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very old "Troll expansion" i stopped working on once season 3 was announced.

edited July 2017 in Custom Expansions
A long long time ago during season 2, i decided to try my hand at making some cards for my own custom race; The Trolls.

then season 3 was announced and all the things like additional anytime actions and sub-races were declared obsolete, so i kind of scrapped this project. Just for the sake of showing them off and explaining some of my own personal lore, and the lore of my people, i'll post them here. might try working on them in season 3 format, i dunno though.


Image of a common Desert Troll for reference sake.


  • I love the cards, especially Trollite Ore. I like the idea of a card set, and some cards existing already have synergy that can use this concept like all the Midas stuff. Love it@TamTroll
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