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Who else is done with reddit now?

edited May 2017 in Offtopic
Now that we have these forums, there's nothing left for me ::smilebold:  


  • I dunno r/all is still a thing.
  • i mean reddit is pretty much the hell hole of the internet with nothing of value to me. :smilebold: 
  • @Tripleat I was literally just using reddit for /r/buffalowizards, and ended up using the rest of the site in between posts haha :smile: 

  • I'll still use it a ton for r/twobestfreindsplay and r/sqauredcircle.

    Something feels good about being on an old style forum again though.
  • @DoctorWorm ;
    I forgot how much I love forums!
  • I'll definitely still use Reddit (it's my bread and butter), but I'll use the forums more than the sub most likely. I wouldn't be surprised if Rob locks the sub in a few months for lack of activity
  • Honestly even with this website and forum existing I'll probably keep using the Reddit until it actually dies because one site for URealms, no matter how good, isnt enough to satiate my hunger. I still check the Reddit every hour. And Rob's twitter. And Deadbone's twitter. Then maybe the reddit again.
    Basicly this website is the best newest biggest and shiniest tool but im not gonna throw out my rubber mallet just because i got me a fancy new sledgehammer with a swiss army knife on the end
  • I only ever lurked on the Reddit so I probably won't continue that now, these forums just feel more comfortable to me (not sure why even though it's mostly the same community).
  • I use reddit for other communities, but I will also be active on the forums, for me they're two completely different things cos I didn't just use reddit for :rawb: content
  • Until I get used to these forums ill still check the reddit, mostly because I haven't found a way to organize this forum by newest.
  • @Gterra2 ;
    Recent Discussions under "New Discussion" is what you want.
  • I really hope I am. It really brings me down but it's like a reflex of boredom to check it. 
  • @vongeo Yeah, me too. Trying to build the habit of just checking here instead...With my 200 comments so far, I'd say I'm succeeding :drunk: 
  • i will still use Reddit but was less often, i've been checking Reddit every other day now its going to be more like every other week
  • I read reddit every day on my way to work.

    But for Urealms stuff... This place is home!
  • I mostly use reddit for r/phijkchu and my university, but I was never a big reddit person tbh. 
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