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[BETA] Babble Buds- A Virtual Puppet Show Program



  • @Cloud I've made a post here:

    If it gets attention there might be more assets eventually from others as well. I'll keep makin' mine and sharing now and again. Enyoy~~
  • @IonPickaxe That will definitely be helpful to people. If I make some I'll make sure to post them there. Thank you  :)
  • Hey guys, just a head's up that I'm still working on the next update, where I'll be removing the "[BETA]" tag from Babble Buds! In anticipation of the first "official" release, I'm creating a discord for people to discuss the program, give bug reports, share assets with each other, and anything else related to the program! You can join it here:

    I already talked in the sneak-previews channel about some of the things I've done, what I'm working on, and what I have left to do, but if you don't want to read that then you can just look at this nice screenshot instead:

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