep an eye out for players that are running a Hydromancer. In particular, aqueousform should work the entire time, as it's technically out of combat, and could really simplify their movement.
    If a player has a spell like windblast or harshwinds they're liable to use it to try and counteract the effects of the storm for a round or two. Decide how that will work in advance.
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