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[BETA] Babble Buds- A Virtual Puppet Show Program



  • Could someone put out a tutorial vid on this? Like on putting together and saving characters, as well as variants like when Nisovin had his hair comb. I messed with it and I think I kinda get it but I'm unsure.

    Also, I'd love to make some props for it, I might do that if I have free time.
  • This is made better by the name
  • @CookiesAndMil_ A tutorial Video would be helpful/amazing.
  • I made a small tutorial or whatever to call it, showing how I make my puppet assets in Krita and put them together within Babble Buds. Apologize for background noise and studdering, and thanks @thepaperpilot for the program and @TheGravyNator for the assets coming with it^^.
  • Where are you from? Your accent is interesting me, lol. (I'm a linguistics nerd) @JackOfTheFlames
  • @snarkyslytherin I'm from sweden, mix dialect I guess:P
  • OHHHHHHHHH. man, usually my ear can pick up swedish. @JackOfTheFlames
  • @JackOfTheFlames Hey man glad you liked my puppet! Thanks for the shoutouts, and you said my name correctly, so that's all neato ;)

    I have to confess that I cheated a bit with the picture size. I drew my puppet up in 1000x1000 px, and then sized the images down to 400x400. That way you can draw in a bit of a higher resolution, which I prefer. But this is also a good way of doing it, indeed!
  • look all I need to know is about the jiggle physic's
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    @Fat_Grama You could add extra stuff to the head layer with a deadbones style character ;) It'll bounce then
  • oooh yea!!!
  • Or if you really want you could add different locations of the thing you're trying to jiggle to different emotions so that it changes while talking, but that'll probably be quite choppy xD
  • @TheGravyNator Oh, gotcha! But I am realy not an artist, doing the re-scaling to that extend would just make me end up making it look wonkyx3
     @Fat_Grama use up all expressions for the ultimate jiggle, and just make the puppet's face be hidden behind a mask. Who needs a face with great tits? *snickers while assuring his descent to Hell*
  • If community assets are going to be accepted. Would this thread be the best place to submit that art? It could get difficult for the end users, and it's plausible that every thread has a hard coded post limit. I ain't no artist. But this reminds me of some "animations" I did back in the early 2000's with MS Power-point of all things. I know how far talented people can take a proof of concept. And I'm excited for this project.

    However, I do see an issue with using One's own public IP. It's probably nothing to really worry about, but something about that makes me a little uneasy. But at the same time, I can't suggest an equally effective solution. Short of people purchasing their own servers and configuring them.
  • I would advise against putting any IPs on this thread, for security reasons. Besides, since you'd most likely want some sort of voice chat anyways, you can always distribute the IP through that.

    I haven't come up with a good way to do this yet, but I'd absolutely love to have a way of showing off community assets people have made and, well, want to share with the community. For now posting in this thread will have to do, but I eventually hope to have them all in one place so anyone interested won't need to root through pages of messages.
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    @thepaperpilot  you could try the way tabletop sim does it. Where you set up a session and a password. That could solve the having to give out IPs thing
  • @OlympianHeros I think that would require some sort of server, even if just a smaller one. But I may just be a without a clue, I only got basic programming knowledge.
  • @thepaperpilot (sorry for double-posting, but seems I cannot write two mentions in one post^^*), I did try to connect with some people from my usual Urealms group. Once me and another guy ended up controlling the same puppet (gravy), and few other times another friend connected but I would usually be the only one seeing his puppet, along with changes that he did on the fly. But most times, it would just keep saying "retrieving X assets". Is that just a bug, or are we supposed to send eachother our puppet files? And of course, keep up the good work:)
  • I only just messed around with this for a few moments, but, I can say that I already like where it's headed, and I can't wait to see what folks do with it later on down the line.
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    @snarkyslytherin  .

    ih, it works, just 2nd time it doesn't come with suggestions. jsut me being dumb;P
  • Just to preemptively answer a question I expect to come up: yes, jiggling is amazing. Yes, I'll implement it. Actually I already have, but I'm away from my desktop and can't make a release from my laptop. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until next sunday to see it in action.
  • Super excited play around with this! If you're looking for extra programmers, throw me a PM! I'd be glad to help out!
  • @thepaperpilot I am unsure on how to get my friends to connect? Do I need a static IP address? Can I get them to connect without any third-party software? 
  • @CaptainThorn You will need to open ports, possibly make your IP static. Just mark that it is still in alpha stages, so you may encounter errors or bugs.  But do give it a try, and tell TPP if you do encounter anything, will help them counter any possible bugs:)
  • @JackOfTheFlames

    As a swede you have a really intresting swenglish accent.
  • @Darnokthemage I get that a lot.I am born in Stockholm, spent a few years of my childhood in Småland and Skåne, spent my first two adult years in Värmland, been in Northern Norrland at all other times, and primarily was taught how to speak English talking with British people. I guess I got a slight mix of it all~
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    Yes. Just google what's my IP. It will give you something between and or a configuration of numbers that looks very similar. TECHNICALLY your ISP should be giving you a new public IP every time your lease runs out. But they don't. So it's as good as being a semi--static IP.

    It looks simple to use. Click project settings. This is where you can set the green screen values, and the network options. All players will need an exception in their firewall for this program. Without getting too technical. The player hosting the server needs to google what's my IP. There are websites that will pull this information for you. Bob's IP is Bob tells the other players that his IP is [IPv4 address] and the port he is hosting babble buds is 8080 which is the default the program uses, which is probably safe. All the other players enter this information. And then they click the connect to host. Assuming no issues in the alpha program, nor in the network situation. Bob will see all his friends load in.

    Just like that. Except, whoever is hosting needs to use their IP. As found on google.
  • @CongenialVirus I've tried that but the connection fails, none of us have a static IP address, they're all dynamic. Which means we can't have a connection (from what I understand)
  • @JackOfTheFlames You have been all over sweden! Im from Skellefteå, why did you move so much?
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