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What mods do you use for Fallout: New Vegas?

I usually download ones like textures, or an improved weather cycle that adds a lot more dynamic effects. My favorite one is the Classic Fallout Weapons mod. It adds new standalone guns that are based on guns from Fallout 1 & 2, and they look awesome!


  • Last time I played New Vegas, I was using Tale of Two Wastelands - which, if you don't know, link Fallout 3 and New Vegas via a cross-continental subway. It's fun to go back and forth between the two worlds, despite it being not at all lore friendly. At the same time the game sometimes breaks- but that's expected with Bethesda  
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    In a normal game I always have:

    • Project Nevada (It's amazing)
    • New Vegas Enhanced Camera (so you stay first-person when you ragdoll and see your legs and body when you look down)
    • Nevada Skies (Weather and outdoor lighting)
    • Interior Lighting Overhaul (makes the game really dark, but it makes stealth a lot more fun)
    • Centered 3rd Person Camera (Just something I personally enjoy)
    • ELECTRO-CITY (Adds streetlights so you can still travel the roads at night)
    I've also tried DUST Survival Simulator, and that is really fun.  Changes the entire game to basically be S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but everyone is trying to kill you.  Everyone either shoots on sight or shoots if you get too close, and you need to balance staying alive by having enough food/water/meds and not murdering innocent people (killing people reduces your sanity unless it's in self-defense).  For Dust I use:

    • Cover Based Stealth Mechanics (You actually have to stick to the shadows and avoid enemy LOS, even if you're crouched.  There's also an option to reduce the health for everyone, even you, and combined with the health reduction normally in DUST it makes the game realistic, as in unarmored people always die in one or two shots)
    • Project Ultimatum (If someone is unarmed, extremely injured, or you just sneak up on them and they don't have their gun drawn, pointing your gun at them makes them surrender.  Good for keeping your sanity)
    • Stun & Tie up NPCs (Also good for keeping your sanity)
    • No Second Chances (No quicksaving, you can do permadeath, only saving when you sleep in a safehouse, or only saving if you smoke a cigarette.)
    • NPCs Travel (It adds NPCs that don't try to murder you, and you can trade with them.  This might be a little bit cheaty)
    • I either have DK_BulletTime or "VATS Alternative - A Comprehensive Bullet Time Mod".  Just because bullet time is awesome.
    I've been planning on giving the game another go sometime soon, I just need to take a couple of hours finding a good combination of mods and getting them to work with each other.
  • Mostly just Project Nevada, plus a couple of visual improvements that make me happy (no shaders, though - my PC gets unhappy if I go down that road). I'm mostly playing the game for roleplaying, so I don't really go out of my way to make things harder as such.

    I also recently found a mod called... Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? Something like that, maybe more puns. Whatever it's called, it adds a (female-only? Never actually tested otherwise) perk that causes your character to grow as you get more radiation poisoned, increasing melee damage and carry weight as they do, making you pretty powerful. Until you die of radiation poisoning, of course.

    I've actually been meaning to see if it co-operates well with Project Nevada's ramming mechanics... it'll be pretty fun if I can just send a bunch of knee-height guys flying by sprinting into them. Maybe when I have a bit more time.
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