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Ageless: Urealms Fan Comic

So I ended up making a bunch of characters for fun. Then I came up with a story and setting for those characters. Then this happened.



There will be weekly posts in this thread with new pages. There is also a separate host for viewing pages in bulk, since forum pages aren't particularly great for comics:

Ageless is a Urealms fan comic that takes place a bit over 1000 years (I do use years/days for timekeeping in this) after the end of the series' current conflict between the Paladin Order and Bopen's Ageless and horde of Golestandt's. So assume everything that's cannon pre-s3e2 in the series as of now is cannon in this. Aside from that there will be lore conflicts here and there, along with some interpretations of some of the inner workings of the Urealms-verse I have that may conflict with the main series. Multiverses are fun.
It's also worth mentioning that while there aren't really content issues at the start, some language aside, the story does get a bit violent once it gets into the thick of things.

Finally: This is a learning experience for me, so constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Updates will be every Tuesday.


  • Sup. First page is good. Expressions are good. Porc is good. Or something. I'm not very great at the compliments thing.
  • :smileneena: Ooooo i love comics, so I can't wait to read it!
  • Looks great :smileporc: 
  • I'm a huge nerd, so I can't wait to see where this goes!
  • I love this! I'm really interested by the characters. Also, your art is really really great! That shading is so detailed and eye-catching. I also really like how much expression your characters have. You can really tell their emotions through not only their face, but their body language too. Beautiful. I can't wait for the next pages! (:
  • I have smelled the comics and now I must hype for more.
    I love it so far. <3
  • Super interested to see more! Awesome job so far!  :)
  • Cant wait to see the rest of it!  :)
  • Awesome, I've got another thing to look forward to every week!
  • You need to be using pebbles as a form of time keeping. Also I adore this artstyle@Fitzy
  • The only thing that disappointed me was that I couldn't keep reading more. Keep up the great work!
  • Rob
    edited July 2017
    This is amazing dude. If you finish it, I will for sure have the guys voice it for a fancy motion comic video if your interested! Super interested in seeing where this goes!
  • :D WOw this is amazing
  • !!!
    Ooo this is going to be amazing
    Looking forward for the update!
  • duuuuuuuude <3
  • Amazing! *faves this thread so I never miss a page*
  • bookmarking this to add to my list of webcomics I read
  • Dude this is amazing! More I say!
  • Holy moly that looks sick, I'm excited to see what comes next :smileporc: 
  • This is cool! I look forward to seeing the rest of these
  • Looks amazing! Can't wait to read it all!
  • @Rob ;
    That'd be rad. Could take a while though, it's not the kind of comic that'll be done by the time season 4 rolls around.
  • this is perfect! I always need more comics to read
  • This seems cool
  • Amazing job on the comic! I can't wait to see where it goes.
  • Holy two-headed cow this looks amazing. Great job! :D
  • Nothing I can say that everyone else hasn't, but you know. Good job!  :)
  • Wow, this is fantastic Fitzy!
  • I've already fallen in love with Welson. Web comics rarely intrigue me or make me feel emotion, but I have this inexplicable pull towards him. I love Welson!

    Exceptional comic. Excited to read more.
  • Ominous, foreboding, and utterly adorable. Love this to bits. <3
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