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Ageless: Urealms Fan Comic



  • Divine Intervention!
  • @Eiyrnas
    I'm sorry... you can't cast DI on a crit fail.
    But there's good news, since this was Ageless, that Greater Lay On Hands would have killed it, so the 1 made it work just fine!
  • Update, completely out of nowhere

    The reason I stopped updating was because of school work (final year of college, woo!) and graduating. I've been giving the comic something of a jump-start this summer with a chapter by chapter update system, since the weekly updates were kinda murder, but I think I've found that the kind of story I'd enjoy telling doesn't fit Urealms as much as I thought it would.

    I first picked this up because I like that stuff like Urealms and Forgotten Realms and such lend themselves to being settings for people to tell their own stories and I just kinda came up with a story. Sadly, I sorely underestimated how much work it'd be, especially with work and other life stuff.

    That said, I do want to get what would've been the first chapter out. It's in black and white, and clocks in at 32 pages. It's scripted roughed and I've inked the first few pages, and I'm giving myself a goal of having it done early October.

    Sorry for the absurd amount of silence and the sad news.
  • It's all fine dude, Go at your own pace, nobody here is going to force you to write your story their way
  • I'm just happy to read more of this.
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