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Chilly Wizzy's Wild Biddies

Do you think we'll see a continuation campaign that takes place after Porc Hunters with Chilly Wizzy as captain?

On a side note, We know that Denada is in the Cult of Bones, Ca-rell is the new Porbo, and Elmar dies in the Silvermine Mountains. But we have no idea what Templeton's been doing.


  • I'm for another campaign with chilly wizzy 
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    Templeton's just at home questioning his life with how weird his entire Squad has become. - Also Phineas called himself Porbo... maybe he returned and killed Ca-rell? Or it's just Phineas being Phineas, which is the most likely scenario.
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    With his cousin being killed and his brother gone missing I've been looking forward to seeing Templeton, maybe having a redemption arc for the Barringsters.
  • Maybe Templeton is just on a mission to find Phineas but every time he gets close Phineas has a insane moment and goes an entire different route.
  • Maybe he's with or hunting Reginald the III because they're both Barringsters? Maybe we can see a continuation of Death of Virgo where they seek out all of the known Barringsters and questions them for the location of Reginald and either Templeton is helping Virgo or in cahoots with Reginald.

    Just a theory. 
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